IPhone Came Because Apple CEO Steve Jobs Hated A Microsoft Exec

IPhone Came Because Apple CEO Steve Jobs Hated A Microsoft Exec The breaking point came when the Microsoft employee told Jobs that the software giant had "solved computing" with its Tablet PC effort. But more importantly, Steve Jobs hated styluses . Forstall said: "It was being compared against other smartphones of the time, BlackBerry etc, according to the metrics people thought were important at the time". [Full Article...]

Cities: Skylines Makes its Way to PS4 Later This Year

Cities: Skylines Makes its Way to PS4 Later This Year Cities: Skylines will dig out its hard hat and begin construction on the PlayStation 4 from 15 August. Build the city of your dreams - You will have to plan the road networks, bus lines and parks, education health care and more to assure your citizens live a ideal life. [Full Article...]

Samsung tipped to beat VR nausea with new Gear headset

Samsung tipped to beat VR nausea with new Gear headset Similarly, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ - both of which can be used in the existing Gear VR headsets - have 570ppi and 529ppi pixel densities respectively. Another possible event where Samsung could announce the standalone VR headset is during 2017 IFA conference in Berlin, which is scheduled to start on September 1st. [Full Article...]

Sprint's Virgin finally re-emerges with iPhone-only strategy

Sprint's Virgin finally re-emerges with iPhone-only strategy Because life in the Inner Circle is about living big, expanding your horizons and pursuing your passions. Virgin Mobile finally announced its relaunch, revealing a partnership with Apple to sell nothing but iPhones. After the first year, you'll pay $50/month. The Virgin subscription also signs users up to perks from other Virgin properties, such as a free companion flight on Virgin Ameri... [Full Article...]

Security high at Brussels stations after man exploded device

A police inspector stands at the entrance of Central Station in Brussels on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. With Islamic State under pressure in Syria - where Belgium has been the most fertile European recruiting ground for foreign Islamist fighters - he said attacks in Europe could increase, although many would be by "amateurs" doing little harm. [Full Article...]

Boston Celtics Trade #1 Draft Pick to Philadelphia 76ers

If not, Philadelphia will send Boston either its own first-rounder in 2019 or Sacramentos first-rounder that year. According to the team, the future first round pick will be the Los Angeles Lakers' 2018 pick if it is within the number 2 to 5 range in the 2018 draft. [Full Article...]

Xbox One X: Microsoft's Gaming Comeback or Just Another PS4 Pro?

A new game called " Metro: Exodus " takes advantage of the Xbox One X's processing power to dazzle with 4K visuals (alongside a mountain of visual detail). The Xbox One , while highly regarded by many, is estimated to have undersold the Sony PlayStation 4 , its biggest competitor, almost two-to-one. Frankly, I loved the fact I didn't have to bring out Gears and Halo just to say, hey. [Full Article...]

OnePlus 5 launched: Features, specifications and pricing

OnePlus 5 launched: Features, specifications and pricing OnePlus 5 will be exclusively available on Amazon, in India , where the device is all set to be launched by tomorrow. If you are keen to avoid a repeat of this "mistake", you'd be better off sticking around for a few more months with your current OnePlus 3/3T - or whatever OnePlus model you are using - and wait for the eventual release of the OnePlus 5T. [Full Article...]

PayPal Debuts Instant Transfers to Bank Accounts

PayPal Debuts Instant Transfers to Bank Accounts According to PayPal, this new feature is made possible through its partnerships announced previous year with Visa and Mastercard and its "closer working relationship" with the bank and card issuing ecosystem. However there is a slight catch to using this service, and that is it will incur a $0.25 fee whenever you use the instant transfer feature. And if you're not in a rush, regular bank transfers... [Full Article...]

Naughty Dog's Shaun Escayg "Highly Doubts" That The Uncharted World is Done

Naughty Dog's Shaun Escayg Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog has released the extended gameplay walkthrough of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy first shown behind closed doors at E3 2017 last week. Uncharted 2 always was my favourite. I wouldn't say it's the end. And Chloe was the one that kept jumping out. Later in the interview, Escayg confirms that Naughty Dog has the spine storyline for nearly every charac... [Full Article...]

Revenue Forecast of Vivint Solar, Inc. (VSLR)

Revenue Forecast of Vivint Solar, Inc. (VSLR) Bancshares Of Ny Mellon Corp accumulated 151,262 shares. These funds have also shifted positions in (VSLR). Over the past month the firm's stock is 50.00%, 58.18% for the last quarter, 55.36% for the past six-months and 32.62% for the previous year. [Full Article...]

Lenovo shows off an absurd laptop concept with a flexible screen

Lenovo shows off an absurd laptop concept with a flexible screen Yet, it shows the way Lenovo is thinking and how it views personal devices in the future. The Lenovo Transform event held in NY yesterday showcased the company's ambitious future goals of a foldable laptop. The concept, however, deserves attention simply because it does not rest on a hinge like all other foldable laptops. Before showing it off, Teismann first took the audience through the ... [Full Article...]

OnePlus 5 News and Details Arrives

OnePlus 5 News and Details Arrives The device is known as the OnePlus 5, and it's a doozy. Needless to say, many rumors have formed around this launch, and many speculated about when the phone might hit the market. Case in point, even the interior of the Type-C port bears a flushed finish. Battery life is an important factor for any smartphone and the OnePlus 5 passed this one with flying colors. [Full Article...]

Emporio Armani to launch Android Wear smartwatch in September

Emporio Armani to launch Android Wear smartwatch in September Connected smartwatch comes with the same strap-change features as the company's previous hybrid smartwatch models. This news emerged from the Milan Fashion Week where the device was shown off once again. Singer Shawn Mendes appeared in a video shown at the end of the Armani show and then actually showed up in real life to walk the runway and show off the touchscreen smartwatch. [Full Article...]

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho accused of tax fraud

The Manchester United boss released a statement tonight to state that "neither the Spanish tax authorities nor the public prosecutor have contacted him or his advisers". "I want to talk with him", the long-serving Real president said. Ronaldo's willingness to leave Real Madrid and Spain has been partially blamed on his being chased by the tax man. [Full Article...]

Whole Foods CEO is head over heels in love with Amazon

Whole Foods CEO is head over heels in love with Amazon He previously covered Whole Foods for the Austin American-Statesman. Turner noted that Whole Foods has large store footprints in most of GrubHub's key geographies, including California, Massachusetts, Illinois and NY. "I got a great standing O. Trust me, this is gonna be- (LAUGHTER) this is gonna be- this is going to be such a good thing for Whole Foods Market ". Amazon, which agreed... [Full Article...]

Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 8 soon

The current OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 3T , does not have any price cuts, but comes with exchange discount of Rs. 11,082. The smartphone's sports a pre-sale price tag of Rs 50,000. Apple iPhone SE: The third choice for Apple fans in Amazon's smartphone sale is the iPhone SE. Samsung Electronics Co. revealed on Tuesday its new flagship Galaxy Note8 will debut in NY toward the... [Full Article...]

Uber's board has unanimously agreed to all of the company's culture fixes

The Financial Times reported that neither Uber nor Mr Michael would comment on whether he had resigned or been fired . The review was launched in February after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler published a blog post detailing what she described as sexual harassment and the lack of a suitable response by senior managers. [Full Article...]

New Microsoft app uses Cortana smarts to add voice dictation to Office

Microsoft is using Cortana's speech recognition smarts to bring dictation to the company's Office suite. The idea for Dictate emerged from a hackathon project, notes Microsoft, and afterwards was used internally at Microsoft by over 1,500 employees across 40 countries. [Full Article...]

Ongoing Skype connection problems after alleged DDoS

Ongoing Skype connection problems after alleged DDoS User are either losing connectivity t the application, or they are finding themselves stripped of the ability to send and receive messages all of a sudden. Online communication tool Skype is down for thousands of users and Microsoft is reportedly working on a fix . While the outage appears to be affecting only Europe directly, its consequences are being felt globally. [Full Article...]

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