Injustice 2 out now on iOS, Android version coming soon

Injustice 2 out now on iOS, Android version coming soon So are we. If you're eagerly anticipating the game's official release on consoles next week, and you need something to help occupy yourself in the meantime, Warner Bros has just released the official app on iOS and Android devices. The hype was real for this title, and at long last, Injustice 2 is available for download on Google Play . The latest version of the fighting game allows players... [Full Article...]

Microsoft wants Windows to play nice with others

After the Windows 8 disaster, Windows 10 represents a comeback. "Windows Insiders who have been running builds from our Development Branch over the last few weeks have already been helping test the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ", Microsoft's Dona Sarkar writes . [Full Article...]

Windows 10's upcoming Story Remix feature will help identify best photos & videos

The Redmond, Washington, company calls the emerging field "mixed reality" because it melds the artificial with things that are actually happening around us. It's built around five key characteristics: light, depth, motion, material and scale. The software maker is embracing more fully the notion that customers use multiple devices and that many - particularly the mobile gadgets - don't run Windo... [Full Article...]

Microsoft just announced the next major Windows 10 update

The only issue is that iOS users will not be getting these offline folder features for a few more months. The new Windows update, which Microsoft said will be available later this year, will more deeply embed Microsoft's web-based file storage OneDrive into the OS. [Full Article...]

Microsoft launches first Windows 10 preview with all-new UI

Windows 10 represents a comeback for Microsoft after the colossal flop of Windows 8, whose ill-conceived designed deepened a decline in PC sales and contributed to the departure of Nadella's predecessor, Steve Ballmer. Story Remix will be a universal Windows app available in the Windows Store, but perhaps more importantly, it will also be available on iOS and Android. [Full Article...]

Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) hit his 1-Year Low price on 05/04/17

Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) hit his 1-Year Low price on 05/04/17 Icon Advisers, Colorado-based fund reported 450,000 shares. Renaissance Tech Lc reported 1.77 million shares. Maximum and minimum EPS estimate for the current quarter is projected at $0.23 and $0.04, respectively, according to 33 analysts. [Full Article...]

ITunes and Apple Music are coming to the Windows Store

Microsoft also released a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build (No. 15213 ) to Insiders in the Fast Ring today. That strategy never got off the ground, as few smartphone users comfortable with Google's Android and Apple's iOS considered the Windows Phone. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Releases First Surface Laptop to Defeat Rivals

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Releases First Surface Laptop to Defeat Rivals You can also work with developers to create line-of-business apps that are only available to your organization. MSFT has incorporated its new Surface Laptop with its latest Windows 10 S, which happens to be a more efficient and secure version of the previous Windows 10 OS. [Full Article...]

Windows wants to help you 'remix' your life

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, who opened the Seattle conference, also highlighted the need to build trust in technology, saying new applications must avoid the dystopian futures feared by some. The controllers have a trigger, a grab button, a thumbstick, a small touchpad and optical tracking. With the upcoming Fall entry, Microsoft hopes to build on its vision for Windows, no... [Full Article...]

Microsoft now lets any developer create Cortana skills

We've made it easy to get started. Given Alexa is racing along with over 10,000 skills, it's a crafty move from Microsoft to enable the quick conversion for Cortana . A key piece of Microsoft's Cortana strategy is Echo-like hardware, but it hasn't revealed its own device (yet). The company also announced today that 141 million people are now using Cortana , so developers will be reaching... [Full Article...]

In goodbye letter, Comey says he won't dwell on firing

In goodbye letter, Comey says he won't dwell on firing President Trump said the decision to sack Comey had been based on "clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions". So was the White House making stuff up to rationalize Trump's dumping of Comey? President Donald Trump's decision to sack the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation two days before he was set to testify before th... [Full Article...]

Snapchat reports first earnings since going public ; Lost $2.2 billion last quarter !

The company's shares fell almost 25% to $17.39 in the wake of the first quarterly earnings report since Snap's highly-publicized initial public offering in March, according to Reuters . Spiegel had a biting response to Facebook's copycat tactics: "Just because Yahoo has a search box doesn't make it Google". What does the future look like for Snap? "That's going to continue". [Full Article...]

Microsoft's new mobile app enables Windows developers to test on iOS

Story Remix works in the cloud and essentially lets you pull in images and video from any device - whether iOS, Android, or Windows. These Linux distros will also work on the recently released Windows 10 S, thus, proving extremely beneficial for students interested in coding. [Full Article...]

S.Korean leader Moon discuss N.Korea with China's Xi - Blue House

The political crisis that ended with the impeachment and arrest on corruption charges of the previous president, Park Geun-hye, did not affect South Korea's sovereign rating (AA-/Stable), in part because the nation's political institutions allowed an orderly and constitutional resolution, the release explained. [Full Article...]

Microsoft's new Laptop and OS will compete with Apple, Chromebooks

He gave a list of partners that included Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba, and said Windows 10 S devices priced as low as $189 should be available in coming months. The operating system allows for easy mass setups across classrooms by using a USB key. All of these PCs will have a free subscription for Minecraft: Education Edition. [Full Article...]

Priyanka for protection of child victims

Priyanka for protection of child victims One amusing mention comes toward the latter part of the interview when Priyanka talks about how David Hasselhoff called her up and said he wanted to do a movie with her in Bollywood. However, when it comes to the most googled thing, Deepika Padukone's Met Gala Gown By Tommy Hilfiger took over Priyanka​'s Trench coat. Priyanka arrived at Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her upcoming Hol... [Full Article...]

IPhone 7 world's best-selling smartphone in Q1

Meanwhile we see slowing sales to iPhone loyalists and millions of heavily tempted Android to iPhone switchers as we wait on news of Apple's next iPhones . The iSight camera comes with 8-megapixels, aperture (f/2.2) and pixel size of 1.5µm. Apple is also in constant contact with the India Government on trying to set up larger plants in India that would require more cooperation to encourage Appl... [Full Article...]

Azure Apps for iOS and Android now available for download

The company has had a strong portfolio in the area for a number of years but Microsoft now really seems to be upping its game with the launch of Cosmos DB and the Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL . Turn-key connectivity to the Azure IoT Hub that offers reliable and secure device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging, scaling to millions of devices. [Full Article...]

Certain HP laptops are found recording users' keystrokes

Certain HP laptops are found recording users' keystrokes Over the past few years, we've seen some high profile security problems with laptops from Lenovo, Samsung, and Dell. The keylogger is found within the PCs' audio driver software and has existed since at least December 2015, the security firm Modzero said in a Thursday blog post . [Full Article...]

Bash on Windows 10 gets support for Fedora and SuSE

Bash on Windows 10 gets support for Fedora and SuSE Joe Belfiore , corporate vice president of the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft , speaking at the firm's Build developers conference today, said: "For the first time, Windows PCs will love all your devices". The update would be optimal if Microsoft had a pervasive mobile operating system, but the USA technology giant saw Windows smartphones eclipsed by Apple and Android devices, the analy... [Full Article...]

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