Jaguar XF Sportbrake estate unveiled

Jaguar XF Sportbrake estate unveiled Taking the BMW 5 Series Touring and Mercedes E-Class Wagon as its benchmarks, the Sportbrake is aiming to serve up a driving experience that aces the former with levels of comfort and practicality that match the latter. Customers can also specify Cabin Air Ionisation, which purifies air to provide protection against environmental pollution. Up front, there's a 10-inch Touch Pro infotainment syst... [Full Article...]

USA special counsel probing Trump for possible obstruction

However, Trump's staff talked him out of firing Mueller - a decision they believed would have been bad for his administration, the sources told the Times . Mueller has not publicly discussed his work, and a spokesman for the special counsel declined to comment. In general, it is impermissible to ask prospective government hires about their political leanings, including whether they've made... [Full Article...]

Tom Hardy's 'Venom' Will Not Be Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tom Hardy's 'Venom' Will Not Be Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe It's a wildly ambitious strategy, particularly when you consider how many fans felt Venom's last screen appearance (see: the overstuffed and overblown Spider-Man 3) left much to be desired. We never believed that was true. A lot of people didn't even know it was based on a Marvel character, because at the time, they sort of hid the fact that it was a Marvel character. [Full Article...]

Metal Gear Survive Delayed Until 2018

Metal Gear Survive Delayed Until 2018 The reason for this slight delay is so that the game can receive a suitable level of polish before release. As far as fitting into the story of the rest of the series, Metal Gear Survive will take place in an alternate timeline that takes place after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes . [Full Article...]

Monster Hunter World Launching Early In 2018

Monster Hunter World Launching Early In 2018 Monster Hunter XX has been available on 3DS in Japan since a year ago, and the Switch version was to include cross-play. The game is expected to release in Japan on the Switch in late August, but it sounds like there are now no plans to bring that port over to North America at this point. [Full Article...]

Coast Guard ship will linger in century-old watery grave

Coast Guard ship will linger in century-old watery grave Officials on Tuesday will share the history of the San Francisco-based ship and pay tribute to its crews — including two members who died in the line of duty. On Tuesday, officials will host a news conference to highlight the ship's history and to pay tribute to the ship and its crews — including two crewmen who died in the line of duty. [Full Article...]

Turkey convicts opposition lawmaker for revealing secrets

Turkey convicts opposition lawmaker for revealing secrets Berberoglu was accused of giving journalists images used in the report. In addition, the court ordered that the current case be separated from a case against Berberoglu, Dundar and Cumhuriyet Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gul for "helping an armed terrorist organisation knowingly and willfully without being a member of it". [Full Article...]

Watch Sony's PlayStation E3 2017 press conference here

Is the Xbox One X what you were hoping for? Most fans thought that the $500 price tag was more likely. In addition, the Xbox One X is marketed largely towards tech junkies, many of whom already have powerful computers. Soon after the Xbox One X's announcement, industry watchers criticized Microsoft's pricing decision. Leading the way will be the next installment in its popular racing ser... [Full Article...]

Ronaldo says his 'conscience is quite clear' amid tax case

Ronaldo says his 'conscience is quite clear' amid tax case The statement reads, " Real Madrid C.F. have full confidence in our player Cristiano Ronaldo , who we understand has acted in accordance with the legality regarding of his fiscal obligations". [Ronaldo has never] had a tax problem, contrary to what the Spanish prosecutors insinuate. They allege that he failed to declare earnings, including from the exploitation of his image rights, between 2011 ... [Full Article...]

Malaysian family opens doors to London fire victims

Cundy said an extensive area was sealed off around the decimated building, which was engulfed in flames in most parts from the second floor up to the roof. He described a perilous situation: "Only one fire escape to get down, and apparently that caught on fire", he said. "Sadly, I don't anticipate there will be further survivors", he said. [Full Article...]

PlayStation E3 2017 Media Showcase wrap-up

Sony's PlayStation E3 2017 Media Showcase (and the pre-show) was pretty darn solid this year, and it was totally about the games. The only other brand new first party content on offer was the first DLC pack for Horizon Zero Dawn , called The Frozen Wilds . [Full Article...]

Original Xbox Titles Are Coming To Backward Compatibility

The technical upgrades support the ability to run video games in native 4K resolutions, while also allowing games to run faster and pack a lot more detail. That's a whole $100 more than Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro. But hardware prowess is only part of the occasion; Microsoft also has to deliver with games. [Full Article...]

Sidney Crosby fans celebrate Cup win with pilgrimage to famous dryer

Sidney Crosby fans celebrate Cup win with pilgrimage to famous dryer Highlights of the Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Final, Game 6, Sunday night in Nashville, Tennessee. Nick Bonino left the ice in the first period of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final after taking a P.K. [Full Article...]

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Featurette Looks At Tony Stark's Role

Robert has been sharing a lot of interesting posts on his Twitter page, to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming . "Whoops", before pretending to be taken out by Marvel snipers. The inclusion of the character came after not one, but two Spider-Man franchises fell apart at Sony. After learning he got the part from an online news, Tom Holland went to work immediately and trained for months. [Full Article...]

Robots to Humans: You Lose. We Just Finally Conquered Ms. Pac-Man

Robots to Humans: You Lose. We Just Finally Conquered Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man may one day "help a company's sales organization make precise predictions about which potential customers to target at a particular time or on a particular day", wrote Microsoft writer Allison Linn in a blog post . The tech behind Maluuba will reportedly be used to help robots make split-second decisions, and Ms. Pac-Man is the kind of game that thrives on said decisions, based on the mov... [Full Article...]

Gene Simmons Wants to Trademark Rock's Iconic 'Horns' Hand Gesture

Gene Simmons Wants to Trademark Rock's Iconic 'Horns' Hand Gesture According to Simmons' application, the hand sign was first used "as early as" November 14, 1974, a date that appears to overlap with the band's "Hotter Than Hell" tour . The New York Post points out that the gesture is similar to one "made to a man to imply that his wife is cheating on him". Whether or not that matters is possibly impacted by the U.S. [Full Article...]

Macron tells May 'door always open' for United Kingdom to stay in EU

However, Macron stressed that "the decision has been taken by the sovereign British people". But he also stressed that he respected the sovereign decision of the British people to leave the European Union in their referendum a year ago, adding that the start of talks was an important milestone. [Full Article...]

Apple iPad Pro review: Is this a laptop replacement?

The tablet also features a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 7 megapixel front camera, what we do not know is how much RAM the tablet comes with, Apple does not announce the RAM on their iPads when they are made official. The virtual assistant also gets an audio makeover. But NFC is also used in more things than just contactless payments, such a door locks in hotels. [Full Article...]

The 9 most exciting Xbox One games of E3 2017

Here are some games that will be available for both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X . As the year went on, we got more and more detail about the console and now we have a name, price , and 100% confirmed release window. While enjoying 4K games , the One X will also extend support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats. What I am saying is that releasing the Xbox One X mid-cycle m... [Full Article...]

London fire: Massive blaze engulfs 27-storey Grenfell Tower; two injuries reported

Ambulances and firetrucks filled the streets around the building, which is located in a diverse, working class area of London. "What we can't have is a situation where people's safety is put at risk because of bad advice being given or if it is the case, as has been alleged, of tower blocks not being properly serviced or maintained". [Full Article...]

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