New renders show off iOS 11-running iPhone 8

Another potentially troublesome caveat to Core NFC is that it will only work with Apple's iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and newer devices . To combat this, Apple has introduced a new feature for the iPhone as part of the new iOS 11 update. [Full Article...]

Apple HomePod Speaker is $349 Take on Google Home and Amazon Echo

In announcing the HomePod , Apple CEO Tim Cook said there are many companies making products for enjoying music in the home but "none have nailed it yet". The more powerful iMac is meant to address concerns of creative professionals who had been limited to much less powerful iMacs or the much-loved Mac Pro, which hasn't been updated since 2013. [Full Article...]

The iPad is about to become a multitasking powerhouse

Apple previewed new features for Mac laptops and desktops, including a new photo managing and editing app, and a new file system that should speed up the devices and improve privacy. The new app has 5 tabs: Today, Games, and Apps are the three new tabs for discovery in the redesign and the place where you'll find Apple's curated lists and editorial content . [Full Article...]

Apple's Latest iOS Update says goodbye to iPhone 5 and 5C

On June 5, Apple announced a new built-in feature called "Do Not Disturb" which will minimize distractions by detecting when you're driving and block phone notifications. When users stop using the app, the setting will prevent the app from further accessing the user's data, particularly the location tracking. Tap into that and search for Control Center. [Full Article...]

Biggest Changes Apple Didn't Announce on Stage at WWDC

This really shouldn't come as a shock to most of us who follow technology news . - Apple announced this week a new way to help drivers stay focused on the road with a new feature called "Do Not Disturb While Driving". Before iOS 11 , people could only view GIFs in specific messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Twitter . On the minus side, Facebook and Twitter integration in particula... [Full Article...]

Britney Spears' Instagram account used by Russian hackers

Earlier this year, actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried were among victims of such hacks , while stars like actress Jennifer Lawrence, reality-television personality Kim Kardashian and others found their accounts had been invaded over an almost-two year period, with some photos released in September 2014 . [Full Article...]

Apple Make The New iPad Pro Official

Apple Make The New iPad Pro Official The powerful new 64-bit A10X Fusion chip provides performance that is faster than most PC laptops shipping today, so tackling complex tasks like editing photos and 4K video, rendering 3D images or playing games feels effortless. For cellular versions of the smaller model, the price is $1039 for 64GB, $1,169 for 256GB or $1,429 for 512GB. "Radeon Pro 500 Series graphics are enabling new generations... [Full Article...]

Apple announces workstation-class iMac Pro

Apple announces workstation-class iMac Pro Now the company is trying to make up for their misstep with the MacPro desktop by introducing the iMac Pro . The company also offered a sneak peek at the iMac Pro which is marketed as new "workstation-class product line designed for pro users with the most demanding workflows". [Full Article...]

Major Improvements for iPhone, iPad Users

Major Improvements for iPhone, iPad Users This feature is visible when you tap on an app inside the iPhone Storage. At least for those who own an iPhone, iPad, or even Mac computer. Interestingly enough, Apple has fixed an oversight by Microsoft, allowing users to simply share access on a per-person basis rather than blanket share to everyone on their contact list automatically. [Full Article...]

HomePod, Apple's smart speaker, has finally arrived

HomePod, Apple's smart speaker, has finally arrived Apple just announced their first challenger to compete against Amazon Echo and Google Home voice-command driven smart wireless speakers, while simultaneously taking on Sonos whole-home audio solution. Apple says its smart home speaker delivers a right balance of sound quality as well as smart assistance, something the competition hasn't accomplished yet. [Full Article...]

Best iOS 11 Features

Rather than downloading the full app, other parts will be downloaded as needed, meaning users will see faster downloads, faster launches and less local storage required. But there are plenty of exciting tricks under the hood of iOS 11 , including a simpler way to join Wi-Fi networks. And if you release a major new version that drastically changes the core features of your app, you can press t... [Full Article...]

Apple reveals powerful new iPad Pro

Here's a quick look. The 15-inch MacBook Pro with TouchBar comes with the 7th gen Intel Core i7 processor on board. "The 13" MacBook Pro is now more attainable with prices starting at $1299. The tablets retains the light one pound weight of the iPad while being 20 percent larger than the most popular 9.7-inch device. You'll be provided with an option to shell out moolah to include up... [Full Article...]

New iPhone 8 report claims in-screen Touch ID and iOS 11

New iPhone 8 report claims in-screen Touch ID and iOS 11 This includes a new feature called Offload Unused Apps that deletes dormant apps from the phone without losing data on it, Maps improvements like lane guidance, Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, and even speed limit indications. Siri will also come with a translation support (in beta) for five languages. Simply tap the "Send Password" button, and the other device will autofill the passw... [Full Article...]

When and how to download iOS 11 on iPhone

This year, the company is up to iOS 11 and explained numerous new features during its developers keynote presentation Monday. What do you think of the new Apple software? But it appears things are finally about to change. While there are a bunch of new features some will get excited about, there is one that many will not like so much and that's lost support for 32-bit devices and apps. [Full Article...]

Apple overhauls App Store

The camera will have improved image quality, and Apple has added a new technology called High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF), which reduces the file size of iPhone 7 or 7 Plus photos. Apple has described it as "on-device learning", which can sync with your system and yet remain "private". Apple Pay will allow you to pay people, and this will be one of the updates in the Messages app... [Full Article...]

Apple squelches commitment critics with new iMacs

The new iPad Pro in both 10.5- and 12.9-inch models is said to deliver the " world's most advanced display ", and improved performance thanks to its new A10X Fusion chip . Apple has come under fire from some in the past for not being more proactive against the fight against texting while driving. There'll be a 1TB SSD in the box unless you want to double or quadruple that. [Full Article...]

Siri sounds like a dude! Apple unveils new voice assistant voice

Besides playing music, HomePod will help people to manage their lives and homes. Created to work with an Apple Music subscription and featuring built-in Siri technology, the nearly 7-inch HomePod will come in white and Space Gray. [Full Article...]

Is Apple's New HomePod Speaker Everything You Want It to Be?

Is Apple's New HomePod Speaker Everything You Want It to Be? Apple announced this week that it will soon add a new feature called " Do Not Disturb While Driving ", which will be part of its new iOS 11 , according to CNN Money . App developers will also find the change challenging. While the phone will still work (and it's a little bit unbelievable that it still does), users won't be able to download the latest apps or security upgrades to protect aga... [Full Article...]

Mario Welcomes You To Super Nintendo World In New Video

Mario Welcomes You To Super Nintendo World In New Video Unfortunately, this does mean that Hori's special Pokken Tournament Controller will only work when the game is docked and not in tabletop mode. The Switch version will be titled Pokken Tournament DX. Nintendo might have something big to share at Electronic Entertainment Expo after all. I expect there'll finally be some gameplay and if it's as well done as Insomniac's last big game, the Ra... [Full Article...]

Apple reveals the iMac Pro, its most powerful Mac ever

Apple reveals the iMac Pro, its most powerful Mac ever The new software also contains a " Do Not Disturb While Driving " mode, which Apple says will help prevent iPhones distracting those behind the wheel, and a new "Files" app that resembles a traditional computer file system for viewing and organising documents. [Full Article...]

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