PA State Police: 'We don't believe Steve Stephens had any accomplices'

The last thing that he would have said was my name and didn't know me or why he was saying it". The search for Stephens began Sunday after he recorded and shared on Facebook a video of himself shooting a stranger named Robert Godwin on a Cleveland street. [Full Article...]

Cheaper Microsoft Surface Book 2 May Debut at May 2 Microsoft Event

At least one report says it will run Win32 apps, though, so a more likely scenario is this: The CloudBook will indeed have an Intel chip, but Windows Cloud will have a setting where you can restrict apps to Windows Store only, which will be the default. [Full Article...]

Facebook is for all: Zuckerberg takes a jab at Snapchat

Pompliano worked at Snapchat for three weeks and filed his lawsuit in January. "The simple fact is that he (Pompliano) knows exactly nothing about Snap's current metrics". The users started uninstalling the app as soon as the statement made public to show their protest. Many said that they had deleted the social media software and would not return. [Full Article...]

Facebook wants you to hang out with your friends in VR

You'll be provided with every option to customize your appearance, starting with the eye color or hairstyle to the facial features and more until your look fits with your identity. You get the experience of setting up something more like you. It sounds good, until you see Spaces in action. And Virtual Reality (VR) technology, is proving just that. [Full Article...]

US Sales Of Nintendo Switch, New 'Zelda' Break Company Records

That means Nintendo sold more copies of Breath of the Wild for the Switch than it sold of the Switch console itself. Another group that could have played a role in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's impressive sales numbers are people that bought the game for the Switch before they had their hands on the console. [Full Article...]

Why we continue to fly with airlines who treat us terribly

Why we continue to fly with airlines who treat us terribly United employees had a passenger, Dr. David Dao, beaten and dragged off a flight in order to make room for stand-by employees on a route from Chicago to Louisville on April 9. The legislation would also allow passengers to sue airlines for delays, chronically late flights or price gouging. That increased to 79 percent among those who indicated they had heard about the United incident recently, whi... [Full Article...]

Nintendo discontinues NES Mini

Nintendo discontinues NES Mini In a surprise move, Nintendo has announced that it has ended production of the popular NES Classic. The SNES Classic is reportedly set for release in time for Christmas 2017. SNES Classic was always a possibility if the NES Classic proved a success. The NES Mini was a big hit for the company a year ago, with stockists finding it hard to meet demand, so hopefully the SNES Mini won't have the sa... [Full Article...]

Team: The final hunt for Facebook murder suspect

Stephens was on the run for days before being found in a McDonald's parking lot near Erie, Pennsylvania. MORE: Videos show desperation of suspect in Facebook video killing The McDonald's employees tried to "buy some time for the cops" by telling Stephens his fries were delayed, but he said he had no time to wait and drove off, according to DuCharme. [Full Article...]

Tim Farron: General Election is 'great opportunity'

Tim Farron: General Election is 'great opportunity' When pushed again on the first evening of the campaign by Channel 4's Cathy Newman, he refused once again to say if homosexuality is a sin, instead mumbling about how he stood up for gay rights as he squirmed like a fish on a hook. 'While Theresa May is seeking to divide the country, the Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to keep Britain Open, Tolerant and United'. But others felt equa... [Full Article...]

Apple Preps New iMacs, Server

Apple Preps New iMacs, Server Recently, Apple responded to the concern of Mac Pro users saying it was "completely rethinking the Mac Pro". This particular model will be outfitted with an Intel Xeon E3-1285 processor along with an ECC RAM which can be configured from 16GB up to 64GB. [Full Article...]

Chicken nuggets order ended flight of Facebook murder suspect

The US man wanted for killing Godwin in OH and then posting a video of the murder on Facebook fatally shot himself Tuesday after a brief pursuit in neighboring Pennsylvania, police said. In one video posted on Facebook, Stephens said that he gambled away everything and that he and his girlfriend had planned to marry but did not, without saying why. [Full Article...]

Facebook sees future in augmenting our reality

The speech was given at the company's annual developer conference on Tuesday, amid growing concern over the increasing number of videos that show violent content to millions of users worldwide. While the Discovery lets users find their recently used bots and popular experiences right from their Messenger home screens, Messenger Codes will give users new QR codes to know about the events near... [Full Article...]

Xbox Insider Preview Alpha Ring gets its first 1705 build

Xbox Insider Preview Alpha Ring gets its first 1705 build Starting this month, Club owners and administrators can create and host tournaments in their Clubs. You'll also require the use of a Windows 10 PC to organize them. The update will also bring a new multitasking overlay, the Party Overlay . In addition to that, Party overlay will be added too today to allow players to see and access more information during group chats. [Full Article...]

The Fate Of The Furious: 10 Most Insanely-Awesome Scenes

And either way, it is assured of boasting the top global launch of all time, surpassing fellow Universal title Jurassic World ($316.7 million). According to the studio, Fast 8 stands on its own as being "an extraordinary result ". Globally, Furious 7 launched to $397.7 million (it didn't open in China until a week later). " Furious 7 " served as a memorial of sorts to Paul Walker , the fra... [Full Article...]

Google is fixing a Chrome flaw that makes phishing easy

Google is fixing a Chrome flaw that makes phishing easy The concept behind the attack is quite old, but it has resurfaced in the current versions of both Firefox and Chrome . It allows companies and individuals from countries with non-traditional alphabets to register a domain that contains A-Z characters but renders in their local language. [Full Article...]

Income Tax Bonus days

Income Tax Bonus days So, file anyway. If for some reason you're wrong and you don't file your return or apply for an extension , the penalties above plus interest will hurt more than your ego. The penalty for late filing can be 10 times higher than for making a late payment. You typically don't receive the K-1, which reports your income from these activities, until after April, so you'll need more time to prep... [Full Article...]

May calls snap United Kingdom election for June 8

May calls snap United Kingdom election for June 8 In calling for the snap election, the hope appears to be to give her party a stronger mandate in the House of Commons in order to avoid going into negotiations with the European Union in a divided state. The polls suggest her Conservative Party is on track for a smashing majority against a divided Labour Party led by the hapless Jeremy Corbyn. The poll lead had prompted many senior Conserva... [Full Article...]

Apple readies iPhone overhaul for its 10th anniversary

Apple readies iPhone overhaul for its 10th anniversary Bloomberg's report confirms that Apple is testing a display that "covers nearly the entire front of the device" that will leave the premium model closer in size to the iPhone 7 but closer in screen size to the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the one through line between each design is that Apple is working towards releasing a smartphone that's close in size and footprint to the iPhone 7 but wit... [Full Article...]

Facebook Founder Addresses Cleveland Facebook Murder

She says state police troopers weren't far behind. Stephens' vehicle sustained minor damage after a trooper couldn't stop in time and hit the auto, but no injuries to law enforcement were reported. It was all due to the quick thinking of a McDonald's employee that led police to Steve Stephens . No one else was hurt. Zuckerberg says Facebook will keep working on ways to prevent such tragedies. [Full Article...]

'Facebook killer' Steve Stephens found dead after vehicle chase

It was all due to the quick thinking of a McDonald's employee that led police to Steve Stephens . She also said Stephens was "a nice guy" who was good to her and her children. Local media said an employee at the restaurant's drive-through window called police. The last confirmed sighting of Stephens was at the scene of the homicide. [Full Article...]

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