Get ready for new products

Siri is likely to get major upgrades. HomePod will start shipping in the U.S., U.K, and Australia this December for $349. Apple is officially jumping into the home speaker market. And what will be the Apple home hub's distinguishing feature? Compared to Echo, Google Home is expected to account for 23.8%, while other smaller players like Lenovo, LG, Harmon Kardon and Mattel would account for on... [Full Article...]

Brake welcomes new 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature for iPhones

Brake welcomes new 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature for iPhones Maps has added improvements for when you're driving , like lane guidance, speed limits, and the ability to silence distractions with Do Not Disturb While Driving . The good news is that Apple has not removed the headphone jack, meaning that you are still able to use your headphones without any problems on the new iPad . [Full Article...]

New 21.5-inch 4K iMac Has Replaceable RAM and CPU!

New 21.5-inch 4K iMac Has Replaceable RAM and CPU! For example, similar iMac models haven't had upgradable RAM since 2013. This means that fans can purchase a more basic configuration of the iMac and later on, when they have some time and money on hand, they can upgrade it with a better CPU and RAM. [Full Article...]

Apple revamps IPhone software, adds augmented reality features

The feedback those developers give Apple will probably detail what the company needs to work on when it comes to the kind of camera and sensory instruments that an Apple VR headset needs to work. It has less to do with the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro model and more to do with the way iOS 11 will let you use an iPad. This section of the store also places an emphasis on storytelling and tips and tricks... [Full Article...]

Look at iOS 11's new 'Dark Mode'

That means AR apps will be compatible with iPhones and iPads released in 2015 or later - think iPhone 6s or iPad Pro. That's why Apple chose to reset reviews with new versions. This app represents a step forward in what is now clearly a new direction for Apple's apps. In addition, Apple is expanding its self-certification process for accessories with a new HomeKit Certification Assistant and... [Full Article...]

Welcoming a New Generation of Speakers with the Apple HomePod

This mostly means that your data is unlikely to be stolen or spied on as it's being sent to Apple's , Google's or Amazon's servers. The speaker will be operated on Siri , Apple's voice technology. "We want powerful machine learning to be easier to use in your apps", software chief Craig Federighi said as he unveiled a toolkit that allows developers to use Apple's AI technology. [Full Article...]

"The new 10.5" iPad Pro arrives in T-Mobile stores next week

Apple makes some updates to its various software platforms as well as its hardware offerings, and by the sheer strength of being the world's richest tech company, it crushes several smaller companies who do the same thing. When an app developer releases a new update in the App Store, all their handsome reviews disappear in the ether. To put the app store's growth in perspective: when the original... [Full Article...]

Apple Is Upgrading Location and Photo Privacy Features

Apple Is Upgrading Location and Photo Privacy Features The colour conventions also remain the same, allowing you to choose from silver, space grey (pictured), gold and rose gold - though the larger 12.9-inch model does not come in rose gold, in case you were wondering. The introduction of Files on iPad may not seem exciting, but it's actually a pretty important improvement. Developers who have gotten their hands on the iOS 11 beta , however, ha... [Full Article...]

Apple is finally turning the iPad into a computer

Apple is finally turning the iPad into a computer This was a seamless experience for the iOS users and their device took all the hassle of filling your details. "We should not lose sight of the fact that drivers using the iPhone are involved in thousands of crashes", Feldman told the Huffington Post. [Full Article...]

Hands On with the iOS 11 Beta

On Wednesday we got word of three more features, including a biggie that'll give users more control over when and how apps are accessing their location. It also automatically notifies your friend that you're driving so that they can contact you later. The iPad-centric features were long overdue and this iOS update will make use of all the hardware improvements that Apple brought to the iPad... [Full Article...]

Mobile will offer Apple's latest iPad Pro starting next week

More details in our detailed article.Since June 2015, any newly created apps have been required to support 64-bit processing, so any that have been updated during this period should not be affected by the changes. Developers can submit info to the team on Apple's dev site here . And, of course, it'll only work if your visitor has an iPhone, so keep that scrap of paper around for any Andro... [Full Article...]

Apple announces "HomePod" smart home speaker

Apple announces Apple is getting serious about competing with Amazon's and Google's infiltration of the home . But while Amazon and Google have stressed the daily practicalities of the artificial intelligence assistants that run Echo and Home, Apple framed HomePod more as a music-listening platform, with practicalities like reminders and calendar nearly an after thought. [Full Article...]

Subaru Announces Performance-Focused Limited Edition WRX STI, BRZ Models

Subaru Announces Performance-Focused Limited Edition WRX STI, BRZ Models This new model is named for the upcoming WRX STI Type RA NBR Special race vehicle that will attempt a Nürburgring record sometime this summer. The new limited version of the WRX STI comes with a carbon-fiber roof panel, a carbon-fiber wing and a set of lightweight BBS 19-inch forged alloys. [Full Article...]

IOS 11: Top 11 features that Apple didn't tell you about

Among the new features of iOS 11 is the ability to make person-to-person payments through Apple's messaging app, thanks to new integration with the Apple Pay system. Good on Apple for making 32GB the smallest storage in its iOS lineup, but it still isn't enough. On the minus side, Facebook and Twitter integration in particular has been very useful for apps that use the social networks for ... [Full Article...]

Apple's tvOS 11 Coming To Public Beta Program

First, Federighi introduced "multiselect", the ability to run multiple pieces of software at once on the same screen. The improvements reflect Apple's intentions for the iPad Pro to be interpreted as a true productivity-focused device . [Full Article...]

What Will the New iOS 11 Bring?

Thiis new addition will stop these aforementioned apps from forcing users to choose between these two options for any app. The second feature is automatic switching between Dark and Light mode. So, the new one will be a bit faster than previous. It can translate in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. The new Control Center will take some getting used to. [Full Article...]

IMac Pro: Apple's $4999 Mac for the pros

The speed improvements and graphics boost help to create a slick experience and, although we've not yet fully tested the new desktop, it certainly feels like it will deal with most memory-hungry tasks. Who should buy it: If you value portability above performance and don't mind paying a premium for that, go with the MacBook . Starting at $4,999, its the most expensive and powerful computer Apple... [Full Article...]

Apple Thinks Its Smart HomePod Will 'Reinvent' Home Audio

In a world where people have invited online microphones into their homes in a bid to make their lives easier, Apple has been conspicuous in it's absence. After months of speculations, American technology major Apple finally pulled the wraps off the much-awaited Siri-powered smart speaker. The "HomePod" speaker unveiled Monday is similar to devices from rivals, some of which have been on ... [Full Article...]

Apple shows off new iPads in promo video

The new iteration of iOS , which will be made widely available this fall, appears to make the much-needed third local access option of "While using the app" a mandatory feature for all apps. Redditors who have already installed the developer beta are reporting that Apple has purportedly included full playback support for FLAC audio files in iOS 11 . [Full Article...]

Apple sneaks 'dark mode' into iOS 11 to help save your eyes

You can even quickly and easily swap out apps on the screen. The developer preview for the operating system is now available for download on developer. Also new for HomeKit in iOS is software authentication. Or, if you're feeling flush: the iPhone 8 is just around the corner, so you could just wait for that and snag yourself one of the best handsets ever created? In iOS 11 , the home screen is ... [Full Article...]

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