Apple Reveals (Apple Homepod) HomePod speaker On Monday at WWDC 2017

Apple Inc on Monday rolled out new Siri capabilities to better integrate the voice-activated assistant across devices, a move that comes as the service faces stiff competition from rival offerings like Amazon .com Inc's Alexa . Amazon makes little or no profit selling the high-end $179 Echo, which mostly serves as a foothold in consumers' homes and a way to get them to sign up for Amazon ... [Full Article...]

Apple Hopes To Reinvent Home Audio With Its New Device

The HomePod is expected to be available in the US, UK and Australia by December before opening up to other markets later. It would mark an effort by Apple to catch up with Amazon and Google . Apple vice president Phil Schiller said the company's Siri team had tuned the assistant into a "musicologist" that learns the tastes of listeners and gets songs from the internet cloud. [Full Article...]

Apple's HomePod speaker brings Siri into the living room

The natural comparison here is to " smart speakers " like the Amazon Echo and Google Home . Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed rumors of the inclusion in an aside during his keynote at the WWDC Monday, an event covered by CNET . Unfortunately, Siri is tied to Apple Music, which means that Spotify and Amazon Prime Music aren't available (at least for now). Unlike those other smart s... [Full Article...]

My favorite from WWDC 2017: an auto-reply feature while user drives

My favorite from WWDC 2017: an auto-reply feature while user drives For a long time , Apple made it nearly impossible for files to be shared between apps, but those walls have been falling down since the company released the system-wide share dialogue in 2013's iOS 7. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that distracted driving caused 3,477 road deaths in the 2015, so any app that can help keep drivers' eyes on the road instead of ... [Full Article...]

WWDC 2017: Apple unveils virtual reality, browser privacy features on Macs

Priced at $349 (Rs 22,400), HomePod will be available in the market in December this year . And with Apple's HomeKit, Apple's proprietary wireless protocol for controlling third-party smart home gadgets in iOS , HomePod serves as a hub that can control connected lights and thermostats. [Full Article...]

Apple unveils its intelligent and powerful speaker, HomePod

Apple unveils its intelligent and powerful speaker, HomePod Now Apple is racing to catch up. On the flip side, however, the highest performer - Google Assistant - still missed over 30% of questions. The annual three day event is an opportunity for software developers to come and learn more about making apps for Apple products. [Full Article...]

Amazon Prime Video Is Headed To The Apple TV

On Monday, Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) with the announcement that Amazon Prime Video will now be accessible on Apple TV . This is a new Apple product that was announced today and it is a smartspeaker. Apple made a major fintech play that shouldn't be underestimated. [Full Article...]

Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo: The similarities and differences, explained

Apple has announced HomePod , its new wireless speaker and home assistant product which aims to rival Google Home and Amazon's Echo device. "When people are starting to spend ... hundreds of dollar per speaker, I think generally they're going to want choice", Limp says . The HomePod will be available for $349 (US) in white and space gray starting in December initially in Aust... [Full Article...]

Uber fires APAC President who obtained Delhi rape victim's medical records

Uber fires APAC President who obtained Delhi rape victim's medical records Uber, the world's largest ride-hailing app, has fired its Asia Pacific Business Head, Eric Alexander, as part of its ongoing investigations into widespread sexual harassment and mismanagement at the world's most richly-valued startup, according to American technology news portal Recode , citing multiple sources. [Full Article...]

Apple Unveils the iMac Pro: The Most Powerful Mac Ever Made

The new versions are fueled by the latest 7th-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor. A 10 GB Ethernet connection, meanwhile, will help speed up file sharing between the network and other desktops. The arrival of the new iMac Pro desktop is very convenient in terms of timing, specs, and its features, since Microsoft just released iMac and MacBook competitors under the name of Surface Studio an... [Full Article...]

Apple reveals new HomePod, iPad Pro and upgraded operating systems

Apple reveals new HomePod, iPad Pro and upgraded operating systems The same source also claimed the new Automator app will benefit from deep Siri integration as well. Eastern, so get ready for some major announcements and Apple news. This new setting will be available to most people in the fall, when Apple pushes the latest version of iOS to most people. It has been two years since Apple updated the device. [Full Article...]

Will Apple's HomePod Be a Home Run?

Dieter Bohn at The Verge says Homepod is " the smartest speaker yet ". "Those are the features on the Mac that most of us have been wanting on the iPad for at least three years", Creative Strategies' Bajarin said. "There is so much momentum building around these speakers that it would be hard for Apple not to come out with one ", said industry analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insi... [Full Article...]

IOS 11 Can Automatically Delete Unused Apps To Save Space

The iPad-centric features were long overdue and this iOS update will make use of all the hardware improvements that Apple brought to the iPad Pro range at the WWDC . What's more? You can even customise it to add your favourite apps. Don't assume that's going to be the iPhone 8, as all signs point to that being delayed until 2018. [Full Article...]

Twitter's Apple HomePod verdict: 'It looks like a roll of toilet paper'

This updated HomePod has revealed at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Jose , California, on Monday. It would have been easy for Apple to look to the Amazon Echo or Google Home for design cues for HomePod . One major sticking point for consumers may be the HomePod's $350 price tag, which makes it twice as expensive as Amazon's Echo . "Weaving Siri into more ... [Full Article...]

Apple shows the iPad some love with iOS 11

And Apple's new machine learning offerings are also not all drawn from Apple technology. The Offload Unused Apps feature works in background and automatically removes the apps but users also have the option to choose individual apps that need to be offloaded. [Full Article...]

India to join SCO in Astana

India to join SCO in Astana Baglay said the SCO has member states who are neighbours to Afghanistan and it will be an institutional forum where India can engage with these nations. Highly placed diplomatic sources told The News here Tuesday that Chinese and Russian Presidents are trying very hard for facilitating a meeting between two arch rival countries Prime Ministers in Astana on the fringes of the summit of the SCO. [Full Article...]

WWDC 2017: iPad Pro, MacBook refresh shows Apple's productivity push

The internal changes provide up to three times more powerful graphics, faster processors, Thunderbolt 3, faster storage options and brighter Retina displays. They are now ready to order on apple .com and will ship from June 7th. The entry spec 21.5-inch iMac gets the new Intel Iris graphics, and is 80% faster than before. [Full Article...]

WWDC 2017: Apple iMac Pro, worth the $4999

The Radeon Pro 500 Series is aimed at creative professionals like artists, designer, engineers, filmmakers who are anxious as much about efficiency as about all-out gaming performance. No mention was made of the Mac mini or Mac Pro, though Apple has already said that the Mac Pro is in the middle of a major redesign that won't be done until 2018 at the earliest (see " Maca Culpa: Apple Admits M... [Full Article...]

IMac and MacBook get juiced, iMac Pro gets teased

[Full Article...]

Apple updates MacBook line with new Intel processors

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