The Galaxy S8 will remind you to clean up the camera lens

Developers are used to creating apps that are framed within displays sporting a 16:9 aspect ratio, and according to Google, accommodating 18:9 and 18.5:9 aspect ratios is a rather simple affair. The DeX Station is a small puck-shaped dock that plugs into an external monitor and essentially gives Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users a desktop experience. [Full Article...]

Facebook is for all, not just for "the high end": Zuckerberg

Facebook is for all, not just for In the document, Pompliaono, who was the company's growth lead for a few weeks in 2015, recounts a September 2015 meeting he had with the CEO regarding Snapchat's global growth plans. "We are grateful for our Snapchat community in India and around the world". Angry Twitter users proceeded to share screenshots of them uninstalling the messaging app. [Full Article...]

PlayStation 4 consoles may attract roaches, repairmen say

PlayStation 4 consoles may attract roaches, repairmen say Experienced repairmen know a roach-infested console when they see it, even if the owner just knows that it won't turn on. In an interview with Kotaku , Patrick Che of Manhattan-based XCubicle, a console fix shop, told the blog that the pests, which tend to reside in warm dark places, love Sony's game console. [Full Article...]

Search added to Google Earth VR

Search added to Google Earth VR The " I'm feeling lucky " button, which first appeared on Google's search engine and carried out a random search for users has also been added to Earth , now automatically jumping to a random location and offering users information about it. [Full Article...]

What to Watch — IBM Earnings

What to Watch — IBM Earnings Security revenues rose 9%. It has underperformed by 0.50% the S&P500. Six equities research analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, fifteen have assigned a hold rating and six have issued a buy rating to the stock. They now have a Dollars 150 price target on the stock. Hartline Invest invested in 6,221 shares. Corporate insiders own 0.08% of the company's stock. [Full Article...]

Citroen C5 Aircross - New generation of SUV debuts

Citroen C5 Aircross - New generation of SUV debuts Citroen claims its new compact SUV will be the "most comfortable SUV on the market". With the amount of competition in this market segment, which is the fast growing in Europe, it needs strong global sales and appeal to be able to compete. [Full Article...]

Murder Suspect Steve Stephens Shoots Himself Following Police Chase

The video of the killing was up for three hours before it was taken down, raising questions about Facebook's handling of objectionable material posted by its users. Police also said they believe Stephens committed the crimes all by himself and he did not have any help. Law enforcement officials said on Monday that his cellphone was last tracked Sunday afternoon in Erie, Pennsylvania , about 100... [Full Article...]

PayPal support is coming to Android Pay…if you live in the US

A development this week could make Android Pay much more accessible. You'll then be able to simply link your account to the Android Pay app and start paying for goods. "You can expect to see this new feature in the Android Pay and PayPal apps within the next few weeks". When the partnership launches, users will only be able to pay using their PayPal balance. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active in the works, likely headed to AT&T

Ever since the pre-order opened, though the device was priced as high as it is usually with the Galaxy series, (around 90,000), there wasn't much of the step back from the Samsung fans. The phone, which has been rumored to be named as Samsung Galaxy X, is noted to be in its final testing stages. According to an AppleInsider report , however, this security feature is something that the Cup... [Full Article...]

Facebook's Zuckerberg vows to help prevent repeat of Cleveland murder posting

In a statement on Monday, the company said the video of the shooting death uploaded by Stephens had been on its site and smartphone app too long and that it was launching a review of how objectionable material is reported and taken down. Regarding the chilling video, Williams said Tuesday, "This is something that should not have been shared around the world". Authorities in Cleveland have expanded... [Full Article...]

Govt urges SC to defer hearing on WhatsApp privacy policy

Govt urges SC to defer hearing on WhatsApp privacy policy The Centre on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it was actively considering to put in place a law to protect data and curb sharing of individual data on social networking sites and online messaging services. Both have challenged a Delhi high court verdict that refused to accept their contention that WhatsApp privacy policy, which changed after Facebook took over the popular messaging service, di... [Full Article...]

Google Earth gets revival with tools for exploration

Google Earth gets revival with tools for exploration According to The Verge this redesign was two years in the making, and while it has some cool features, it still feels a way off. Perhaps most interesting is the fact Google's finally brought the Your Timeline feature over from Android. [Full Article...]

Bandai Namco's "Prepare to Dine" Revealed as Code Vein

Bandai Namco's These monsters are Revenants suffering from a blood deficiency that's caused them to transform. One of the key pieces of info in this report was the "Buddy" system for the game. Update 8:40 a.m.: More information has come in. For all the God Eater fans, Code Vein will be a new game that "offers a new game experience" as per producer Keita Iizuka. [Full Article...]

Policy change hits United Airlines in light of recent passenger fiasco

Policy change hits United Airlines in light of recent passenger fiasco United Airlines has been struggling to fix their corporate image after a cell phone video was released showing a passenger being dragged from his seat and bloodied by airport police after he refused to leave a reportedly overbooked flight that was preparing to fly from Chicago to Louisville. [Full Article...]

Thumbs-up for electronic sports at the 2022 Asian Games

Thumbs-up for electronic sports at the 2022 Asian Games While that prospect remains distant, the incorporation of eSports to the Asian Games will offer a highly visible testing ground. The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) said it wanted to reflect "the rapid development and popularity of this new form of sports participation". [Full Article...]

A Closer Look at Facebook Spaces, the Company's First Social VR App

A Closer Look at Facebook Spaces, the Company's First Social VR App But before you can start virtual reality video conferencing, you're going to need a digital version of you, or as Facebook keeps referring to them as, an avatar. "Whether you want to show off your latest 3D drawing masterpiece, play an awesome 360 video your friend would love, or just spend time chatting, it's one of the best ways to be in the moment together, from anywhere". [Full Article...]

Tumblr Debuts Video-Chat App 'Cabana'

The app offers Tumblr an opportunity to expand its reach by connecting people in a very different way than it does today. I may snark about it, but it's from a place of love (full disclosure: I once worked at Tumblr). It's supposed to replicate that experience of being in a room together, pulling up a favorite YouTube video, and watching everyone's reaction before starting on another. [Full Article...]

Zuckerberg vows work to prevent next 'Facebook killer'

Steve Stephens was accused of shooting Robert Godwin Sr on a Cleveland sidewalk on Sunday before fleeing in a auto and uploading a video of the murder to Facebook, becoming the subject of a nationwide manhunt. "He hugged my wife and me and said 'I'll see you guys next time , '" Godwin Jr. said in a separate interview with "I said 'OK, enjoy your Easter'". [Full Article...]

US intercepts 2 Russian bombers off Alaska's coast

US intercepts 2 Russian bombers off Alaska's coast The interception was conducted in a "safe and professional" manner, the official added, as the bombers did not violate USA airspace or break global norms. "Right now we are not getting along with Russian Federation at all". "The F-22 can not be matched by any known or projected fighter aircraft", said the Air Force's fact sheet for the Raptor, each of which costs about $143 million. [Full Article...]

Verizon, Corning agree to $1.05 billion fiber deal

Verizon, Corning agree to $1.05 billion fiber deal The deal calls for Corning to provide up to 20 million kilometers (12.4 million miles) of optical fiber each year from 2018 through 2020, with a minimum purchase commitment of $1.05 billion. (NYSE, VZ), headquartered in New York City, has a diverse workforce of 160,900 and generated almost $126 billion in 2016 revenues. The deal brought Verizon's fiber footprint into 45 of the 50 largest USA cit... [Full Article...]

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