IPad Pro, iMac Pro & More Launches At WWDC 2017

With a bigger display than ever, there's no reason why the dock should be limited to just a handful of apps. On the app-specific screens, you might see more storage recommendations or other details like Documents & Data, whether you can offload the app, and more. [Full Article...]

Kia's new small SUV will be called 'Stonic'

Kia's new small SUV will be called 'Stonic' Although the production auto won't be revealed until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, we know the Kia Stonic will feature a sweeping roofline and compact dimensions. The new B-segment crossover will be called the Kia Stonic and Kia has released the first sketches of the new crossover, which will arrive later this year. [Full Article...]

Apple's iOS 11 To Feature 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Mode

While iOS 11 doesn't offer up any game-changing new additions, it does have a load of small tweaks and additions that amount to something big indeed. However, the legislation is now under review and similar legislation is being proposed in Tennessee, New Jersey, and Chicago . In the editing, one expects more than one thing: That Apple finds a solution to modify the audio volume from the taps an... [Full Article...]

Huawei Honor 9 official poster confirms June 12 launch

Huawei Honor 9 official poster confirms June 12 launch In line with a poster leaked last week , the new official poster has confirmed that Honor 9 will be launched by the company at its June 12 event. The rear camera is also capable of video recording of upto 1080p resolution.This phone is also equipped with 8 mega-pixel front shooter for capturing selfies which also produces good results. [Full Article...]

Apple's new business chat app will challenge Facebook Messenger

However, Apple has given users the liberty to set an automated text message, which will be sent to family or friends while the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature is on. Apple claims that with iOS 11 , Siri will be smarter than before. First one was the most obvious: jailbreak your iPhone or iPad . The new chip is created to provide "performance that is faster than most PC laptops shippi... [Full Article...]

Radeon Pro 500 Series for iMac: Powerful Performance for Breathtaking 5K Computing

Radeon Pro 500 graphics also support GPU acceleration through OpenCL across creative applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. Ternus claimed that the new system is up to 3 times faster than the previous generation in terms of graphics, while the 27-inch will be 50 percent faster. [Full Article...]

Apple iOS 11 Is Incompatible With 32-Bit Apps

One aspect of the new mobile OS that wasn't talked about during the keynote was a new "Core NFC" framework that could expand near-field communication features for Apple devices beyond just its mobile payments support. Subscribe to ARC and keep ahead of the game! Where possible we will compare iOS 11 to iOS 10 so you know what is changing when you upgrade. "For example, I could tell her, i... [Full Article...]

WWDC 2017: iOS 11 features Apple didn't have time to announce

And now that Apple thinks so too, it's a question of whether slick software and a massive customer base will help the company leapfrog its competitors' considerable head starts. It also allows users to send and receive payments from contacts via iMessage. He mentioned wireless speaker systems such as Sonos that "sound good but are not smart" and "other smart speakers" (presumably a reference t... [Full Article...]

The eleven iOS 11 features to watch out for

The app will let users stream all the Amazon original hits. "In the past, you were bound to a workspace with a PC, and used your tablet for quick messages or entertainment when you weren't in the office; that's not the case anymore", said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility at Logitech , in the company's release. [Full Article...]

WWDC 2017: HomePod speakers, new iMacs and more unveiled

These giants are battling over still-emerging fields that are expected to turn into technological gold mines, much the way personal computers and smartphones became moneymaking machines in previous decades. It's more than a smart speaker, though, according to Apple . Apple will begin shipping the HomePod to the United States, Britain and Australia in December. [Full Article...]

The Newest iPad Pro Might Be the Best One Yet

You can pre-order the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro today, and it will ship out next week. That will allow for smoother scrolling and general usage. A new model means more power. The changes look to make a huge difference and will compel the question of whether you even need to bother with a laptop in the future. As part of the iOS 11 software update due in the autumn, the iPad will soon feature ... [Full Article...]

Microsoft adding OneDrive support to Apple's iOS 11 Files app

The 10.5-inch model is equipped with a LED-backlit Multi-Touch Retina display with 2224-by-1668 resolution at 264 pixels per inch, a 12-megapixel camera, 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera and four speakers. Aside from the powerful components and impressive features, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro's selling point is how it'll work well with iOS 11 . A "do not disturb" mode for drivers will be part of the i... [Full Article...]

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Integrates New Feature Into Apple Pay

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Integrates New Feature Into Apple Pay Any monies you receive however are placed on a Pay Cash virtual card. Apple Pay is only available to Apple users. PayPal has said Venmo is one of its fastest growing services, with Venmo processing more than $17.6 billion in payments in 2016, up 135% from the previous year. [Full Article...]

IPhone will get 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' mode in iOS 11

IPhone will get 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' mode in iOS 11 Apple said it had updated the processors in its iMac and MacBook Pro lineup to IntelĀ“s most recent "Kaby Lake" processors. Apple has announced that its new iOS 11 operating system will enhance Apple Pay by including a feature that allows direct peer-to-peer payments through text messages. [Full Article...]

Apple confirms release of HomePod - the 'smartest speaker on offer'

The rumors that WWDC 17 would prove to be as much about hardware as software were well-founded as Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the "one last thing" that the keynote is notorious for. Apple said all communications are encrypted. But Apple is late to the game on VR. In one demo, Apple executive Craig Federighi pointed a camera at a table on stage and added a virtual coffee cup and a ... [Full Article...]

Apple wants to rock the market with HomePod but faces challenges

As usually, Apple came to get record collections with the new speaker ( HomePod ). That's especially important because people are starting to access information, entertainment and search in a more "pervasive" way that's less dependent on smarthphones, he said. [Full Article...]

IOS 11 comes with a one-handed keyboard mode

Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice-president of software engineering, demonstrates translation technology at the WWDC Monday. Amazon sells Echo devices for US$179, and smaller "Dot" versions for US$50. But this has been seen by some analysts as a deliberate distancing from the smart hub genre both the Echo and Google Home sit in, with Apple instead choosing to focus on its strength i... [Full Article...]

The Best Unannounced Feature On iOS 11 Is Screen Recording

Apple has announced its newest software update for iPhones and iPads and it's not looking good for anyone still using older versions of the popular devices. Brake, a road safety charity which promoted road safety campaigns, says mobile use by drivers is a growing issue in New Zealand and Apple is playing its part in cutting back distractions. [Full Article...]

Apple's iOS 11 Gets Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature

The new camera app will use the new HEVC format compression for captured videos and pictures to offer the same image quality at nearly half the size on the user's device. This lets you see how the update will effect your library. This includes items found on iCloud and also ones on third-party services like Box and Dropbox. [Full Article...]

Apple iOS 11 takes a stand on driving safety with CarPlay updates

In addition, Siri can help you translate English words into Chinese, Spanish, French, German, or Italian. Apple Watch users will soon be able to tap their device on NFC-enabled gym equipment to sync workout details such as calories burned, speed and distance with the machine for more accurate tracking. [Full Article...]

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