Apple wants to rock the market with HomePod, faces challenges

Apple could debut the speaker as soon as its annual developer conference in June, but the device will not be ready to ship until later in the year, the people said. While the world got its first preview of the HomePod at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference ( WWDC ) keynote, what stood out was the fact that Apple touted the speaker's audio playback capabilities more than that of the... [Full Article...]

IOS 11 won't support iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and fourth-gen iPad

MacOS may have got a name change to High Sierra but no other major changes have been made, except for nips to file system as well as new editing tools for photos along with a graphics update . Advanced sensors in Apple Pencil measure both pressure and tilt for natural drawing, annotating and note-taking. "Today we're going to introduce an all new iPad Pro ". [Full Article...]

Apple's iOS 11 update ends support for iPhone 5 and 5C

The HomePod is Apple's first new gadget in almost three years, following its announcement of the Apple Watch in September 2014. This would surely boost the appeal of AR across its iOS devices, with more possibilities for developers to explore ahead of iOS 11's release this fall. [Full Article...]

Amazon Prime Video Is Coming to Apple TV

Apple wants its digital assistant to be more helpful in navigating your digital life. "Just like iPod reinvents music in our pockets, HomePod will reinvent music in our homes", he said. "It's a drag fest!" said Apple's head of software, Craig Federighi , demonstrating how one can drag a picture from a message in the iMessage app into the body of an email. [Full Article...]

Battle of the smart speakers - Apple HomePod versus the rest

Given Siri, already available on iPhone devices, now supports more than 30 languages including Korean, Apple's smart speaker is widely expected to hit other worldwide markets in the near future. As all tech lovers would be well aware of, Apple's biggest annual event, WWDC 2017 is on its second day now. Having grown into a huge corporation, Apple is slow to make moves of late. [Full Article...]

Apple unveils new 'HomePod' speaker

But Apple occasionally also uses the event to introduce new devices and services and upgrades to existing products. Apple is poised to announce its own speaker at its annual conference for software programmers Monday. The HomePod is Apple's first new gadget in almost three years, following its announcement of the Apple Watch in September 2014. It unveiled the Apple Watch in September... [Full Article...]

Apple Introduces New iPad Pro, Updates iMacs and Teases iMac Pro

Pricing starts at $1,100 for the 21.5-inch model and $1,800 for the 27-inch 5K iMacs (same as before). The 13-inch MacBook Pro packs a Kaby Lake processor with up to 3.5GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz, and the updated 15-inch MacBook Pro will be fueled by up to 3.1GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz. [Full Article...]

Apple Introduces New Faster iMac and MacBook Pro

Ternus also confirmed that the entire lineup will ship with Intel's seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors. The new beefed-up iMac is meant to address the concerns of professional creatives, who until now have been limited to either the consumer 27in 5K iMac or the older Mac Pro , which hasn't been updated since 2013. [Full Article...]

New iPhone feature will block texts while driving

A dispute between Amazon Prime and Apple has kept customers from watching Amazon Video for quite some time on tvOS. The iPad 4 and hundreds of apps will also be made obsolete under the new software as it will remove support for 32-bit apps . [Full Article...]

Some Features of macOS High Sierra

Some Features of macOS High Sierra The " intelligent tracking prevention " feature will stop websites from tracking one's browsing data by using machine learning . High Sierra also marks the move of macOS from H.264 to H.265. While it will take some time for this to get off the ground, it will also open the door to more gaming support on computers that, historically, haven't had the best history in the medium. [Full Article...]

WWDC 2017: Apple lifts curtain from new iPad, iMac, Macbook line up

The watch will use machine learning to adapt automatically to the customer's routines and apps that they use. Apple will later this year release a " HomePod " music-centric smart home speaker , challenging a market now dominated by Amazon and Google in its latest move to weave deeper into people´s lives. [Full Article...]

Apple announces the rumoured iPad Pro for USD779 at WWDC 2017

Therefore, instead of a kind of grid that we're now used to, the new app store will show only one app on its home page, with a tab named "Today" and one goes from there - with other dedicated tabs for games, for instance, and so on. For example, if you're looking at a place or topic in Safari, Siri will suggest related words in Mail, Messages and other apps. The iPad Pro also features the same... [Full Article...]

Yes, OneDrive is Coming to the iOS 11 Files App

And sure enough, about two hours (two hours!) into the press conference the company announced "HomePod". This bodes extremely well for Apple since AR is the operating system of the future with uses way beyond "Pokemon Go" and adding filters on pictures. [Full Article...]

As Apple trumpets HomePod, developers embrace AR

No one was surprised to see a 10.5-inch iPad , a model that sits almost between the giant 12.9-inch original and the more traditionally sized 9.7-inch model. "The tools Apple has given us will hasten that process and allow it to happen on the phone, not in the cloud", Okrain said. The company also announced some desktop OS features for the iPad, and revealed its plans to become an augmented ... [Full Article...]

Apple Introduces New "Do Not Disturb while Driving" Feature for iPhone

It uses Bluetooth or WiFi to detect that you are moving in a auto, and will suggest turning on the feature. The company announced the new feature at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. Apple has not yet announced a launch date for iOS 11 , but when it arrives, you'll either get a pop-up alert on your iOS device or can navigate to Settings General Software Update to force a manua... [Full Article...]

How to Get iOS 11

Per the Reddit thread, FLAC files can be synced to an iOS device through iCloud Drive, then accessed through the new Files application , which will allow for local playback of the high-quality audio files directly on the device. Cook has always been bullish about the prospects for augmented reality , and Apple is working on smart glasses, people familiar with the plans have said . [Full Article...]

Here are the iPhones and iPads that Won't Run iOS 11

It will also offer a "lane guidance" to tell you which lane to change into when you are driving. Siri will be able to translate from English to French, German, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian, which should help global travelers. Third-party developers like Shazam and Nike could add music or playlists to the catalog. Among the new features of iOS 11 is the ability to make person-to-person p... [Full Article...]

WhatsApp to soon introduce 'Recall' message feature

WhatsApp to soon introduce 'Recall' message feature WhatsApp has announced three new features for its messaging service. The update only helps you keep your photos organized in the app though. This used to get bothersome when many photos were involved. Lastly, with the new reply shortcut , users can simply swipe right in any message to quickly reply to it, which pops up to the bottom of the chat window where you can reply to the message. [Full Article...]

New Stephen King TV Series Bows This Month

New Stephen King TV Series Bows This Month Now, Spike have adapted his work into a ten-part The Mist TV series that looks to be every bit as terrifying as both its novella and cinematic counterparts. Now, Spike is attempting to bring the story to television with a brand new take on the tale and new characters as well. Family, friends and adversaries become odd bedfellows, battling the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain... [Full Article...]

New Pokemon Games Announced!

New Pokemon Games Announced! Nintendo has announced three new titles in its hugely popular Pokemon franchise, including a game for its smash-hit Switch hybrid console. Pokken Tournament DX will use the Switch's online functionality and portability in promising fashion, enhancing the game's cooperative and competitive multiplayer offerings. [Full Article...]

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