Google's Personal tab filters out everything but your own content

Google's Personal tab filters out everything but your own content The company past year introduced the In Apps feature which allows you to search for information in the Apps installed in your phone. Google has now added a new personal tab section in its search engine result in a bid to make search more customized and personalized for its users. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Delivers a Major Set of Surface Pro 4 Updates

Microsoft Delivers a Major Set of Surface Pro 4 Updates As always, you will find these updates waiting for you in Windows Update. The Surface Pro 4 firmware update comes inclusive of features such as Intel Precise Touch Device, Surface System Aggregator Firmware, and Surface Integration drivers. [Full Article...]

G7 Summit Ends Without U.S. Joining Consensus On Climate Change

Trump advisers repeatedly described the trip as historic and groundbreaking, including one senior official who brashly said without evidence that Trump had "united the entire Muslim world". To the delight of his hosts, Trump railed against Iran in Saudi Arabia and promised to work closely with partners in the region to combat the cloak of Iranian influence spreading throughout the Middle East. [Full Article...]

Aussie businesses confirmed affected by global ransomware attack: gov't

Aussie businesses confirmed affected by global ransomware attack: gov't As employees return to work and log on across the region Monday morning, the true effect of the attack may emerge, experts warn. The ransomware, called "WannaCry" exploited a flaw in a version of Microsoft Windows to encrypt and take control of a user's files and demand USA $300 to restore access to the files. [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande cancels many European shows after Manchester attack

Ariana Grande cancels many European shows after Manchester attack Investigators are trying to find whether Abedi knew several Manchester-based jihadis, including Libyan man Abdalraouf Abdallah, who was jailed in the United Kingdom for terror offenses, and Raphael Hostey, an IS recruiter killed in Syria. Investigators are also still trying to determine whether Abedi received support from family members. READ ALSO: 10 held in Manchester attack probe Andy Bur... [Full Article...]

Texas House declines to negotiate with Senate on its proposed "bathroom" compromise

At the same time, Republicans will be hoping that the Senate comes up with a health care reform bill that cannot only pass the upper chamber but get back through the House as well. Information for this article was contributed by Alan Fram and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar of The Associated Press; and by Laura Litvan, Doni Bloomfield and Arit John of Bloomberg News. [Full Article...]

Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul

After almost eight months of fighting Iraqi forces appear poised to retake what was once the Islamic State's largest stronghold in Iraq and the birthplace of its caliphate. A onetime prominent Iranian commander during the Iran-Iraq war was killed in battle near Mosul . The slow military approach may be helping Iraqi and coalition forces kill and capture more IS fighters but it has put trapp... [Full Article...]

Police Believe Manchester Bomb Made in City Apartment

In the latest raids a 20-year-old and a 22-year-old were detained on suspicion of terror offences in Cheetham Hill, near Manchester city centre. British officials have confirmed he had recently returned from Libya and the officers said police needed information about his movements from May 18 when he returned to Britain. [Full Article...]

BA says 'many' of its IT systems up and running

Adding to the confusion, some passengers have been travelling to the airport, ignoring BA's advice, but have been turned away at terminals unless they could show a valid boarding pass. A spokeswoman for BA could not immediately detail the exact number of flights cancelled on Saturday. 'We rebooked for Venice for tonight, which they also have canceled now, ' she told Sky News. [Full Article...]

Mother of Uber CEO dies in boating accident

Mother of Uber CEO dies in boating accident A crew transported her husband to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno , where "he is being treated and he is with his family", Lt. Ron Hayes said. The Fresno County Sheriff's Office also said the dog on the boat during the accident is ok. Swisher posted an excerpt describing her visit with Kalanick's mother on Saturday which was cut from her Vanity Fair profile of the Uber boss. [Full Article...]

'Judy' Malware Potentially Hits Up to 36.5M Android Devices

'Judy' Malware Potentially Hits Up to 36.5M Android Devices The Android devices are being used without the person knowing about it. Essentially, the person behind this will get advertisement revenue from fake clicks. Speaking of the Korean company, they make apps for both iOS and Android, mostly freemium types of games. The Crafting Guide for Minecraft, which has millions of downloads on Google Play Store, is just one of the apps that does contain Judy ma... [Full Article...]

Google launches Jamboard Android app for its smart whiteboard

Cortana is Microsoft's entrant into the competitive intelligent personal assistant market. The survey had asked opinions from users regarding the names for Android N. The redesigned tap-to-apply filters are very basic, but they do a pretty good job of analyzing the image. Archiving photos is now rolling out to all users of the Google Photos app across Android, iOS, and the web . [Full Article...]

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Launched In China

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Launched In China Xiaomi likewise revealed that the device can be charged up to 68 percent in 60 minutes, which is truly great. It now incorporates a floating circle that can be used to open the most frequently used apps, and there are also other features like a one-way mode that will help when using your large 6.44 inches screen. [Full Article...]

Google Assistant keyboard input support is live

Google Assistant keyboard input support is live Google , which gets most of its revenue from its dominant search engine, also released a host of new features for Google Home , a speaker released past year. Android Device Manager is now called Find My Device . The Assistant is now available on more than 100 million devices, including Android smartphones, Android Auto, Android TV, and Android Home. [Full Article...]

Spike Lee Thinks The Seahawks Have Signed Colin Kaepernick

Spike Lee Thinks The Seahawks Have Signed Colin Kaepernick The post was later deleted, but screenshots make sure nothing every fully disappears on the internet. Nearly four days have now passed since the meeting with no news coming from anyone other than the director of the 2013 remake of Old Boy. We should find out one way or another quite soon - if there is no news this weekend, then probably nothing happened yet. Kaepernick recently visited the Seaha... [Full Article...]

Trump promises crackdown on leaks

Trump promises crackdown on leaks Police working on the Manchester case, who are "furious about the disclosures", have stopped sharing information with their American counterparts, according to media reports . As a presidential candidate, Trump railed against NATO's financial burden-sharing, suggesting the US might only come to the defense of countries that meet the alliance's guidelines - for committing 2 percent of thei... [Full Article...]

McMaster 'not concerned' following Kushner reports

McMaster 'not concerned' following Kushner reports A White House official has confirmed plans for supporters meetings. The White House has acknowledged the December meeting and that the two were at a Trump speech in Washington in April 2016 but they have not acknowledged any further contact. [Full Article...]

Rocker Gregg Allman dies at age 69; sang and lived the blues

A funeral date has not yet been set, though he will be buried at the Rose Hill cemetary in Macon, GA, according to Lehman. "Goodbye, Brother Gregg. When @amandashires was pregnant, @GreggAllman pointed at her belly and said 'It's gonna be a girl". [Full Article...]

5 drivers to watch in the 2017 Indianapolis 500

After a rousing celebration of the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 previous year, the question naturally followed: How could the 101st version of the legendary race be more than an anticlimax? "It just speaks so much about the difference of our culture and the European culture", Eddie Cheever Jr., who drove in more Formula One races than any other American and was victor of the 1998 ... [Full Article...]

Kimi Raikkonen to start from pole at Monaco GP

Kimi Raikkonen to start from pole at Monaco GP Bottas was just 0.002 seconds away from a P2 starting spot for Sunday's race, but it took the Mercedes W08 a long time to get competitive with the two Ferraris. Raikkonen, 37, said: "It definitely wasn't easy this weekend but we managed to fix the vehicle for qualifying". "We started well in practice one, but got a little bit lost with the set-up in practice two, so we definitely lost some valua... [Full Article...]

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