Samsung launches Galaxy S8 with hope of recovery from Note 7

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus feature some attractive nature-themed wallpapers, which have leaked out twice now; yesterday in their native aspect ratios, and today in a pair of aspect ratios more suitable for use on other devices. [Full Article...]

Kanye West and John Legend dress up as bunnies for Easter party

However, she gets a troubling call from one of Kanye West's friends (who remains unnamed). The Wests were joined by Kim's sister Kourtney Kardashian and her brood, as well as hair-stylist pal Jen Atkin . This, says Hollywood Life , may have made the reality TV star realize how life can be so hard at times-even for people like her. Whether the bunny is Kanye or the mythical Easter figur... [Full Article...]

Drake accuses country club of racial profiling

Drake accuses country club of racial profiling It sounds like Drake had a less than ideal time at Coachella over the weekend. Why?? In a since-deleted Instagram post, Drizzy called out super exclusive Madison Club in nearby La Quinta for racial profiling. They also promised to investigate this incident, as the club doesn't allow racial discrimination. Drake hasn't commented any further on his bad experience with the location, a... [Full Article...]

Barack Obama snaps photo of Michelle Obama on yacht

Barack Obama snaps photo of Michelle Obama on yacht While we'll never know what those conversations sounded like, we did peep a cute moment from the couple's trip where Obama snapped a few photos of his wife on an iPad. Other famous guests to have walked on its deck include Steven Spielberg, Leonardo di Caprio, James Packer and Mariah Carey, with Hanks and Springsteen being regular guests. [Full Article...]

Steve Stephens' Vehicle: What Kind of Car Is He Driving?

Some posts you may have encountered declare Stephens was on his way to Akron. "We're not gonna stop until he's in custody", Williams said. "Suspect in this case is. "Obviously, this individual is armed and risky, and quite frankly at this point he could be in a lot of places", Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Stephen Anthony told a news conference in Cleveland . [Full Article...]

New York Man Pickpocketed More Than 100 Coachella Attendees of Cellphones

Police said Reinaldo De Jesus Henao , of NY, was arrested on Friday with his booty in his backpack after dozens of festival-goers noticed that their phones were missing and activated their " Find My Phone " app. Henao, who was being held at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, was released on Saturday after posting $10,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court May 26. [Full Article...]

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will release on Steam this April 20

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition will release on Steam this April 20 However, there was no indication on when that might be, other than "soon". The news comes via a tweet from the official Halo Twitter account. Most exciting, however, is that Halo Wars: Definitive Edition can also be picked up on Steam . [Full Article...]

Nearly arrived with dual camera

But, with a near-bezel-less Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8, it would be interesting to see how Samsung manages to make more modification to a device which already features a radical design. There is nothing present where the Galaxy S8 has its offset fingerprint scanner, and there is no sensor on the front either. In the US and South Korea, the Galaxy S8 is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processo... [Full Article...]

Samsung points to 48% quarterly profit surge

Samsung shares touched a record high of 2.134 million won in late March on expectations of record annual profit in 2017, as the South Korean tech giant bounced back from the embarrassing withdrawal of its Note 7 devices due to combustible batteries. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 phone series

Update: Microsoft confirmed details about the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition to Engadget This post has been updated to reflect that information which includes the statement below. Its investigation blamed the problems on faulty batteries. It achieves that goal by being heavily integrated with a number of apps, as well as offering a screen search functionality akin to Google Assistant. [Full Article...]

Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Has a Big Flaw

In the United States it's possible to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ which is a Microsoft Edition meaning you pick it up from a Microsoft Store on 21 April. Samsung does put out a caveat - it says that "the two connected devices may exhibit a slight difference in sound output". The phone sports a dedicated Bixby button to activate the assistant, hinting at Samsung's confidence in the feature... [Full Article...]

The Final iPhone 8 Design Appears To Have Been Leaked

Reports also suggest that Apple plans to add a new front-facing camera with 3D sensing capabilities, water resistance, and it won't have the home button. Neither of these chip-related rumors will actually impact the iPhone 8 , but could have big consequences for iPhones beyond the 10th anniversary model. [Full Article...]

Microsoft reveals Xbox FanFest details for E3 2017

Microsoft reveals Xbox FanFest details for E3 2017 Fans that are lucky enough to be part of the 500 attendees will be able to sit in on the Xbox conference at E3 2017 on Sunday, June 11, at 2:00 PM PT where Microsoft will be revealing a number of games, as well as the highly anticipated Project Scorpio. [Full Article...]

Galaxy S8 Will Launch Without Key Feature

In a statement provided to Axios , Samsung explains that "key features" of Bixby , such as Vision, Home and Reminder, will be available on launch. Samsung described Bixby as a tool that would let you perform any touch actions by voice on the Galaxy S8, which would be a huge win for Samsung . [Full Article...]

Microsoft confirms Windows' NSA hacking loopholes have been patched

Microsoft confirms Windows' NSA hacking loopholes have been patched In a company blog post, Microsoft said that it had addressed all of the vulnerabilities either on or before March 14. "Most of the exploits are already patched ", the company nonchalantly claimed . That the researchers were running slightly outdated, un-patched versions of Microsoft's software only became apparent after the company made its late-night announcement. [Full Article...]

Manhunt underway in Cleveland for suspect who livestreamed killing on Facebook

Manhunt underway in Cleveland for suspect who livestreamed killing on Facebook In a statement, they said he may have travelled out of the state of Ohio. In a separate video posted on Facebook, Stephens claimed to have killed 13 other people. told WOIO. Police identified the suspect as Steve Stephens . Mayor Frank Jackson is urging Stephens to turn himself in and not to "do anymore harm to anybody". [Full Article...]

North Korean missile explodes during launch

That missile, which USA officials said appeared to be a liquid-fueled, extended-range Scud, flew only about 40 miles, a fraction of its range, before spinning out of control. North Korea's actions come as tensions on the Korean Peninsula have spiked to alarming levels. The U.S. nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group is also heading to the region. [Full Article...]

Shadow Brokers Release SWIFT Banking, Windows Exploits

One collection of 15 exploits contains at least four Windows hacks that researches have already been able to replicate. The Shadow Brokers, a group of anonymous hackers had published hacking tools used by the NSA a year ago. But the organisation said that the local messaging systems of some Swift client banks had been breached. The spying tools include about 20 exploits created to hack into old ... [Full Article...]

Apple enters self-driving vehicle race

Apple enters self-driving vehicle race The spokeswoman said that the permit had been given for "three vehicles", all of which are 2015 Lexus RX450h Sport Utility vehicles, and "six drivers". He expects the firm is creating a safe and effective autonomous-driving system based on computer vision, laser-based navigation and mapping, while also building an in-car environment for passengers that leverages Apple's dominant position in en... [Full Article...]

Man showed slaying live on Facebook, police say

Mr Williams said that "multiple forces" were looking for Mr Stephens, who "needs to turn himself in". Godwin can be seen shielding his face with the shopping bag. "We do not allow this kind of content on Facebook ", they said. "Officers and agents continue to investigate leads as they come in", police said in a statement, adding that the other killings claimed by the suspect in the videos are y... [Full Article...]

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