Worldwide cyberattack: Here's how to protect yourself

That's scary enough, but what really chills the bone is the idea that we have no idea when this will all end. WannaCry demonstrated how sophisticated these attacks have become. Microsoft has hit out at governments for "stockpiling vulnerabilities", blaming them for the "widespread damage" caused by the latest cyberattack. Since the attack, Microsoft has responded to the seriousness of the situat... [Full Article...]

Cyber security experts warn public to update software following ransomware attack

Cybersecurity experts say the unknown hackers who launched this weekend's "ransomware" attacks used a vulnerability that was exposed in NSA documents leaked online. A Twitter bot tracking the payments made to WannaCrypt now has the value paid for ransoms at $55,800. "Paying the ransom does not guarantee the encrypted files will be released ", the US Department of Homeland Security's compu... [Full Article...]

Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner to plead guilty in sexing case

Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner to plead guilty in sexing case He later admitted to exchanging "messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years" and resigned his seat in Congress. Last September after the Daily Mail disclosed his contact with the underage girl, authorities seized a laptop belonging to Weiner and Abedin. His failed mayoral bid is the subject of the documentary " Weiner ". [Full Article...]

WannaCry Ransomware: What We Know Monday

A cyber coordination centre to take precautions against such attacks would start operations by June. On March 14 this year, Microsoft released a security update which addressed the vulnerability in the 16-year-old Windows XP operating system that the hackers behind the massive ransomware attack exploited and created havoc in 150 countries. [Full Article...]

Blame the 'WannaCry' ransomware attack on our own NSA

The virus, equipped with "a worm functionality" - called "WannaCry 2.0" - has already locked up computers in vehicle factories, hospitals, shops and schools in several countries, including China and Russian Federation. But an estimated 7% of the world's PCs still run on XP - that's about 70,000,000 machines. After last week's WannaCry disaster, Microsoft released the update publicly. [Full Article...]

Google Lens Introduced at Google I/O 2017 with Deep Machine Learning Capabilities

This makes your work easy and you don't have to be searching for family photos to group them. Google Assistant, which the internet giant launched past year with its Pixel smartphone, can be downloaded from the Apple's Apps Store as a dedicated app. [Full Article...]

Ransomware attacks in 150 countries

In England, 48 National Health Service (NHS) trusts reported problems at hospitals, doctor surgeries or pharmacies, and 13 NHS organisations in Scotland were also affected. In what one of the most significant cyberattacks ever recorded, computer systems from the Russia, Brazil and the US were hit beginning Friday by malicious software that exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft's Window... [Full Article...]

Android O beta update released by Google

Adding the ability to detect multiple users on a single Home device was critically important. It was unveiled at Google's annual developer conference I/O, which started on Wednesday near the company's headquarters in Mountain View, California. [Full Article...]

French researchers find last-ditch cure to unlock WannaCry files

Microsoft also offers special support for government users of its software during the first year. The ransomware mixes copycat software loaded with amateur coding mistakes and recently leaked spy tools widely believed to have been stolen from the US National Security Agency, creating a vastly potent class of crimeware. [Full Article...]

French researchers claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers

The WannaCry ransomware is based on vulnerabilities in all Windows versions that was stolen from the NSA and posted only by hacking group Shadow Brokers earlier this year. The spread of WannaCry ransomware has been wreaking havoc across the world since May 12, and several Vietnamese businesses and agencies are advised to take cautions. [Full Article...]

Parsing the tech and national security concerns behind the WannaCry ransomware attacks

Even though it has been suggested that the WannaCry ransomware was distributed by phishing emails, no one knows for sure. Up-to-date Windows machines are safe from the ransomware. BURBAGE: The kill switch allowed people to prevent the infection chain fairly quickly. MalwareTech discovered an unregistered domain name in WannaCry and purchased it for $10.69. [Full Article...]

Google Assistant will help you send money to friends

For those wondering why Google chose to change up the look for the recents menu with Android Go, Google says that it's apparently because 95 percent of entry-level device users don't do a lot of switching between applications, and tend to stick to the four most recently used apps that show up in the menu. [Full Article...]

Google announces Assistant for iPhone at Google I/O

Google and its parent company Alphabet have been seeking to diversify beyond internet search to new kinds of services, many focused on artificial intelligence which powers its Google Home hub and other devices. Another cool use for the lens is when we have been at a friends place and had to crawl under a desk just to get the username and the password from a wifi router, now you can just point the ... [Full Article...]

Cyber-security experts bracing themselves for new ransomware attacks

Cyber-security experts bracing themselves for new ransomware attacks This is an emerging pattern in 2017. Microsoft did not take long to lash out at the government, but before doing so, it chose to provide a brief little summary of what exactly transpired with the ransomware attack and how it made a decision to plug the problem for a short while. [Full Article...]

Google extends AI features into more of its apps, tools

Google extends AI features into more of its apps, tools For those wondering why Google made a decision to change up the look for the recents menu with Android Go, Google says that it's apparently because 95 percent of entry-level device users don't do a lot of switching between applications, and tend to stick to the four most recently used apps that show up in the menu. [Full Article...]

Protecting Windows-Based Computers From WannaCry Ransomware

Last week, it was set free into cyberspace to infect all the non-protected, non-updated, XP-operating computers around the world, which we now know included a considerable number of institutional and private systems. Perhaps the most frightening statistic that Trend Micro found was that in one in five cases, even when the company paid the ransom, they were unable to recover their important files -... [Full Article...]

Microsoft Charged for 'WannaCry' Patch

The software tools to create the attack were revealed in April among a trove of NSA spy tools that were either leaked or stolen. It leveraged an exploit - a tool created to take advantage of a security hole - leaked in a batch of hacking tools believed to belong to the NSA. [Full Article...]

Ways To Beat The WannaCry Ransomware Attack

It seems that attacks are getting more unsafe and sophisticated and there's never any guarantee that paying the required ransom will actually restore access to the files. The tool is called WCRYSLAP and can be found here. "It stops the damage being caused", Hickey told CNNTech. The cybercriminals demanded $300 payment in bitcoin from people to be able to regain access to their files. [Full Article...]

Frenchmen claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers

Frenchmen claim cure for WannaCry-infected computers It's not just home users who are affected, as the attacks have targeted hospitals and businesses as well. The attacks highlight the challenges that organizations face with consistently applying security safeguards on a large scale. However, Tom Bossert, President Trump's Homeland Security Advisor, told members of the media that the infection rates have "slowed over the weekend" since WannaCry star... [Full Article...]

Trump willing to try engagement with North Korea, on conditions: Seoul

Trump willing to try engagement with North Korea, on conditions: Seoul The continued advances in ballistic missile development and the insistence on enhancing its nuclear weapons capabilities has made North Korea a threat to its nearest northern neighbors, China and Russian Federation, not to mention the entire world, insists one U.S. [Full Article...]

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