Match Reports: Real Madrid 4-1 Sevilla FC

Match Reports: Real Madrid 4-1 Sevilla FC Barcelona's last game is at home against middle of the pack Eibar, while Madrid has games at Celta Vigo and Malaga. The Real superstar's record was in doubt after numerous outlets debated whether Ronaldo had actually hit 400 goals against Atletico Madrid. [Full Article...]

Pokémon Go's new event sends adventurers out looking for fossils

Pokémon Go's new event sends adventurers out looking for fossils The new event will run from Thursday, May 18th through May 25th and will feature increased spawns, candy bonuses, new wardrobe items and a ton more. Pokemon GO players out there will be pleased to learn that another Pokemon GO event is scheduled to begin this week and will see lots of rock-based Pokemon rearing their heads. [Full Article...]

Indian origin doctor had predicted mammoth cyber attack called \"WannaCry\"

Indian origin doctor had predicted mammoth cyber attack called \ Computers in thousands of locations have been locked by the malicious software which demands a payment of $300 in Bitcoin to restore access. The "WannaCry" ransomware used did not specifically target the NHS, and Fedex and Spain's main telecoms operator are among those effected. [Full Article...]

FedEx confirms it was hit by global malware attack

The attack, which is still unfolding, is now a fight between whitehat hackers, companies like Microsoft and the criminals attempting to run the world's biggest extortion scheme. Police Scotland are working with the National Crime Agency on the investigation. That exploit was in turn one of those used to create the WannaCry ransomware program which can rapidly spread itself from computer network ... [Full Article...]

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda is coming for Smartphone

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda is coming for Smartphone Nintendo is developing a new entry for The Legend of Zelda that will be for smartphones, the Wall Street Journal reports. Nintendo is now seeing strong sales of its new home console, the Nintendo Switch, with the system's launch propelled by incredible customer and critic response to "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". [Full Article...]

North Korea behind 'WannaCry' global cyber attack : Security firms

Labelling Mehta's revelation " the most significant clue to date regarding the origins of WannaCry ", Kaspersky researches at the same time acknowledged that the apparent use by the WannaCry attackers of the similar code is not enough to come to definitive conclusions about its origin, as there is a possibility of it being a false flag operation and more global effort is necessary to unearth its r... [Full Article...]

New Harvest Moon Game Coming to Switch, PS4, and PC

New Harvest Moon Game Coming to Switch, PS4, and PC It will be playable on Nintendo Switch and PC at Natsume's booth at E3 2017, giving us the assumption that Light of Hope is reasonably far in development. "We set out to create a SNES-style nostalgic game with deep and meaningful characters and events". However, the player finds safety in a small harbor town which the storm severely damages. [Full Article...]

Growing global cyberattack hits 200000 victims so far

Growing global cyberattack hits 200000 victims so far That's why companies are anxious to beef up security or combat potential infections, according to Aviv Grafi, the chief technology officer of Votiro, another cybersecurity firm. The company said the virus has been localized and "technical work is underway to destroy it and update the antivirus protection". It was not yet known who perpetrated Friday's attacks. [Full Article...]

Sega's new Sonic Forces trailer shows off the custom hero feature

Sega's new Sonic Forces trailer shows off the custom hero feature Sonic Forces will feature a lot of the familiar faces you'd expect ( Sonic , Tails, Knuckles, Amy, etc.) but it'll also include a newcomer of sorts, a variable among a bunch of traditional constants. Bear - Blows away enemies with a homing attack. The custom hero feature gives players quite a few ways of personalizing their Sonic Forces character with various (we're sure unlockable) accessories... [Full Article...]

Dumfries and Galloway NHS hit in cyber attack

Russia's interior ministry said that some of its computers had been hit by a "virus attack" and that efforts were underway to destroy it. The researcher, tweeting as @MalwareTechBlog, said the discovery was accidental, but that registering a domain name used by the malware stops it from spreading. [Full Article...]

Microsoft warns ransomware cyber-attack is a wake-up call

WannaCry paralyzed computers running mostly older versions of Microsoft Windows in some 150 countries. The malicious software - known as WannaCrypt or WannaCry - is widely believed to have been developed as a hacking tool by the US National Security Agency. [Full Article...]

Cyber attack could spark lawsuits but not against Microsoft

Expensive MRI machines used by the British National Health Service are a good example; medical equipment everywhere is likely to run antiquated systems-and it's exposed to attacks delivered through the internet. They are doing the same with the "phishing" emails that helped the ransomware embed itself in computers. The U.S. government has been linked to an industrial control system malware calle... [Full Article...]

Cyberattack demanding ransom strikes scores of British hospitals, companies across Europe

Among the organisations targeted worldwide have been Germany's rail network Deutsche Bahn , Spanish telecommunications operator Telefonica, US logistics giant FedEx and Russia's interior ministry . Microsoft released patches last month and on Friday to fix a vulnerability that allowed the worm to spread across networks. "We are taking immediate steps to minimise the impact of the attack ac... [Full Article...]

Alert: Over 100 computers of Andhra Pradesh Police affected by WannaCry ransomware

More than 200,000 victims in 150 countries have been registered so far, with warnings the impact could spread further on Monday. This globetrotting "ransomware", reportedly stolen in April from the NSA's stockpile of cyberweapons, spreads via e-mail, exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft operating systems to encrypt users' files and lock them out of their computers. [Full Article...]

Players Championship victor prepares for military duty

Kim uses a fairway wood to chip from short of the 18th green. But even though form was not on his side, there have always been signs that Kim is destined for... Now, he's nearly assured of being in the season-ending FedEx Cup play-offs. "So I can hit aggressively and I wasn't as nervous". "It has been a tough 18 months". [Full Article...]

Judge Orders Uber To Return Confidential Files To Waymo

Judge Orders Uber To Return Confidential Files To Waymo Alsup has indicated he believes there is sufficient evidence that Levandowski stole the 14,000 Waymo files, but earlier this month he said Waymo hadn't produced a "smoking gun" showing Uber had actually used the information. "We are pleased with the court's ruling that Uber can continue building and utilizing all of its self-driving technology, including our innovation around lidar", an Ube... [Full Article...]

NHS 'open for business' amid 'international manhunt' for cyber attackers

Governments around the world are bracing themselves for new attacks. Tom Bossert, homeland security adviser to President Donald Trump, said infection rates slowed over the weekend. It is estimated that the virtual breach negatively impacted more than 150 countries. Computers around the globe were hacked beginning last Friday using a security flaw in Microsoft's Windows XP operating system, an ... [Full Article...]

Who Is The Typical Xbox Gamer? Leaked Documents Reveal New Details

Who Is The Typical Xbox Gamer? Leaked Documents Reveal New Details In 2013, Futatsugi-san also told Siliconera that Phantom Dust was his favorite game of all the games he has created so far, and that he'd "jump on board immediately" if Microsoft, the owners of the IP, talked about making a new Phantom Dust . [Full Article...]

At least 100000 groups in 150 countries hit by ransomware in cyberattack

The 200,000 victims included more than 100 ,000 organizations, Europol spokesman Jan Op Gen Oorth told The Associated Press. He said it was too early to say who is behind the onslaught and what their motivation was. Microsoft requires Windows 10 customers to automatically update their computers, but some people with older PCs disabled automatic updates. Before Friday's attack, Microsoft had mad... [Full Article...]

Seoul cyber experts warn of more attacks as North blamed

Seoul cyber experts warn of more attacks as North blamed American cybersecurity firm Symantec also said that it found a code used in the malware that "historically was unique to Lazarus tools", but it didn't speculate on North Korea's role in the attack. Who was behind the huge global cyber-attack? His remarks came after Microsoft's chief legal officer Brad Smith said the US National Security Agency had developed the original code used in the attack, ... [Full Article...]

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