PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL), The Boeing Company (BA)

PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL), The Boeing Company (BA) Short traders are more bearish on shares of PayPal Holdings, Inc . recently if you take a look at the change in short interest. Harvest Fund Management Co. Analysts forecast EPS of $0.32, up exactly $0.03 or 10.34 % from 2014's $0.29 EPS. The company was initiated on Monday, August 3 by Compass Point. PayPal Holdings had a return on equity of 11.10% and a net margin of 12.82%. [Full Article...]

Microsoft bug-tracking database was 'hacked by Wild Neutron gang'

Four years ago hackers broke into the database of Microsoft, which kept the information about the vulnerability programs of the company. Microsoft, however, has not disclosed the extent of the breach. "They absolutely discovered that bugs had been taken", one former employee told Reuters . Inside the company, alarm spread as officials realized the database for tracking patches had been compromi... [Full Article...]

Adobe urges users patch Flash after malware attack; shares

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab reports that hackers used a previously unknown Flash weakness to plant malware on October 10. A new zero day , dubbed BlackOasis, has popped up according to researchers from Kaspersky Labs. BlackOasis has a long history of exploiting zero-days in their attacks - they used at least five since June 2015. As to targeting and victims, Kaspersky said BlackOasis... [Full Article...]

Bring Amazon Alexa into your auto with new Garmin Speak

On the front of the Speak is a circular OLED display that shows lane guidance arrows and how much further you have to go until your next turn, and surrounding this is a blue LED light similar to what you'll see on Amazon's Echo devices. [Full Article...]

Pokémon GO Leak Hints At Gen 3 For Upcoming Halloween Event

And finally, there's the Halloween-themed splash screen, featuring several Pokemon from the third generation games, Ruby and Sapphire . If we assume that previous leak to be accurate, that means fans can also look forward to Banette, Dusclops, and Shuppet to be added to the game within the coming weeks as well. [Full Article...]

Essential being sued by an old partner for trade secrets theft

Essential being sued by an old partner for trade secrets theft The lawsuit was filed in a United States federal court in San Francisco yesterday, Monday. The company is claiming that the information it shared with Essential during negotiations was protected by an NDA, barring Essential from taking the technology and implementing it commercially. [Full Article...]

Xbox One Fall 2017 Dashboard Update now rolling out

Xbox One Fall 2017 Dashboard Update now rolling out Those with experience of using the Xbox One dashboard will know that often it can become hard to find what you are looking for, especially, if you own a lot of items. A redesigned Guide makes it easier to see which friends are playing the same game as you, and it also provides access to tournaments and invitations. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Has a New Surface Book to Take on Apple's MacBook Pro

Microsoft Has a New Surface Book to Take on Apple's MacBook Pro Considering that the original Surface Book lasted just 3 hours and 58 minutes for us in the PCMark 8 battery test, don't blame us for our skepticism of these claims. As well as the GPU potency making the new Surface Book 2 highly tempting to graphics professionals and VR designers, the 15-inch model has an Xbox Wireless receiver built-in too. [Full Article...]

Moto X4 India launch finally set for November 13

Moto X4 India launch finally set for November 13 The smartphone was initially set to launch in India on October following its IFA launch. A new variant of Moto G5S, the popular affordable Moto smartphone, has been launched in India. Motorola might launch a 4GB of RAM variant as well in the Indian market. Dual rear camera setup is the highlight of Moto X4. As it is already 3 months from the Android Oreo launch, the device is expected ... [Full Article...]

Day After Murder Of Sarpanch In Kashmir, His House Set On Fire

Day After Murder Of Sarpanch In Kashmir, His House Set On Fire According to police, three militants had turned up outside the house of Mohammad Ramzan Sheikh (50), a PDP worker and former sarpanch. "Showkat wanted his fellow militants to shoot Ramzan in his leg but they refused and shot him fatally". "The other militant was involved in lobbing a grenade last month on the PWD minister Naeem Akhtar's cavalcade", Khan said. Terming it as inhumane, Director Gen... [Full Article...]

Qualcomm Wants iPhones Banned In China, Files Lawsuit

Considering these developments, even the Beijing intellectual property court as accepted the Qualcomm's case. The inventions were described as "a few examples of the many Qualcomm technologies that Apple uses to improve its devices and increase its profits" by Christine Trimble, a Qualcomm spokesperson. [Full Article...]

Now, explore planets and moons using Google maps: Here's how

Starting Monday, October 16, Google Maps' databases include 16 new celestial bodies. Google also added dwarf-planets Pluto and Ceres and full-planet Venus. Before you launch your spacecraft, you pull it up on Google Maps to get your bearings. One can also visit the International Space Station, which also joined Google's Street View program. [Full Article...]

Apple Has To Pay US$439.7 Million For Patent Infringement

Apple Has To Pay US$439.7 Million For Patent Infringement VirnetX CEO Kendall Larsen said he's "elated" with the court's final judgment. The sum includes the jury verdict of $302.4 million announced last year, additional willful infringement of $41.3 million (upping the royalty rate per device to $1.80 from the $1.20 originally determined a year ago); and interest, costs and attorney fees of $96 million. [Full Article...]

Chrome Cleanup Tool Enhancements Protect Users From Unwanted Software

Google has claimed the Safe Browsing service identifies thousands of unsafe websites on a daily basis-many of them websites that have been compromised without the knowledge of the site owners or operators. Hopefully the new changes will mean that Google Chrome users on Windows will be able to enjoy a little more peace of mind going forward. The built-in tool, which is now rolling out to Chrome for... [Full Article...]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Mobile Platform Announced, To Be Used in Mid-Range Smartphones

We have seen telcos like Celcom teasing the arrival of 5G, Qualcomm has today announced the Snapdragon X50 5G single-chip modem today at the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit. To improve support in future phones, Qualcomm is extending its radio front end portfolio to provide OEMs with access to 600 MHz and similar spectrum. [Full Article...]

Apple iPhone X Shipments Begin, First Batch Pegged at 46500 Units

Apple iPhone X Shipments Begin, First Batch Pegged at 46500 Units If Apple is unable to supply enough iPhone X units, it risks upsetting many customers who have been understandably waiting for the top-of-the-line iPhone X. Apple event on September 12, promised to open pre-orders for iPhone X 27 October and 3 November to launch retail sales of new items. 'While carriers continue to offer promotions for the new iPhone 8, they have been much more modest compa... [Full Article...]

Former Naughty Dog employee makes claims of sexual harassment

Former Naughty Dog employee makes claims of sexual harassment A former employee of Naughty Dog has alleged that he was sexually harassed at the studio. According to Ballard, he experienced a mental breakdown due to the incident, after which the HR department of Sony PlayStation had to step in. Dozens of reports have also been flowing in from other actresses and even actors in Hollywood sharing though own stories of harassment they endured from Hollywoo... [Full Article...]

Microsoft employees can now work in the trees

Microsoft employees can now work in the trees Boulter said the buildings are created to flex and expand as the trees grow, giving them a lifespan of at least 20 years. Microsoft's Redmond headquarters recently unveiled its latest perk: tree houses. Microsoft said its workers would benefit from these workspaces, thanks to the "powerful impact of nature on creativity, focus, and happiness". Microsoft tree houses, which are 4 meters from t... [Full Article...]

Star Wars Battlefront II Limited Edition Playstation 4 Bundles Unveiled

Star Wars Battlefront II Limited Edition Playstation 4 Bundles Unveiled Another special bundle includes a standard Star Wars Battlefront II Playstation 4 Slim, 1TB hard drive, DualShock 4 controller, and a copy of Star Wars Battlefront II Standard Edition. Star Wars: Battlefront II releases on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The second bundle is the Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 bundle . [Full Article...]

Final "Resident Evil 7" DLC Horrors Previewed in New Trailer & Screens

Final He's got more of a beard than I remember from the previous games, so the graphics have something to say this time. The new trailer also provides another look at Not a Hero mode, including some hints about Lucas Baker's twisted plans. The End of Zoe DLC will come with the upcoming Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition or as an update if you already purchased the Resident Evil 7 Season Pass. [Full Article...]

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