Amazon Great Indian Sale underway, Flipkart 'Big 10' coming up

Amazon Great Indian Sale underway, Flipkart 'Big 10' coming up There could be a reason behind this offer is to be on competitive for its arch rivalry with Flipkart which is also going to offer huge benefits to its customers through big 10 sale offer, which is scheduled to start on 14 May. Newly launched Apple iPhone 7 Plus is also not faraway. Overall, while the Amazon (and hopefully the Flipkart sale too will have) sale has a lot to offer, the nature of... [Full Article...]

Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries

Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries Now comes word that networks around the world are under attack Friday. The cyber attack was first reported from Sweden, Britain and France, but countries like Russian Federation and Taiwan are said to be worst hit, USA media outlets reported. [Full Article...]

UK PM Theresa May: Cyber attack on country's hospitals is 'international attack'

UK PM Theresa May: Cyber attack on country's hospitals is 'international attack' The full extent of Friday's disruption in Britain remained unclear. "They have managed to access more than 100,000 computers around the world". On Friday, ransomware attacks hit tens of thousands of organizations in what is thought to be the biggest cyberextortion attack recorded, according to a report from The Associated Press . [Full Article...]

Secret World Legends Release Date Announced

Secret World Legends Release Date Announced A release date has been announced for Funcom's Secret World Legends . I suppose that's fitting, given the theme, but it's still odd to see Funcom excitedly describing things I was already done with nearly five years ago. As players traverse the globe unraveling complex investigations into the unknown, they'll need to uncover clues and use their own wits as much as their characters' abilities. [Full Article...]

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Standard features on the 2018 Stelvio will include a carbon-fiber drive shaft, bright exhaust tips, 18-inch aluminum wheels, leather seating, bi-xenon headlights with LED signature lighting, LED taillights, a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, keyless entry and ignition, a power liftgate, a flat-bottom steering wheel, and more. [Full Article...]

Dozens Volunteer During Habitat For Humanity's 'National Women Build Week'

Dozens Volunteer During Habitat For Humanity's 'National Women Build Week' Representatives from the Bowling Green-Warren County Habitat for Humanity say they are still reviewing applications for this particular home, but they hope to house around four new families this year. "Some are really confident on the smart end of the machines and some are more comfortable on the dumb ends", she said laughing. "The need is huge", said CEO Dennis Coutts, "we get a lot more applic... [Full Article...]

Cyber attack: Region's hospitals on high alert

In England, GP surgeries and hospitals in London, Blackburn, Nottingham, Cumbria and Hertfordshire were among those whose computer systems were affected. It demands payment in three days or the price is doubled, and if none is received in seven days the files will be deleted, according to the screen message. [Full Article...]

UK government in dark over who behind cyber attack

In the United States, FedEx acknowledged it had been hit by malware and was "implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible". Still, only a small number of US-headquartered organisations were hit because the hackers appear to have begun the campaign by targeting organisations in Europe, said Vikram Thakur, research manager with security software maker Symantec. [Full Article...]

Harrison was ready for Blade Runner return

Harrison was ready for Blade Runner return The shot-for-shot comparison goes on to underscore how many frames in 2049 seem to mirror the original - from neon-lit cityscapes to old-fashioned detective work to a tense Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) drawing his gun. "I was good at it". There are several reasons why I've turned around on this one, not the least of which is the fact that while the original's Ridley Scott is an executive produce... [Full Article...]

Government urged to clarify whether NHS bodies could have stopped cyber attack

The attack was the latest in a growing menace of "ransomware", in which hackers deliver files to computers that automatically encrypt their data, making it unusable - until a ransom is paid. According to Matthew Hickey, founder of the security firm Hacker House, Friday's attack is not surprising, and it shows many organizations do not apply updates in a timely fashion. [Full Article...]

Scores of countries hit by cyber attack using stolen NSA tools

Researchers with security software maker Avast said they had observed 57,000 infections in 99 countries with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan the top targets. An Interior Ministry statement says 85% of Telefonica computers have been affected. "Today our engineers added detection and protection against new malicious software known as Ransom:Win32.WannaCrypt", Microsoft said in a statement. [Full Article...]

Major cyber attacks strike worldwide

Delivery company FedEx has confirmed it is suffering a malware attack. Forcepoint Security Labs said that "a major malicious email campaign" consisting of almost 5 million emails per hour was spreading the new ransomware. He said it's likely the ransomware will spread to US firms too. NHS services across England and Scotland have been hit by the ransomware attack, crippling multiple hospital... [Full Article...]

Shares of Vitamin Shoppe Inc. Plunge 32% After Big Earnings Miss

Shares of Vitamin Shoppe Inc. Plunge 32% After Big Earnings Miss Reported fully diluted earnings per share were $0.35 in first quarter 2017, compared to $0.59 in first quarter 2016. The company had revenue of $316.90 million during the quarter, compared to analysts' expectations of $325.71 million. Stock has got OUTPERFORM rating from 1 analyst of Thomson Reuters, 5 analysts given HOLD rating to the stock and 0 given UNDERPERFORM rating . The shares were... [Full Article...]

Alan Wake disappearing from digital storefronts soon

Alan Wake disappearing from digital storefronts soon The company is in talks to try and renew the licenses , although they aren't making any promises as to when, or even if, that will actually happen. Unfortunately, it's unclear is Microsoft will be joining in on the sale on the Xbox Store . [Full Article...]

Windows 10 IoT platform to provide support to Intel's processors

Azure IoT Edge , in preview, enables Azure applications to leverage this compute capability, executing Azure Functions to be executed directly on the IoT endpoints at the data collection source. Guthrie also announced a new tool to move customer databases from their own facilities to Azure, if that is their desire. Enlarge / Animation showing Azure Cloud Shell embedded into the Azure docum... [Full Article...]

North Korea reports on South's presidential election

South Korea has accepted a last-minute invitation from China to a conference on a new Silk Road, days after a new president took office on Seoul pledging to engage in discussions with Beijing to ease tension over a US anti-missile system. "Mun Jae-In... was elected to be the 19th-term "president" with 41 percent voting rate", it said, using the McCune-Reischauer transliteration system that is stan... [Full Article...]

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (NYSE:COG) Reviewed By Analysts

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (NYSE:COG) Reviewed By Analysts Finally, Scotiabank set a $29.00 price target on shares of Cabot Oil & Gas Co. and gave the stock a "buy" rating in a report on Saturday, April 22nd. TheStreet raised shares of Cabot Oil & Gas Co. Capital World Investors increased its position in Cabot Oil & Gas 3,602.9% in the third quarter. Cabot Oil & Gas Co.'s payout ratio is now -14.55%. [Full Article...]

Scottish health boards also affected by cyber attacks

Portugal Telecom and Russia's MegaFon were infected as well. It was reportedly distributed by the Shadow Brokers, which claimed to have hacked an NSA-linked team of hackers last August. Cyber security experts argue that the NSA first discovered the vulnerability that has caused chaos almost around the world. St Bartholomew's in London was one of many hospitals where cyberattacks blocke... [Full Article...]

GDOT prepares to reopen I-85 to traffic this weekend

GDOT prepares to reopen I-85 to traffic this weekend The northbound and southbound lanes of the I-85 bridge over Piedmont Road in Metro Atlanta are projected to open to traffic by morning rush hour on May 15. Good news for Charlotte drivers headed to Atlanta: An Interstate 85 bridge that collapsed in a fire on March 30 is set to reopen next week. Most of the funding to rebuild the bridge comes from the federal government. [Full Article...]

South Korea to attend China's Silk Road summit amid rift

President Donald Trump has identified North Korea as an urgent threat from whom nobody is safe, but efforts to maximize pressure and convince Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons program have always been a long shot. The White House did not respond to a CNBC request for comment. South Korea and the United States began deploying the THAAD system in March and it has since become operational. [Full Article...]

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