China, US working on 'North Korea problem'

Earlier this week, Trump pledged to "take care of" the North Korean "problem". North Korea attempted a missile launch Sunday morning local time (5:21pm ET), but it failed "almost immediately" United States military officials confirmed to NBC News. [Full Article...]

BJP out to murder AAP: Yogendra Yadav

BJP out to murder AAP: Yogendra Yadav Stung by its poor performances in Punjab and Goa Assembly polls, the AAP has changed its strategy of directly attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has made a decision to focus on "positive campaign" as it faces litmus test in the MCD municipal polls. [Full Article...]

April The Griaffe Finally Delivers Calf

April The Griaffe Finally Delivers Calf Hundreds of thousands of viewers have watched the 15-year-old April since then, and more than a million people witnessed the birth on the livestream. This is a developing story; check in regularly for updates. Since February, the live feed provided by AAP attracted millions across the USA and in many parts of the world. The wait for the giraffe became an anxiety-ridden experience for some. [Full Article...]

Did NSA penetrate Middle East's banking networks?

According to Matt Suiche , founder of the UAE-based cybersecurity firm Comae Technologies, who has reviewed the Shadow Brokers' release , the hacker groups' dump included Excel files detailing a list of computers on the network of a service bureau, usernames, passwords and more such data. [Full Article...]

Burger King debuts Whopper ad that triggers Google Home devices

Burger King debuts Whopper ad that triggers Google Home devices Google Home will no longer dutifully recite the burger's ingredient list, though. If viewers are watching the commercial near a Google Home gadget, the "OK, Google" prompt will cause the device to read the Wikipedia entry for the sandwich. [Full Article...]

Apple Self-Driving Car Project is Alive

Apple is joining the fiercely competitive race to design self-driving cars, raising the possibility that a company that has already re-shaped culture with its iPhone may try to transform transportation, too. The list includes VW, Mercedes, Google , Bosch, Tesla , BMW, GM, Ford , Baidu, Honda, Subaru and Faraday. Aside from the new permit, Apple has provided little insight into its vehicl... [Full Article...]

Apple granted DMV Permit for Self-driving Vehicles in California

Apple executives have been coy about their interest in cars. Apple has been working on Project Titan for several years, but has never formally acknowledged it. California law requires people to be in a self-driving vehicle who can take control if something goes wrong. A recent Twitter update came through showing Apple's listing on the California DMV website, which means they could be ready ... [Full Article...]

Mobile Galaxy S8 Pre-Orders Shipping Now

Samsung's newly launched Galaxy S8 smartphone and its sibling Galaxy S8 is much better than Apple's iPhone 7 for business. You would also hope that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active would get Gear VR support, because it would be a total waste of all that internal hardware if it didn't. [Full Article...]

Microsoft says it's patched flaws exposed in leak of NSA hacks

Earlier today, Microsoft concluded an investigation which it started yesterday after a mysterious group of hackers known as The Shadow Brokers dumped a trove of Windows exploits online, as part of a plan started previous year and aimed at ousting the Equation Group cyber-espionage group as the NSA, and so, exposing the US' foreign hacking operations. [Full Article...]

Apple to replace iPad 4th gen with iPad Air 2

Apple to replace iPad 4th gen with iPad Air 2 Apple's memo also notes for staff to inform customers of the replacement unit's color and capacity. Heck, affected customers will also see a storage bump to either 32GB or 128GB, for their respective 16GB and 64GB iPad 4's. If you've held back on getting the latest iPad since 2012's fourth generation, you could be in luck. So, there are still a couple of years yet and Apple is now dealing with t... [Full Article...]

Apple receives permit to test self-driving cars on California roads

Apple will begin testing self-driving vehicle technology in California, its first public move into a highly competitive field that could radically change transportation. However, on Friday the company appeared on the state's Department of Motor Vehicle's list of approved applicants to test autonomous vehicles . Examples of companies holding autonomous testing permits in California include Goog... [Full Article...]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Full Trailer And Release Date Shoots Out

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Full Trailer And Release Date Shoots Out Todd Fisher and Billie Lourd, Fisher's brother and daughter, confirmed giving Disney permission to use previously shot footage of Fisher as General Leia Organa for Episode IX; however, Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy just came out and denied this. [Full Article...]

'Fate of the Furious' Zooming to $103.8 Million Opening Weekend

The numbers underline increasing importance of the worldwide box office - especially for costly high-profile tentpoles. Star Wars: The Force Awakens holds the current worldwide opening weekend box office record, also set in 2015 at $529 million. [Full Article...]

Nintendo Switch Sells Big-Time In March

Nintendo Switch is slowly coming back in stock at most retailers so the difference in sales numbers should fade-out soon. Switch sales would be lower without any significant aid, and that came in the form of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a long-anticipated Zelda title released alongside the console. [Full Article...]

Nintendo's first Switch sales numbers are out

Nintendo's first Switch sales numbers are out And now we have a number to put to that claim: "The Nintendo Switch system sold more than 906,000 units in March", according to Nintendo. On top of the 2.4 million consoles sold worldwide, this report also predicts that there will be an increase in sales for the Nintendo Switch this year, from 5 million to 7.2 million. [Full Article...]

New leak suggests NSA penetrated Mideast banking networks

New leak suggests NSA penetrated Mideast banking networks Experts say they are damaging. Other researchers, pouring through the dump, say they are finding some hacking tools that are really risky and could impact most versions of Windows, including the type that runs on computer servers. On Friday, Microsoft also said it was still studying the leak, and it "will take the necessary actions to protect our customers". "In this case, if Shadow Brokers ... [Full Article...]

Oldest US polar bear dies at San Francisco Zoo

Oldest US polar bear dies at San Francisco Zoo The bear - who had lived at the zoo since 1985 - had been experiencing "rapidly declining health due to congestive heart failure and advanced age", according to a press released issued by the institution. The zoo says Uulu was a curious bear whose fur was always brown because she was always digging in the dirt. Twice in 2016, 10 tons of snow were blown into her habitat as a treat. [Full Article...]

This year you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition

This which includes Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Office suite. Furthermore, Phandroid has noted that the unlocked versions of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are essentially tagged at a cheaper price compared with the ones being retailed through carriers. [Full Article...]

Korea in final phase of developing low-tier missile defense system

President Donald Trump has threatened to act unilaterally if China - North Korea's main ally and benefactor - fails to do more to curb its neighbour's activities. strike group was deployed to the region and amid expectations of another missile or nuclear test by Pyongyang. Meanwhile, the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and an accompanying battle group are steaming towards the region, a deployme... [Full Article...]

Samsung Bixby May Take Time To Reach The US

The smartphones, which impressed pundits at launch, have been seen as a way for Samsung to come back from the Note 7 exploding battery debacle - 2.5 million devices were recalled. When Samsung introduced Bixby last month, the company stated that its virtual assistant would only understand two languages - US English and Korean languages. [Full Article...]

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