Farrell ruled out of Maoris clash, Sexton starts

For the neutrals, it was a good game". In contrast to Farrell's ability to cope with pressure, Sexton cracked when he missed a match-winning kick against the All Blacks in Dublin in 2013, leaving the door open for the New Zealanders to snatch a 24-22 victory in the final minute of the game. [Full Article...]

Quiet Munsterman O'Mahony ready to lead Lions roar

Quiet Munsterman O'Mahony ready to lead Lions roar It's advantage to the team that wins the first one, but there's still two more to go after that and there's been plenty of occasions in sport where people have come from behind to win. On the whole, Hansen insisted Lions boss Warren Gatland has thrown few surprises with his selections, despite the inclusion of back-three duo Liam Williams and Elliot Daly , who impressed against the Chiefs on ... [Full Article...]

The flip phone is BACK!: Samsung launches new Galaxy Folder 2

The flip phone is BACK!: Samsung launches new Galaxy Folder 2 Interestingly, the device will retain the "Note" branding despite the loss of goodwill and consumer confidence after the Note 7 recall. A similar phone was launched in China a year ago in Gold finish. The Note8 may also see its battery capacity dip from the 3,500 mAh on the Note7 to 3,300 mAh, this is notable given the battery "issues" on the last Note device caused by cramming too much in the... [Full Article...]

Mayor Landrieu Issues Statement on Senate GOP Health Care Bill

Under Obamacare , insurance companies were banned from refusing to insure people with " pre-existing conditions ", which could include domestic violence, sexual assault, and having a Cesarean section. Unlike the House version, the Senate bill keeps Obamacare's subsidy system, albeit at lower levels. KODJAK: The plan gets rid of those mandates and instead entices people to voluntarily buy a po... [Full Article...]

Microsoft want official Xbox emulation on the PC

Microsoft want official Xbox emulation on the PC He said the new device is the smallest Xbox that has been created, but it offers much more features than the older models. The Xbox One X has a graphics processing unit (GPU) that is about 40 percent faster compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro , Spencer claims. [Full Article...]

Manchester United is a 'tempting invitation' for Monaco star Fabinho

I'll talk about it with my agent, we must decide what's the best thing for everybody. Benfica defender Victor Lindelof has already been recruited, while the club are pushing ahead with their bid to prise Alvaro Morata away from Real Madrid . [Full Article...]

Grenfell tower fire started in fridge freezer, say London Police

Grenfell tower fire started in fridge freezer, say London Police Documents have been seized, police said, but they have not carried out any raids of businesses. He also notes the help and support for victims' families and friends that Basildon and Billericay street pastors have been providing in the area close to Grenfell Tower. [Full Article...]

Queen's speech is encouraging for retail, says BRC boss

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is the government ministry most directly affected by Brexit, estimating that some 80 per cent of its work is affected by about 1,200 European Union laws. Cancel the state visit and tell Trump where to get off'. Acknowledging that the outcome of this month's snap election fell well short of the emphatic victory she had hoped for, Mrs May... [Full Article...]

Mysterious 'unseen planetary mass' lurking at edge of solar system

Mysterious 'unseen planetary mass' lurking at edge of solar system However, Volk and Malhotra believe that this tenth planet could be much closer, as the orbit of Kuiper belt bodies shifted just beyond 50 AU. Ever since Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet and reducing our galactic neighbourhood to a party of eight, many astronomers have been convinced there is another on the edge of the solar system. [Full Article...]

As epxected, Markelle Fultz goes #1 to Philadelphia

Fultz is also a lock to play both the point and shooting guard positions which is a flawless fit for Sixers' PG/PF Ben Simmons , and has already stated his positivity in being able to work side-to-side with Simmons and off the ball. "I'm like, 'What do you know about that, partner?'" Romar said. Fultz was a bit of a late bloomer, failing to make his high school's varsity team his freshman an... [Full Article...]

Watch SpaceX launch and land a recycled Falcon 9 rocket this afternoon

This afternoon, SpaceX is set to launch a used Falcon 9 rocket for the second time ever. "It will be located at the Bulgarian orbital position at 1.9 degrees East longitude and will provide reliable satellite communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers". [Full Article...]

West Virginia: Cindy's remnants raise flood threat

As the storm moves northwest, the Gulf Coast will continue to experience potentially risky flooding and winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said. The storms will slowly move across the Tri-State from northwest to southeast through the day. As a cold front moves in from the west and absorbs moisture brought up by what's left of Tropical Storm Cindy , heavy rain is e... [Full Article...]

Republicans release draft health care bill

And there's criticism of the GOP's secrecy surrounding their bill: "We didn't fight for the Affordable Care Act for more than a year in the public square for any personal or political gain". Obama was more than skeptical. This bill also gets rid of the Obamacare mandates, where you had to get insurance or pay a fine. He said "small tweaks" during the upcoming debate "cannot change the ... [Full Article...]

What was left out of Queen's Speech?

May's weakened position and loss of stature that have emboldened those within her own party who want a "softer" Brexit , which makes a less-sharp break with the European Union . "Of course, there will be details of this arrangement which will be part of the negotiation process", May said as she arrived at the summit on Friday. [Full Article...]

Birds' Flying Ability, Shape Of Their Eggs Could Be Linked, Study Suggests

Birds' Flying Ability, Shape Of Their Eggs Could Be Linked, Study Suggests The best predictor of an egg's shape is the bird's flight ability, a new study suggests. "Birds that are good fliers tend to lay asymmetric or elliptical eggs", said the study's lead author Mary Caswell Stoddard of Princeton University in New Jersey, US. [Full Article...]

Facebook brings anti-terror initiative to United Kingdom following attacks

Facebook brings anti-terror initiative to United Kingdom following attacks Partners in the new initiative include the Jo Cox Foundation, which was established in memory of the British member of parliament who was assassinated previous year by a man with links to neo-Nazi organisations. They have held training workshops with more than 100 anti-hate and anti-extremism organisations across Europe, and reached 3.5 million people online through its Facebook page. [Full Article...]

Cindy expected to drench Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia

Power outages and floods were already reported on Wednesday , a few hours before the storm was expected to come to the southwestern part of Louisiana and southeastern Texas at the beginning of Thursday . Fort Walton Beach spokeswoman Jo Soria said fallen trees hit houses and cars in what she called "pockets of wind damage" in two or three residential neighborhoods. [Full Article...]

NASA Just Called Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop-Approved 'Healing Stickers'

NASA Just Called Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop-Approved 'Healing Stickers' And claimed (in a statement that's since been taken down) that the $160-per-10-pack stickers are "made with the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut's vitals during wear". "Most of the research that has been collected is confidential and is held as company private information", Eaton told Gizmodo . Naturally, the Goop staff has caught ... [Full Article...]

#NBADRAFT: Sixers make Fultz top pick, Lakers snag Ball second

The selection comes after the Celtics traded the top pick to Philadelphia earlier in the week for the No. 3 pick, plus a first-rounder in either 2018 or 2019. 16 pick to the Timberwolves for the No. 7 pick, Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn. "It's, like I said, a great opportunity, and I'm very excited really - just the fans in Philly, how they back up their players and everything like that", Fultz ... [Full Article...]

Destiny 2 Won't Feature Recoil On PC Because It Won't 'Feel Good'

Destiny 2 Won't Feature Recoil On PC Because It Won't 'Feel Good' While many have joined since the game's launch almost three years ago, there are still some players that have stuck with this title since the beginning. The Age of Triumph record book is now the main activity many players are attempting to finish. Perhaps then it is a little perplexing that Destiny 2 PC Project Lead, Mark Noseworthy, spoke with about the joint decision betwee... [Full Article...]

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