New Eclipse Stamp Transforms With a Touch

New Eclipse Stamp Transforms With a Touch A total eclipse - when the moon passes directly in front of the sun, obscuring it - is scheduled to takes place beginning at 2:41 p.m. on that Monday in August. The stamp image is a photograph taken by astrophysicist Fred Espenak, nicknamed Mr. Eclipse, that shows a total solar eclipse seen from Jalu, Libya, on March 29, 2006. [Full Article...]

Reality Loser, Rick Perry, Says CO2 Doesn't Cause Global Warming

Perry said humans affect the environment but said policy changes are debatable. The point isn't to outright deny that human activity causes climate change, as Trump has done , but to cast doubt on the scientific consensus by saying climate change is complex and science isn't flawless. [Full Article...]

Psyonix: Rocket League Cross Play on PS4 is 'Political Barrier'

The short version is that online communities at large can not be controlled and as global head of games and marketing Jim Ryan said to Eurogamer , "we have a contract with the people who go online with us, that we look after them and they are within the PlayStation curated universe". [Full Article...]

Apple Music adds a $99 annual subscription option

Apple Music adds a $99 annual subscription option Strangely, it appears the option is only available after you've signed up for a $9.99/month subscription . This setting is quite buried as Apple doesn't want you to know that you can pay less than what you're actually paying. There's one catch - you need to be an existing Apple Music subscriber. Then tap on your Apple ID , enter your password and tap on " View Apple ID ". [Full Article...]

North Korea accuses US authorities of 'mugging' its diplomats at NY airport

U.S. student Otto Warmbier was recently returned from North Korea in a "very" serious condition. North Korea accused the United States on Sunday of "mugging" its delegation carrying a diplomatic package in NY, as tensions between the two countries soar. [Full Article...]

OnePlus 5 Price in India Leaked Yet Again Ahead of Launch

OnePlus 5 Price in India Leaked Yet Again Ahead of Launch The OnePlus 5 smartphone will be available on Amazon India at 4.30pm IST on June 22 (Thursday). Nonetheless, this is perhaps the best look at both the front and back of the OnePlus 5 among a sea of partial views and less-than-completely-clear shots. [Full Article...]

Who is Trump's new lawyer, Jay Sekulow?

Taking to Twitter on Sunday while spending the weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat, Trump again referenced the "distraction of the Witch Hunt". Sekulow said on CNN . His statement, however, contradicts Trump's tweet that it was Mueller who recommended Comey's dismissal. According to Rep. [Full Article...]

How Ancient Egypt's beloved cats helped our feline friends colonise the planet

How Ancient Egypt's beloved cats helped our feline friends colonise the planet They stored grain, which drew rodents, which in turn attracted wild cats. The team found that cats spread in two waves, using humans to carry them via ancient land and maritime trade routes. In 2008, archaeozoologist Wim Van Neer of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels unearthed the remains of six cats-a male, a female, and four kittens-that appear to have been cared for... [Full Article...]

Chile beats Cameroon 2-0 as video reviews draw controversy

CHILE get their Confederations Cup campaign underway but there are question marks over Alexis Sanchez's fitness. Vargas finally secured his goal in the 90th minute when he fired home after Sanchez rounded the keeper and saw his shot saved by a defender. [Full Article...]

Solar Farm Developer Firming Up Plans on Billion Dollar Renewable Energy Funds

According to the EIA, in 2015, 60 percent of the electricity generated in Colorado came from coal, 22 percent came from natural gas and 18 percent was generated by renewable energy resources. Breaking down March's record, wind accounted for 8 percent, while solar brought in 2 percent. According to the study, which was conducted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance , total coal generation in the U.S.... [Full Article...]

France started the biggest Airshow in the world

An artist's conception shows a 737 MAX 10 jet flying over Paris . "The 737 MAX family of airplanes is the ideal combination of single-aisle aircraft for the Lion Air Group, with their new level fuel-efficiency as well as range and capacity capabilities", said Lion Air Group President Edward Sirait. [Full Article...]

NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

A detailed analysis of data collected by NASA's Kepler space telescope has revealed an additional 219 possible planets orbiting distant suns, including 10 roughly Earth-size worlds in the habitable zones of their host stars, researchers said Monday. [Full Article...]

Screen protector listing shows what the iPhone 8 will look like

Images of a new screen protector published over the weekend suggest the iPhone will basically be a whopping great bit of glass with no button. "Features complete edge to edge screen protection for black phones", the post adds. BGR suggested the accessory images indicate that the phone will have an "infinity display" with a tiny bezel, the name for the bit of plastic that frames the screen. [Full Article...]

Grenfell Tower families to get £5500 government payout

Three more victims killed in the Grenfell Tower disaster have been named, after Scotland Yard announced the death toll had risen to 79. Faith leaders in London have called for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire to be rehoused in decent housing rather than sent to "cheaper places far from London ". [Full Article...]

Meghan Markle avoids Prince Harry questions at ATX panel

Meghan Markle avoids Prince Harry questions at ATX panel Meghan Markle - known for her role in hit USA series " Suits " - is now linked to Prince Harry . An insider on the set of the show told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper: "It's a gold band and Harry gave it to her about six weeks ago ". [Full Article...]

Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sept

Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sept The show's 15-episode first season will be split into two parts: The first eight will air weekly through November 5. The first set of episodes will air between 9/24 and 11/5, while the second wave will begin in January 2018. Star Trek: Discovery will star Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca, along with Michelle Yeoh as Captain Georgiou, and Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham, both... [Full Article...]

Tech CEOs to visit White House

The four-hour event is the first major meeting of the American Technology Council , a new group that Trump commissioned in May that's being led by Jared Kushner , the president's senior adviser and son-in-law. "And this day we believe will be a significant one in terms of generating ideas and potential solutions to some of the problems". It's been six months since President Trump's last roundta... [Full Article...]

Is Xbox One X Worth $100 More Than The PS4 Pro?

Xbox fans have been on edge since Microsoft first teased " Project Scorpio " (rumored name) at E3 previous year by sharing just a glimpse of the new hardware. Accessory manufacturer Hyperkin will be bringing back the original Xbox controller for the Xbox One , Xbox One S and Xbox One X . It was launched in November of that year with 104 Xbox 360 games supported to begin with. [Full Article...]

British PM May describes crash as 'terrible'

British PM May describes crash as 'terrible' An imam guarded the van driver who mowed down Muslim worshippers until the police arrived, telling a crowd: "Do not touch him". Abdikadar Warfa said: "I saw a man underneath the van. Police said eight of the injured were taken to three hospitals and two suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene. Abdulrahman Saleh Alamoudi said he was among a group of people helping an elderly w... [Full Article...]

Ireland hooker Rory Best to lead Lions against the Chiefs

Ireland hooker Rory Best to lead Lions against the Chiefs The ref's ruling on things, you have just got to adapt and adjust as fast as you can within that 80 minutes. The 34-year-old is the only New Zealand squad member who faced the 2005 Lions , in a midweek match for Auckland. "They are probably some of the form loose forwards of the last couple of years". It's not just the tight stuff, he gets around the park as well. Palace Hotel Sydney has si... [Full Article...]

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