What the Samsung S8 means for the iPhone 8

This customization will take place "when the devices are unboxed and connected to Wi-Fi". Microsoft is not commenting on when or whether the company will expand availability of the Microsoft Edition Samsung phones beyond USA retail stores only, the spokesperson said. [Full Article...]

Samsung to Delay English-Language Launch of Siri Rival 'Bixby'

The ideal time for new Galaxy S8 owners to try out Bixby Voice and get accustomed to using it regularly would be right at launch, but now the early GS8 buyers won't have that feature to try out. Samsung has given no reason for not including all the features of the Bixby Assistant on the device out of the box on April 21st. The company did not give an explanation for the delay. [Full Article...]

There may be an alien life in solar system

This graphic illustrates how Cassini scientists think water interacts with rock at the bottom of the ocean of Saturn's icy moon Enceladus, producing hydrogen gas . 'If we can prove this place where life could exist really does have it, that would be a huge discovery. "These results demonstrate the interconnected nature of NASA's science missions that are getting us closer to answering whether... [Full Article...]

United Airlines' passenger-dragging fiasco overshadows a strong earnings report

He said he has no plans to leave his post. The company feels that this will avoid the removal of passengers from their seats after they have already boarded the plane. In the process the doctor lost two front teeth and suffered a broken nose and what his lawyers describe as a "significant concussion". United Airlines changed policy for bookings of its employees in their airplanes, after the ... [Full Article...]

Beaver casually herds 150 heifers across Canadian ranch

Beaver casually herds 150 heifers across Canadian ranch It's about as Canadian as a cattle drive can get. When the beaver stopped, the herd would stop, and then follow again when the rodent resumed its stroll. The beaver has always been a Canadian symbol, as the CBC reports. Ms Ivey recorded the scene: the cattle were tentatively following a lone beaver. [Full Article...]

'12 soldiers dead as Saudi helicopter goes down in Yemen'

'12 soldiers dead as Saudi helicopter goes down in Yemen' According to a coalition statement, a US -made Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Saudi armed forces crashed in Yemen's eastern Maarib province on Tuesday, killing 12 Saudi military personnel, including four high-ranking officers. The Saudi-led coalition has been waging a military campaign to dislodge Iran-backed Yemeni Houthi rebels, who seized Yemen's capital Sana'a and other parts of the co... [Full Article...]

First Lady nudges Trump to put hand over heart during National Anthem

First Lady nudges Trump to put hand over heart during National Anthem Mr and Mrs Trump were joined on the balcony of the White House on Monday (local time) by son Barron , 11, Gunnery Sergeant Sara Sheffield and the Easter Bunny. Melania and Barron Trump are officially moving to the White House this summer once the school year ends. He said that the First Lady has worked for long just to make the event a ideal one and in line with how they want to be. [Full Article...]

SC family finds 9-foot alligator on porch Easter Sunday

SC family finds 9-foot alligator on porch Easter Sunday The home is in an area near Charleston, S.C., where it is not uncommon to find alligators, but one of this size is always a shock, especially on the front porch of a home. Instead, the Polstons' 16-year-old son found the intruder: a nine-foot alligator crawling on their first-storey porch. During the springtime, alligators are typically making their way out of hibernation and into warmer waters, n... [Full Article...]

Watch Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 11 online

Watch Pretty Little Liars season 7, episode 11 online Spencer is in the ambulance. The EMT tells her that she's lost a lot of blood. Aria is packing bags. Ezra picked up her bag and moved it away from the door. The tricky thing is that both Alison and Paige are also working there. She is bummed out; pregnant, broke and all alone. Hanna and Aria look at a wedding venue. [Full Article...]

China says US wants diplomatic solution to N. Korea standoff

During the recent military parade in Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea rolled out new missiles on Chinese trucks . "The start of the provocation window falls on Military Foundation Day (April 25), a holiday in North Korea, and 10 days after the 105th anniversary of Kim Il-sung's birthday on April 15th", he said. [Full Article...]

Logitech Announces HomeKit-Compatible POP Smart Button For Controlling Smart Devices

Logitech Announces HomeKit-Compatible POP Smart Button For Controlling Smart Devices This means that users with iOS devices and HomeKit connected devices will be able to use the POP buttons to control them as well. Apple's software links with a wide and diverse range of IoT-enabled devices, which adds a lot of value to the Logitech's smart button. [Full Article...]

New HTC U (Ocean) Image Surfaces Online

We expect the HTC U to be widely available in the United States at launch, although it remains to be seen if all major USA carriers will sell the device or if it only be available from a select few. Up front there's a fingerprint scanner below the display and I at least can't see any evidence of a secondary ticker display. The phone is expected to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 system... [Full Article...]

NASA Says Saturn's Moon Enceladus Is Coughing Up Ingredients for Alien Life

It is already known that three crucial ingredients are required for life to exist - water, right chemical matters which are the building blocks of life like carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulphur and a source of energy for metabolism. [Full Article...]

Netflix nears 100 million subscribers worldwide

Netflix nears 100 million subscribers worldwide And as it has done in prior quarters, the company's fairly candid management team shared some numbers and commentary that provide fresh reasons to remain upbeat about how Netflix's core service is evolving and what the company is doing to grow its appeal. [Full Article...]

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus don't support Google Daydream

Another interesting tidbit to note is the fact that this prototype does not come with a fingerprint sensor at the back. The screenshots allegedly depict a Samsung RAM management screen that shows the total RAM to be 6GB out of which 2.9GB is now being used by the device. [Full Article...]

Apple secures permit to test autonomous vehicles

This appears to confirm reports that the company has refocused its efforts from designing its own auto to "building out the underlying technology for an autonomous vehicle ". Last year Waymo - a company spun out of Google's self-driving programme - clocked up 635,868 miles in California. Uber recently chose to temporally "put the breaks", so to speak, on testing driverless cars due to a ... [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch without voice commands in Bixby

The full Bixby will be made available as an update later this spring , Samsung said. This is why the delay in releasing Voice will probably reflect badly on Samsung . The company had already explained that Samsung Bixby Voice will not be available worldwide at the time of launch. Also coming at launch is the Bixby Home feed as well as Bixby Reminder. [Full Article...]

Australia will abolish temporary work visa popular with foreigners: PM

Australia will abolish temporary work visa popular with foreigners: PM Those now holding 457 visas - which last four years - will be exempt from the changes. Most are from India, and most work in the information technology sector. "We are the most successful multicultural nation in the world". In the 12 months to June 2016, just 3,030 Irish people, including workers, their partners and children, were granted these skilled visas, down 26 per cent from 4,119 the prev... [Full Article...]

AI, bots might dominate Facebook's 2017 F8 developer conference

Facebook is planning to tap into augmented reality technology popularised by the hit smartphone game Pokemon Go. Basically, imagine being able to add a sticky note to nearly any real world object so that your friends (or others) can see it later. [Full Article...]

Wal-Mart in advanced talks to buy Bonobos: Recode

Wal-Mart in advanced talks to buy Bonobos: Recode Meanwhile, mergers and acquisitions for the sector surged, with deals for 17 venture-backed retailers in 2016, according to VentureSource. E-commerce sales this year will hit $462 billion and soar to $789 billion by 2021, the firm estimates. [Full Article...]

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