Trump election-fraud official running for Kansas governor

Trump election-fraud official running for Kansas governor Hensley responded by listing controversies Kobach has been involved in and alleged he has worked with white supremacist groups, citing a Southern Poverty Law Center analysis of the secretary's associations. Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, a veteran Topeka Democrat , said through such laws, Kobach has "engaged in voter suppression". "Do the math. [Full Article...]

Wilson could return for Predators in Game 5 of Cup Final

Wilson could return for Predators in Game 5 of Cup Final Sidney Crosby has the Pittsburgh Penguins on the verge of back-to-back Stanley Cups . Neither did Pekka Rinne . What the Penguins are saying now sounds an terrible lot like what the Predators were saying after coming up empty in Pittsburgh to start the final. [Full Article...]

Coverage of Comey testimony plays out with partisan spin

Comey said he did not know if there are tapes of his conversations with Trump but said he hoped there were and that they should be made public. When asked about news reports from the New York Times that at times sensationalized the public narrative surrounding the Russian Federation investigation, Comey stated that the New York Times reports were wrong and that the anonymous sources th... [Full Article...]

Should we pay attention to Trump's twitter during Comey hearing?

According to a White House tech source, the president has about 108-110 million social media followers. A new Twitter account, @ RealPressSecBot recently began converting the president's tweets to appear in the format of official White House statements. [Full Article...]

Strawberry Full Moon On June 9, 2017

Strawberry Full Moon On June 9, 2017 Supermoon: A Full or New Moon that occurs when the center of the Moon is less than 223,694 (360,000 kilometers) from the center of Earth. Not only is June's full strawberry moon famous among Native American tribes, it is also known in other cultures for the same reason. [Full Article...]

French Center Jonathan Jeanne Suffers Setback, Out of 2017 NBA Draft

French Center Jonathan Jeanne Suffers Setback, Out of 2017 NBA Draft However, he received awful news on Thursday as the results of examinations done on him were released. Jeanne was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome which messes with the body's connective tissue. According to Yahoo, Jeanne is not expected to receive clearance for any more National Basketball Association draft workouts this spring. Just before this month's NBA Draft , French center Jonathan Jeanne l... [Full Article...]

Comey Says He Felt Trump Directed Him to Drop Flynn Probe

Ex-FBI Director James Comey testifies before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington , DC, June 8, 2017 . Three local political scientists join Mike Collins to discuss the Comey testimony . The President likewise never pressured Mr. Comey . He told senators he had decided he must document every meeting he had with Trump, with a written... [Full Article...]

Smarter Siri, More Updates Arriving with iOS 11

Smarter Siri, More Updates Arriving with iOS 11 Twitter user Devon T has revealed that iOS 11 has a new volume indicator that no longer obstructs the centre of the screen, as it does now. If there is a WiFi network in a given area and one iOS 11 device is already connected to it, this connected device can share the WiFi password with the new device easily. [Full Article...]

'Do Not Disturb While Driving' coming to iPhones

'Do Not Disturb While Driving' coming to iPhones A 2015 study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that eight people are killed each day in crashes involving distracted driving. It took three years for Apple to launch this new device. Federighi said this new feature will help make drivers more safe. "When you're driving you don't need to be responding to these kinds of messages, in fact you don't need to see the... [Full Article...]

Role players are the Game 3 key

Warriors: Golden State is the 13th team to take a 3-0 lead in Finals, and third since 1996. A 150-point game isn't even out of reach. "And just we obviously - we want 16 wins; it doesn't matter how we get there". The one as the best team ever. "We talked about it since The Finals last year that the last season was a very unique year, for a lot of different reasons, and we learned a lot", Curr... [Full Article...]

Warriors top Cavaliers and move to brink of National Basketball Association title

It added the most unstoppable scorer in the world to the mightiest scoring machine in league history. "It's just he understands how valuable he is for us on that end of the floor". Golden State lost all four of its Game 3s previous year, including a 120-90 shellacking by the Cavaliers in the Finals. "He's never out of the play, and he can contest every shot". [Full Article...]

Facebook launches disaster maps to help aid workers save lives

Facebook launches disaster maps to help aid workers save lives As more people connect on Facebook , we can share insights to help organizations understand who's in danger, who's safe, and where to send resources. "It's important for both our organizations", Dale Kunce, the American Red Cross's Global Lead for Information Communications Technology and Analytics, said of the partnership with Facebook . [Full Article...]

Oldest known human fossils discovered

But they had "basically the face you could meet on the train in NY". Previously‚ the oldest securely dated H sapiens fossils came from Omo Kibish in Ethiopia‚ dated to 195,000 years ago. This suggests some elements of our anatomy developed much earlier than previously thought. Another discovery in Ethiopia showed fossils dating back 160,000 years ago, leading researchers to believe that huma... [Full Article...]

Defend your Forts in Fortnite this July

Defend your Forts in Fortnite this July Fortnite is a family-friendly game set in a fully destructible world , ravaged by storms that spawn unusual monsters. You'll have to pay up to play Fortnite in Early Access. Apparently, it took Epic six years to come up with enough free-to-play concepts to make this a profitable venture. Exactly as stated by the developers, anyone who purchases the Founder's Pack gains entry into the Early... [Full Article...]

Apple Announce ARKit, An Augmented Reality App Platform

Apple is also updating the operating software for its Apple Watch , including new watch faces, more personalized alerts that use machine learning to tailor information to you based on your routines and tastes. For photos, Apple is turning to a "high efficiency" format to replace the widely used JPEG standard. Control Center packs such tools now in a single view, which you can get to w... [Full Article...]

Why The US Air Force Is Teaming Up With SpaceX

Why The US Air Force Is Teaming Up With SpaceX A major shift in power is underway in the commercial space industry. Scheduled to happen sometime in August, Air Force's secretive X-37B space plane will be launched on top of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. We do know it's a project under the defense department's Rapid Capabilities Office - which works on technology to combat urgent national security threats. [Full Article...]

Apple reportedly adds simple Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11

The iOS update will be available free to iPhone, iPad, and iPod users sometime this fall, Apple said . "Users appreciate being able to navigate the world and find interesting places through their iOS device". Among the upgraded features for Siri will be new and more natural male and female voice options and the ability to translate English words and phrases into five languages: French, Ge... [Full Article...]

Die, many injured in IS attacks on Iran

US President Donald Trump's response to the terrorist attacks in Iran has been denounced by Tehran as " repugnant ". "Last year, they returned to carry out terrorist attacks in the holy cities of Iran", the ministry added in a statement on state news agency IRNA . [Full Article...]

Million-Year-Old Baby Bird Trapped in Amber Discovered in Myanmar

Million-Year-Old Baby Bird Trapped in Amber Discovered in Myanmar But what we can glean from this specimen is the fact that it was probably a member of the so-called opposite birds, or Enantiornithes - a group of prehistoric birds, thought to have evolved at the same time as the ancestors of modern birds, but for some reason died off with the non-avian dinosaurs. [Full Article...]

Drops 'Kwon Ji Yong' Comeback Album; Gears For 'Act III

Drops 'Kwon Ji Yong' Comeback Album; Gears For 'Act III Earlier this month, YG had announced that the title track was "Bullshit". G-Dragon's new solo album has conquered Apple's iTunes album charts in 39 countries upon its release, his agency said Friday. The MV, which looks like it was filmed in one shot, features G-Dragon passionately singing his song about his longing to see an ex-lover again. G-Dragon has been known to fearlessly stretch his co... [Full Article...]

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