Apple's latest iOS update will render older iPhones, iPads obsolete

Apple's latest iOS update will render older iPhones, iPads obsolete Based on the recent announcement , iPhone 5/5C and iPad 4 will stop receiving update . Passengers can disable the feature , which will be part of Apple's iOS 11 operating software. The virtual assistant's voice will now sound more natural. In addition, Siri can help you translate English words into Chinese, Spanish, French, German, or Italian. [Full Article...]

Apple's watchOS improvements focus on fitness and Siri

Apple's watchOS improvements focus on fitness and Siri But as a whole, it makes the Apple Watch a more well-rounded tracker suited to triatheletes and reformed couch potatoes alike. For starters, expect more push notifications meant to motivate you to stay on track. Apple PayWith watchOS 4, Apple smartwatch users can make and receive person to person payments quickly, easily and securely with friends and family with Apple Pay within Messages ... [Full Article...]

Apple WWDC 2017: iMacs offer improved performance, new iMac Pro is coming

Apple WWDC 2017: iMacs offer improved performance, new iMac Pro is coming Developers got treated to a new lineup of Macs today at WWDC 2017 , including a sneak peek at a "seriously badass" iMac Pro coming later this year. The 21.5-inch iMac is available with a standard 1080p display and a 4K resolution display. Quite an impressive difference. There's a new MacBook Pro out as well, without the Touch Bar. [Full Article...]

Iran TV: 'Terrorists' attack Khomeini shrine

Iran TV: 'Terrorists' attack Khomeini shrine But the BBC reported that only one security guard was killed in Parliament. The identity and the motivation of the assailant was still unclear, Tasnim said. Iran, the predominant Shiite power, has been helping both Iraq and President Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria to battle the Sunni extremist group. [Full Article...]

The iOS App Store is being overhauled

Augmented Reality could be described as an advanced version of Pokemon Go. The 21.5in iMac will cost $1,100, or $1,300 for the 4k version. (Many reviewers have suggested that the current incarnation of Apple's assistant already trails competitors in key respects.) "This is the start of the AI wars", he said. [Full Article...]

Fable Fortune has a New Trailer, Founder's Pack and Release Date

Fable Fortune has a New Trailer, Founder's Pack and Release Date These Founder's packs contain 20 pack of cards, a Flaming Fowl trophy card, and a Giant Egg card. Fable Fortune had been in development for 17 months prior to Lionhead closing and then went to Kickstarter to ensure funding. It's not a Microsoft game per se - the company has simply licensed the brand out to Flaming Fowl, which features talent previously employed at the new defunct Lionhead Studio... [Full Article...]

HP Updates It's VR-Ready Backpack PC

HP Updates It's VR-Ready Backpack PC There's an optional windowed side panel and a handle at the top of the chassis for easy transportation (for the LAN party-goers out there). Additionally, the 17-inch model also comes with an optical drive. The dock for the backpack PC adds five additional USB Type-A ports and one more a USB Type-C port, Ethernet, HDMI 2.0 and a Display port. The backpack accessory costs an extra $599. [Full Article...]

Look out Surface: Apple's iMac goes Pro in 2017

Look out Surface: Apple's iMac goes Pro in 2017 Here are the specs and images Apple have revealed today, during their annual WWDC developers conference. New Kaby Lake CPUs are the main attraction here in both iMacs, MacBook and MacBook Pro . Apple also sells an "affordable" 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is based on specifications from a model that sold in 2015 and is available only in silver. [Full Article...]

Battleborn gets a pseudo free-to-play option

Battleborn gets a pseudo free-to-play option MOBA-inspired hero shooter Battleborn has gone free-to-play on Steam , Xbox One , and will be available on PlayStation 4 on June 13 in Europe. You can download Battleborn's free trial through the links below. Progress will be saved between each playable character. In the new gameplay, there are many new gamers expected to try the free version. The difference here, of course, is that pa... [Full Article...]

12 features of Apple iOS 11 you probably missed

The display is at 500 nits like the iPad Pro and can show one billion colors. There's no word on United Kingdom pricing, or when the Apple HomePod will be released, but ArsTechnica says the product could cost "somewhere between £330 and £370" - making it more than double the price of its Amazon Echo Rival. [Full Article...]

NASA all set to launch world's first mission to Sun next year

NASA all set to launch world's first mission to Sun next year In a news conference today, NASA revealed a few key details about its plans to 'touch the sun, ' including a new name for the daring probe that will make the journey. The renaming was announced at a ceremony at the University of Chicago , where Parker serves as the S. Chandrasekhar Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. [Full Article...]

Apple launches Homepod, takes aim at Amazon's Echo

It is tempting to dismiss the idea of a "smart home speaker " as yet another technological gimmick which will quickly be overtaken. Observers claim that the real competition between Apple , Google and Amazon in smart speakers may come down to the quality of their intelligent assistants. [Full Article...]

IOS 11 removes support for 32-bit apps, renders legacy iDevices obsolete

A public iOS 11 beta is coming later this month. There are reasons to try the iOS 11 beta and reasons to skip it . While both automakers and phone manufacturers have made strides to limit the distractions, Apple is taking the next step to keep drivers' eyes focused on the road with a new function called Do Not Disturb while Driving. [Full Article...]

Apple just updated its thinnest, lightest MacBook - here's what's new

Apple has also taken heed of users' repeated requests for increased graphical processing power with the inclusion of a range of options from Intel Iris Pro Graphics 640 with 64MB of eDRAM to a range of options from Radeon's dedicated GPUs between 555 to the 580 with 4-8GB of RAM depending on your chosen configuration. [Full Article...]

Cavaliers Focus: Playing Smart To Avoid Warriors Spurts

Through two games in this series, that's exactly what they've done. On Thursday, the Cavaliers coughed the ball up 20 times and it resulted in 21 points for Golden State. "Because the last two, three quarters they have come out and jumped on us and done it in a very significant way". Irving hit the nail on the head. The Cavaliers, on the other hand, have been held to 90.7 on the same scale of... [Full Article...]

AMD's new Radeon Pro 500 lives in the new Macs

Apple held its WWDC 2017 on Monday where it introduced the next generation of iMac desktops and iMac Pro . "Today iMac gets a huge graphics performance increase, faster CPU performance, Thunderbolt 3 and a brighter Retina display with support for 1 billion colors", said Ternus". [Full Article...]

Is your iPhone or iPad ready for AR?

The newest hardware had a definite skew towards the product being more of a fitness tracker, in contrast to the luxury fashion intentions of the original Watch. During Jobs' last decade, Apple introduced the iPod, iPhone and iPad — all huge commercial successes that both reshaped daily life and swamped previous digital music players, smartphones and tablets. [Full Article...]

Top IOS 11 Features We're Excited About

Don't have an Apple Developer Program membership? App StoreiOS introduces major changes to the App Store. "I'll see your message when I get where I'm going" - although presumably users will be able to edit this message. Developers can also use Apple's computer vision technologies to create VR content for iOS devices as well. Apple claims that they have introduced the display of the device and ... [Full Article...]

China zoo visitors shocked by live donkey fed to tigers

China zoo visitors shocked by live donkey fed to tigers The group of shareholders believed the court and the zoo were "conspiring to cheat small investors of their investments", the statement said . The shareholders invested in the zoo two years ago. Many called it a barbaric act as this was not a typical predator-prey relationship taking place in wild but a clear case of animal abuse. The donkey is pushed into the water. [Full Article...]

Ghanaian tech executive leaves Apple for Uber

Ghanaian tech executive leaves Apple for Uber Uber on Tuesday said it had terminated 20 people as a result of an ongoing investigation into claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying or other incidents. It was in the latter job that her professional relationship with Beyonce began, through a 2002 Pepsi commercial, which culminated in Saint John's major role in bringing the singer to the Super Bowl halftime show in 2013. [Full Article...]

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