French president excoriates Trump in English over his withdrawal from climate deal

U.S. allies voiced dismay over Trump's move, and France, Germany and Italy dismissed his suggestion that the global pact could be revised. In his statement , Trump said the US would "begin negotiations to re-enter" the agreement under better terms or to seek a new one. [Full Article...]

French President Emmanuel Macron Offers Refuge To American Climate Scientists

While China needs EU technical know-how to fight the pollution blighting its cities, the European Union is looking to Beijing to take action against emissions blamed for increased droughts, rising seas and other affects of climate change. [Full Article...]

Hitman's June Update Might Be the Last We'll Have

Hitman's June Update Might Be the Last We'll Have Hitman's June update brought new missions and challenges on 5 different stages. It'll be the 25th such event since Hitman released - and it's described as the penultimate one. The drip-feed of content starts today, with those two Escalation Contracts , set in Sapienza and Bangkok , respectively. Here is what Square Enix president, Yosuke Matsuda had to say in the financial brief : "Becau... [Full Article...]

French President Emmanuel Macron Trolls Donald Trump: 'Make Our Planet Great Again'

Chevron spokeswoman Melissa Ritchie said her company "supports continuing with the Paris Agreement as it offers a first step towards a global framework". "We will continue to lead..." While travelling overseas last week, Trump was repeatedly pressed to stay in the deal by European leaders and Pope Francis. [Full Article...]

New South Wales beat Queensland in State of Origin opener

Making his first appearance for NSW since 2014, Hayne picked up nearly right where he left off with an impressive display. The fiery redhead believes the return of Johnathan Thurston for game two in Sydney won't make a difference. Slater turned back the clock in the Storm's 40-19 win over Newcastle Knights at AAMI Park on Friday night, scoring two tries and dishing out two more via assists... [Full Article...]

NASA Parker Solar Probe sun mission named in honor of Eugene Parker

That's actually within the sun's outer atmosphere, known as its corona . " Parker Solar Probe is going to answer questions about solar physics that we've puzzled over for more than six decades", said the project scientist Nicola Fox of John Hopkins University. [Full Article...]

Tropical Storm warning for Pacific Coast of Mexico

Tropical Storm warning for Pacific Coast of Mexico The new forecast track is similar to, but slightly slower than the previous track.Heavy rains, flash flooding, and mudslides continue to be the biggest threats from this system, and Puerto Angel, Mexico, has reported more than 6 inches of rain since yesterday. [Full Article...]

Trump Fulfills his Pledge and Quits Paris Climate Deal

Meanwhile, former US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted the withdrawal was "a historic mistake". In a statement released just before Donald Trump officially announced that the United States would remove itself from the deal, Obama said the administration had joined "a small handful of nations that reject the future". [Full Article...]

Indivisible announced for Nintendo Switch

Indivisible announced for Nintendo Switch They did not reveal what the game will be about but if we know Platinum Games, we know that it is going to be something weird, in a good way. Indivisible tells the tale of Ajna, a good-natured tomboy with a rebellious streak. [Full Article...]

OnePlus 5 retail packaging confirms rear dual cameras

Also, the phone could bear A5000 model number. Results are in - the best smartphone camera is. . If there was still any doubt, there shouldn't be after today as a picture of the OnePlus 5's retail packaging has also now leaked, complete with a tagline mentioning a dual camera. [Full Article...]

Singapore reaffirms commitment to Paris climate agreement after United States pullout

Announcing his much-anticipated decision from the Rose Garden of the White House when the day temperature was around 26 degrees Celsius, Trump said he has been elected to represent Pittsburg and not Paris. Trump's announcement Thursday ends months of speculation about his intentions. "The decision is based on last century's economics and will turn the United States into last century's econom... [Full Article...]

Anger as Trump announces USA withdrawal from global climate deal

Nicaragua and Syria are the only countries not party to the Paris accord , the former seeing it as not ambitious enough and the latter being racked by a brutal civil war. He said he would consider re-entry if the US could get a better deal. These targets have made NY a leader across the country in fighting climate change. [Full Article...]

NASA probe to fly into sun's atmosphere

Also, this is the first time that NASA has named a spacecraft after a living individual, Eugene Parker. It will get within four million miles of the small star-several times closer than any previous missions. Parker, who is days away from his 90th birthday, described the mission as "very exciting". "One would like to have some more detailed measurements of what's going on in the solar wind". [Full Article...]

Microsoft accidentally released internal Windows 10 development builds

Microsoft accidentally released internal Windows 10 development builds Also, it is said that the speaker may have initially been created to be a part of the Windows 10 PC's ecosystem, but it has since been developed in a way that it can function independently as well. If this has happened to you, then you'll need to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to get your smartphone operational again, with instructions provided in Sarkar's blog post . [Full Article...]

Elon Musk says quitting White House advisory panels

Trump's decision Thursday sparked a wave of criticism from Democrats, environmental advocates and some Republicans. Twenty-five major USA corporations pursuing their own Carbon dioxide reduction plans urged Trump to stick with the agreement in a full-page ad in Washington D.C. [Full Article...]

Inslee forms 'US Climate Alliance' with New York, California governors

According to Trump, the Paris agreement , which he seems to think benefits Paris specifically, is a bad deal for the USA, with our erstwhile role as environmental leaders making us look weak. A dozen large companies including oil major BP, agrochemical giant DuPont, Google, Intel and Microsoft, had urged Trump to remain in the deal. But those targets are largely voluntary, and Trump has already m... [Full Article...]

Leonardo DiCaprio shudders as Trump pulls USA out of Paris Agreement

Trump mentioned that he "cares deeply" about the environment , which is at odds what he's said about climate change in the past. In his statement , Mr Trump said he was elected "by voters of Pittsbugh, not Paris ". Yesterday, Musk said he worked hard to convince Trump to stick with the accord . In a statement it said staying with the agreement would cost the US economy more than $2 ... [Full Article...]

Elon Musk to Trump: You quit Paris deal, so I quit you

Now that he's made a decision to do it, many are voicing their displeasure. City Hall was bathed in green light on Thursday night, hours after President Trump announced he would be withdrawing the U.S. He has essentially handed the lead negotiating position to China, which was not lost on protesters outside the White House today. Microsoft was part of handful of influential technology firms ... [Full Article...]

US cities and states defy Trump, embrace climate pact

The countries also report each other and the public on how well they have been doing in achieving their targets and how they intend to deal with climate change in future. The backlash from leaders of large USA corporations contrasts with Trump's statements saying the agreement's restrictions would hurt American jobs and businesses. [Full Article...]

Macron, tweaking Trump, says 'Make our planet great again'

The unusual French-Italian-German statement , released barely an hour after Mr Trump announced his decision , underscored the disappointment of the Eurozone's three largest economies and their resolve to plough ahead without Washington's support. [Full Article...]

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