Progress made on draft of South China Sea code of conduct

Lin added that the issue should be dealt with through multilateral discussions, based on the principles of shelving differences and seeking joint development of resources. Noting the South China sea issue has "returned to the positive trajectory" in bilateral relations, Romana said in his opening remarks that the Philippines is confident in the resilience of ties with China . [Full Article...]

China's top diplomat says hopes South Korea can resolve THAAD issue

Jin Yong, a professor of global relations at Communication University of China , said the ROK envoy's trip to China has sent a signal that the new ROK government is making efforts to improve relations with China . The secret transportation caused strong backlash from residents and peace activists who had stood sentry beside the entrance road to the golf course to block any further deployment... [Full Article...]

Israel makes some concessions to Palestinians before Trump visit

He'll visit Israel's Holocaust Memorial. And he also hasn't said whether his request to halt settlement activity - already more modestly stated than past presidents - applies to East Jerusalem . Last week the White House said he would make a private visit, accompanied only by the rabbi who oversees it. Israel and the U.S. president both said yesterday, however, that Mr Netanyahu, the Israeli prim... [Full Article...]

Bayonetta Studio Teases New IP

Bayonetta Studio Teases New IP As reported by DualShockers, Bayonetta and NieR: Automata developer PlatinumGames is working on a new IP. The studio is now reportedly working on a new IP that is said to be quite the remarkable experience. "One big difference between Platinum and other studios like it is that Platinum doesn't have any IPs to call its own". According to a report over at OnlySP , Inaba mentions Platinum is keen ... [Full Article...]

Conte claims wounded Arsenal are FA Cup favourites

Conte claims wounded Arsenal are FA Cup favourites The match was then held up for several minutes as Terry saluted the crowd etc and the other Chelsea players formed a guard of honour as he left the pitch. Arsenal's remarkable run of qualifying for the Champions League in 19 consecutive seasons came to its widely anticipated end yesterday. Chelsea had already been confirmed as champions long before facing Sunderland but the way they came f... [Full Article...]

Beats explode in woman's face, Apple blames third-party AAA batteries

Beats explode in woman's face, Apple blames third-party AAA batteries The woman's face, hands and hair were burned during the incident. The Australian woman, who asked not to be identified, was traveling from Beijing to Melbourne, Australia when she woke up two hours into the flight to the sound of her headphones exploding and a burning sensation. [Full Article...]

With hopes for peace uncertain, Trump to visit Israel

With hopes for peace uncertain, Trump to visit Israel Trump and his advisers have made reviving peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians a top foreign policy priority and the United States president will be looking to demonstrate some progress toward that goal on the other end of the trip. [Full Article...]

Zidane admits people don't want Real Madrid to win title

Madrid have received another boost with the return of Dani Carvajal, who along with Bale was a doubt to play in Cardiff. "The game (at Malaga) will be our hardest". Real Madrid are deserved champions, having been the best team in Spain - and probably Europe - for most of the season. "The statistics and the football played say that Madrid is a great team and that Malaga is playing like one". [Full Article...]

NASA Plans Emergency Spacewalk on ISS on Tuesday

NASA Plans Emergency Spacewalk on ISS on Tuesday Back on March 30, Whitson and Expedition 50 commander Shane Kimbrough of NASA conducted a spacewalk to install the same MDM with upgraded software tat failed Saturday. According to NASA, the ISS crew has not been in any danger due to the MDM failure, and the failure is believed to be inside the box itself, so it has no impact on station activities. [Full Article...]

Wayward humpback whale stuck in California harbor

Wayward humpback whale stuck in California harbor The idea was to draw the whale toward the open water under the belief there would be something good to eat. The 40-foot-long creature arrived in the harbor Saturday after apparently making a wrong turn. To read this article in one of Houston's most-spoken languages, click on the button below. The Coast Guard, the National Parks Service and local authorities are involved in the rescue effort. [Full Article...]

North Korea Test Fires Mid-Range Missile Amid Growing Tensions

North Korea fired a medium-range missile on Sunday, U.S. and South Korean officials said, the latest ballistics test for a country speeding up its development of nuclear weapons and missiles. South Korea's incoming left-leaning government has taken a more conciliatory line with Pyongyang than its conservative predecessors, but has reacted strongly to the latest two missile tests. [Full Article...]

NK says its leader OKs deployment of new missile for action

State-run Korean Central News Agency said the North's leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw Sunday's missile test, which has sparked a fresh chorus of worldwide condemnation and threats of tougher United Nations sanctions. Under the watch of third-generation dictator Kim Jong Un, North Korea has been pursuing a decades-long goal of putting a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile capable ... [Full Article...]

Destiny 2 will release on PC later than on consoles

Destiny 2 will release on PC later than on consoles If Bungie allowed for for cross-platform saves then higher level console players, who have had more hands-on time with the game, could trounce those who do decide to make the jump from PC. A new matchmaking feature called Guided Games is also being introduced, where solo players can temporarily team up with a clan for multiplayer missions. [Full Article...]

Moon spotted orbiting distant dwarf planet

Moon spotted orbiting distant dwarf planet For instance, the Asteroid Belt has collisions that are destructive and produce debris that aren't big enough to be called even dwarf planets (with the exception of Ceres, of course). "The initial investigator missed the moon in the Hubble images because it is very faint", Csaba Kiss, an astronomer at Konkoly Observatory in Budapest, Hungary said in a statement . [Full Article...]

Moon orbiting solar system's third largest dwarf planet found

Moon orbiting solar system's third largest dwarf planet found The object's newfound satellite is pretty big, with an estimated diameter of 150 to 250 miles (240 to 400 km), researchers reported in the new study. Millions of miles beyond Pluto in the cold, dark regions of the Kuiper Belt sits another dwarf planet . [Full Article...]

The Gaming Community Reacts to Destiny 2 Reveal

You can take part by pre-ordering the game, naturally. The shift in scenery is a direct change from the several different planets available in the original Destiny . The game is scheduled to release on September 8, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It's hard to imagine a PC game not being released on Steam these days. [Full Article...]

North Korea fires another missile

North Korea fires another missile Last Sunday, North Korea successfully launched what it called a new ballistic missile that can carry a large, heavy nuclear warhead. The launch of the liquid-fuel Hwasong-12 has reportedly increased tension between nations and North Korea is not ready to back down. [Full Article...]

Fans get one last chance to see 'Greatest Show on Earth'

Circus officials say declining attendance combined with high operating costs are among the reasons for closing. Their last performance is at the Nassau Coliseum Sunday. The Barnum and Bailey Circus is about the same size. In a very special edition of the Schwartz on Sports Podcast, Peter welcomes in Ringling Brothers ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson. [Full Article...]

Former FBI Director Comey Will Testify Publicly Before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Former FBI Director Comey Will Testify Publicly Before the Senate Intelligence Committee If the department did not grant a waiver, Mueller would be barred from investigating Kushner or Manafort, and this could greatly diminish the scope of the probe, experts said. The White House initially said that Trump did so based on a separate memo written by Rosenstein; however, Trump himself later said that he was going to fire Comey regardless of the recommendation, and cited the "Russia thing... [Full Article...]

11 players could miss clash due to injury

Despite not participating in full training at Melwood this past week, the Liverpool manager is hopeful he will able to call upon the Brazilian for the must-win Boro match at Anfield. "I had situations like this [before]". Unfortunately for the Gunners it does seem too late and therefore although the players certainly haven't given up, numerous fans already have. [Full Article...]

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