Japan scrambles jets over China drone flight near disputed islets

The intercepted American aircraft was a WC-135, created to collect information on radiation in the atmosphere to detect nuclear explosions. "While we are still investigating the incident, initial reports from the USA aircrew characterised the intercept as unprofessional ", the Air Force said. [Full Article...]

Destiny 2 Will Launch On Blizzard App On PC

Bungie were not shy in giving us a look at the gameplay in Destiny 2 . At launch, there will be the usual strikes, PvP and raid modes. And I want to be totally clear: the game plays fantastically at 30, it always has. Blizzard was also squishy about PC release specifics in a FAQ regarding the game's release on (which is supposedly actually called the Blizzard app now, even thou... [Full Article...]

Razer will make customized gaming peripherals for Destiny 2

Razer will make customized gaming peripherals for Destiny 2 Smith added he couldn't comment on how much of a delay the PC version would suffer, but said Bungie would try to provide a date "in the coming weeks". So instead of being stuck a weapon of each type you can pick and choose the kind of weapons you can have. In the campaign I played as a Warlock Dawnblade and its new Super: sprouting angel wings and hovering above the ground while hurling giant flam... [Full Article...]

Jamie Carragher: Middlesbrough game a "huge moment" for Liverpool

Jamie Carragher: Middlesbrough game a Liverpool are also hopeful of bringing in Southampton's Virgial van Dijk - though they face much stiffer competition for his signature - while Klopp is also looking to move for Hull City's Andrew Robertson after seeing the Tigers relegated from the Premier League. [Full Article...]

Robert Mueller is incorruptible. He's the ideal person to investigate President Trump

Even as the steady flow (or flood) or revelations based on anonymous leaks to the Times , the Washington Post , and other major mainstream outlets has been the source of some consternation, even among those highly critical of the Trump administration , Friday's leak arrived Friday just as Air Force One was taking off for Trump's first overseas trip since taking office. [Full Article...]

Why Google Assistant can't beat Apple's Siri for iPhone users

The quest to add the next 1 billion users continues for Google and, towards this end, they have announced that they are developing a lightweight version of the Android operating system, called Android Go. Comparing Google AI and Apple AI is relevant because both companies want their apps and services to get as much phone screen time every day as possible. [Full Article...]

English wedding: Pippa Middleton marries as royals look on

Prince George and Princess Charlotte also took on the roles of pageboy and bridesmaid, and you can check out all the ADORABLE pics here . George, 3, was a page boy, and Charlotte, 2, a bridesmaid. Mark's Church in Englefield, England, with Mirka, who wore a gold sparkling dress. One little boy proved a little hard as he was spotted sticking his tongue out at one moment and was also photograp... [Full Article...]

Google I/O 2017: 'Android O' beta version released

But Android One floundered soon after its launch, since the Indian companies Google partnered with on the project didn't put almost as much marketing muscle behind those phones as the ones they could profitably customize to their hearts' content. [Full Article...]

Mystery 'alien megastructure' star has astronomers starry-eyed

Mystery 'alien megastructure' star has astronomers starry-eyed But to do this, they need to know when that dimming is going to occur. The most mysterious star in our galaxy is calling out astronomers again. Located some 1,300 light years away in the constellation Cygnus, the star dimmed by up to 22 percent before returning to normal at the time it was discovered showing the mysterious changes in 2015. [Full Article...]

Wannacry cyber attack compromised Russian banks in isolated cases: central bank

The researcher was able to create a WannaCry ransomware decryption tool, which he has aptly named WannaKey. Various security researchers have noted that the worm that spread the ransomware didn't infect Windows XP machines. On Friday, the central bank said it had sent recommendations to Russian banks to update their Windows software in April, before the WannaCry attack on May 12. [Full Article...]

Apple to Pay 150% More for OLED iPhone 3D Touch Components?

Apple to Pay 150% More for OLED iPhone 3D Touch Components? This is an important factor in building the new OLED-equipped iPhone since 3D Touch requires users to press down on the display. According to the Chinese media Economic Daily Times, with LCD panels the 3D Touch sensors are directly bonded on the panel, while with OLED, additional glass needs to be bonded on the front and back side of the display in order to strengthen it. [Full Article...]

Under fire at home, Trump in Saudi on first foreign trip

Under fire at home, Trump in Saudi on first foreign trip The most tangible agreement between the two leaders was the $110 billion sale of military equipment to Saudi Arabia that is effective immediately and could expand up to $350 billion over 10 years. Trump and Saudi's King Salman seemed at ease with each other, chatting through an interpreter. Poll results showed on Saturday that Iranians had emphatically re-elected President Hassan Rouhani, archit... [Full Article...]

Microsoft Corporation Intentionally Withheld Free WannaCry Patch

It takes just one click on an infected link or email attachment to have the virus spread to other computers within the network. Yet, Bossert claimed in Monday's press briefing that if organizations follow the mitigation advice published by the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Microsoft-and have patched their systems-they will be "protected against all th... [Full Article...]

Fix for 'WannaCry' ransomware now available, but it's fairly limited

The WannaKiwi decryption tool works in Windows XP 2003 and 7 computers that have not been rebooted. A Microsoft spokesman reached Sunday said the company had no comment. Fortunately, there was some good news in the midst of all this when a 22-year-old cyber security researcher, identified online only as MalwareTech, unintentionally discovered a "kill switch" that halted the unprecedented out... [Full Article...]

After Global Malware Hack New Concerns Linger

An enormous global cyberattack appeared to have slowed down Monday, the USA said, although the virus has already infected an estimated 300,000 computers worldwide. The identity of whoever deployed the software remains unknown. "Repeatedly, exploits in the hands of governments have leaked into the public domain and caused widespread damage", wrote Brad Smith, Microsoft's president and chi... [Full Article...]

Moon, Trump agree on close cooperation on N Korea: Seoul

Moon's pick for National Intelligence Service chief is Suh Hoon, a longtime intelligence official Moon said would be the right man to push reforms at NIS, which has always been accused of meddling in domestic politics. "I will do whatever I can to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula", he said. Moon told Xi that it would be easier to settle the missile-defense issue if North Korea wasn't enga... [Full Article...]

Companies Victimized By WannaCry Ransomware Could Be Sued For Negligence

Ransomware is not a new invention. The report also said that employees have been made aware about the dangers of clicking on fraudulent links and unsolicited emails, which are two of the ways the malware is downloaded onto a computer system and subsequently enters a computer network of an organisation. [Full Article...]

Cyberattack hits two lakh in 150 nations, number may rise

Cyberattack hits two lakh in 150 nations, number may rise Had it not been for a young British cybersecurity researcher's accidental discovery of a so-called "kill switch", the malicious software likely would have spread much farther and faster. The effects were felt across the globe, with Britain's National Health Service , Russia's Interior Ministry and companies including Spain's Telefonica, FedEx the USA and French carmaker Renault all repo... [Full Article...]

Maharashtra ATS denies cyber attack on its website

The ransom starts at $300 for the first six hours. However, if you do pay, you're only fueling the fire. If you have a backup, there's no need to pay ransom for your data. Always back up your data and have a strong recovery program for your data. Mumbai (Maharashtra) May 17: The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) on Wednesday denied any hacking or ransomware virus attack to its website. [Full Article...]

Trump willing to try engagement with N.Korea, on conditions: Seoul

Trump willing to try engagement with N.Korea, on conditions: Seoul The test followed Pyongyang's two previous failed attempts last month. The North also said that it has the capability to deliver a strong "retaliatory strike", and that all USA targets in the Pacific were 'in its sights'. Moon added that South Korea was ready and able to retaliate should the North, which he said appeared to be rapidly advancing its missile and nuclear capabilities, strike firs... [Full Article...]

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