Apple Authorized to Test Independent Cars in California

Apple Authorized to Test Independent Cars in California The list includes VW, Mercedes, Google , Bosch, Tesla , BMW, GM, Ford, Baidu, Honda, Subaru and Faraday. "At the time, it was seen as the strongest hint that Apple was still committed to self-driving technology". Apple reps didn't respond to requests for comment. Once its autonomous vehicles are on the road, Apple must submit reports of accidents within 10 business days. [Full Article...]

Pro-Trump, anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley, California

Elsewhere, celebrities joined thousands of protesters across America to call on President Trump to release his tax returns. Damigo was confirmed to be at Saturday's pro-Trump rally, posting a live video of the event via Periscope. Despite strong criticism, Trump has rejected calls for releasing his tax returns - a long-held tradition among American presidents - though it is not legally bindi... [Full Article...]

Eyes to the sky: Giant asteroid set to fly by Earth soon

Eyes to the sky: Giant asteroid set to fly by Earth soon Sponsored by NASA's Near-Earth Object (NEO) Observation Program, the survey searches for potentially Earth-threatening asteroids in the solar system. At its brightest (about magnitude 11), the asteroid will be visible for one to two nights to small telescopes, after which it will gradually fade as it moves farther away from the Earth. [Full Article...]

Money Briefs: Google 'offers $1.2b injection in LG Display'

Money Briefs: Google 'offers $1.2b injection in LG Display' While Google is targeting LG for its screen supply, Apple will reportedly get its bendable panels from Samsung itself. Google could be jumping on the curved screen bandwagon after Samsung this year and release the next Pixel devices with curved displays. [Full Article...]

US and China Brainstorm On North Korea's Nuclear-Missile Programmes

Fellow US ally Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe demanded North Korea comply with United Nations resolutions and abandon developing nuclear missiles. "The type of missile is still being assessed", the U.S. The latest failed launch also came as US Vice President Mike Pence began a 10-day visit to Asia in Seoul, where he is to meet with the country's acting president to discuss rising tensions on th... [Full Article...]

Tesla's Elon Musk says company's semi truck coming in September

Musk previous year announced plans for electric vehicles ranging from a commercial truck called the Tesla Semi to a public transport bus, a "new kind of pickup truck " and a compact sport utility vehicle. For investors and consumers, it's the latest reason to be excited about Tesla . Musk was defiant Wednesday, telling his Twitter followers that, "t$3 his investor group should buy Ford ... [Full Article...]

SLS unlikely to launch in 2018 — NASA OIG

SLS unlikely to launch in 2018 — NASA OIG The first of the two launches is scheduled for early November 2018, and it won't have a crew. Meanwhile, the development of a few other key systems, such as the software needed for the flights, are behind schedule. The MAF is where the core stage of the agency's SLS booster is being produced. Those details are missing too, the OIG reports says. Moreover, although the Agency's combined investment f... [Full Article...]

Free Easter meal offered at Mission

Free Easter meal offered at Mission They spent all night cooking the meals for a final check at 5:30 a.m. of all the food that's been prepared overnight. The plan is little different this year, with a few options. More than 300 homeless people were fed this morning during The Mission's annual Good Friday meal. The charity's CEO, Alan Thornton estimates about 450 total meals would be shared in the two cities. [Full Article...]

United States defense secretary expected in Israel next week

United States defense secretary expected in Israel next week Mattis will first stop in Saudi Arabia Tuesday for "a series of meetings with key worldwide counterparts to strengthen commitments to the U.S. -Saudi security partnership", according to a Pentagon statement. He expects that Iran, the fight against Daesh, the war in Yemen and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will top the agenda on Mattis' trip. Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Ma... [Full Article...]

Man arrested in subway attack on woman in Greenwich Village

Man arrested in subway attack on woman in Greenwich Village He allegedly grabbed her crotch and pushed her when she told him to "F-k off". He allegedly shoved her onto subway tracks after groping her. The woman, who has been identified by media outlets as Bonnie Currie , was pulled from the tracks by good Samaritans before a train came, cops said. [Full Article...]

In Search For Life, NASA Finds Two "Ocean Worlds"

On Jupiter's moon Europa, the Hubble telescope observed "probable" plumes erupting a year ago, indicating what they believe is a form of chemical energy that life can feed on. A photograph of Enceladus taken by Cassini in November 2016. "With this research, we are making a big step forward towards answering the question, 'Is there life out there?'" associate administrator of NASA's Science Missi... [Full Article...]

US and China work together on North Korean 'problem,' Trump asserts

While a nuclear test can not be ruled out, he said, Pyongyang's failed missile test yesterday was proof that it needs more time to fine-tune its nuclear technology. Trump turned to Twitter to underscore the importance of cooperation with China on North Korea. Trump tweeted on Thursday that he had "great confidence" in China's ability to "properly deal with North Korea". [Full Article...]

PM Modi to inaugurate series of projects in Surat

The state BJP unit claims that more than four lakh persons, including three lakh women from tribal-dominated areas, would attend the gathering. Prime Minister Modi will then visit Silvassa town in the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, where he will address a gathering apart from inaugurating a few projects. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 won't launch with Bixby Voice feature

Samsung Galaxy S8 features were unveiled at the event held late March, giving fans an introduction to the key upgrades on the new device. The delayed release date of the full version of Bixby represents the mad dash that Samsung made to be able to prepare a digital assistant that will launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8, after the company acquired Viv Labs in October of a year ago. [Full Article...]

Emotional Anthony Johnson Announces Retirement After Loss to Cormier

Emotional Anthony Johnson Announces Retirement After Loss to Cormier Two years after their first meeting at UFC 187 in an nearly exact repeat where Cormier won by rear-naked choke, he survived the early striking power of Johnson and forced a submission at 3:37 of Round 2 . There was a lot of controversy surrounding this fight after it was nearly called off by the New York State Athletic Commission because Gonzalez has breast implants. [Full Article...]

North Korean missile test ends in failure

North Korea launched a long-range rocket and conducted two nuclear tests past year, including its most powerful to date. While Seoul works to identify the specific type of missile, the JCS said it exploded immediately after it was sacked from South Hamgyong Province at about 6.20 a.m local time (2120GMT). [Full Article...]

Daughter discovers parents dead of carbon monoxide in East Harlem apartment

Daughter discovers parents dead of carbon monoxide in East Harlem apartment The victims were found in a bedroom. "I messed with it, checked my stove, opened the doorway, didn't hear anyone else's alarm going off", she said. "I know my father couldn't live without my mother, and my mother couldn't live without my father". [Full Article...]

Musk Shocks Tesla Stock After "Tesla Semi" Announcement On Twitter

He also said a pickup truck will be unveiled in the next 18 to 24 months. Previously, Musk stated that heavy-duty trucks and similar vehicles running on electric power have are needed and this could potentially be a huge market for the company. [Full Article...]

Apple granted self-driving test permit

We should discover more about it, as the permit needs public reporting of crashes involving the test vehicles and how frequently they need human intervention. Aside from the new permit, Apple has provided little insight into its vehicle-related efforts. Although iPhone's ongoing popularity has helped Apple remain the world's most valuable company, the company hasn't had a breakthrough prod... [Full Article...]

Remembering the sacrifice and impact of Jackie Robinson

The statue depicts Robinson stealing home as a rookie with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, a nod to the aggressive baserunning of the six-time All-Star. His first memories of Robinson, Baker said, came when he was still only a few years old. I think when we try and imagine being in someone else's skin, in their shoes, we try to compare it in some way to shoes we wear in our own lives. [Full Article...]

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