A Teenager Died After Drinking Too Much Caffeine

A Teenager Died After Drinking Too Much Caffeine The official cause of death for Davis Allen Cripe was a "caffeine-induced cardiac event causing a probable arrhythmia", according to USA Today . Davis reportedly bought the latte at McDonald's around 12:30 pm and then drank the Diet Mountain Dew and the energy drink after that. [Full Article...]

Jose Mourinho: Don't judge Man United season on Europa League final

Schweinsteiger said: "I had a talk with him and he had an opinion, maybe it was not made by himself". So it's difficult, difficult, but we know what we are doing. "Against Palace two or three more , Southampton two or three more , let's try to arrive in the final in the best position". "For me, it's important that every time we have honesty with the club and the fans". [Full Article...]

Apple to update MacBook laptops next month

Apple to update MacBook laptops next month However, many Apple loyalists have complained about certain aspects of the new MacBook Pros , so the company could be eager to show them it's listening. Apple's job now is to keep the revenue generation building as iPhone sales start to wobble. It's $300 /£300 cheaper than the 12-inch MacBook, has more connectivity options, all-day battery life and the beloved MagSafe connector, which is now... [Full Article...]

AMD ThreadRipper: 16C/32T coming at Computex in June

AMD ThreadRipper: 16C/32T coming at Computex in June Just as we saw with Ryzen and soon with Vega , AMD is in attack mode at the high end of the performance spectrum, and that strategy is spilling over into other markets, not just enthusiast desktops. This rumor comes hot on the heels of another that touts the potential of Intel releasing, for the first time ever, Core i9 chips. "Dropbox is now evaluating AMD Epyc CPUs in-house, and we are ... [Full Article...]

Vladimir Putin blames U.S. for global cyber attack

M - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that it was still too early to talk about his potential participation in Russian presidential election scheduled for 2018, Russian media report . Putin, speaking in Beijing, said nuclear tests of the type that Pyongyang had been carrying out in recent weeks were unacceptable, but that a peaceful solution to rising tensions on the Korean peninsula w... [Full Article...]

Trump's bluff on North Korea will not work

Trump's bluff on North Korea will not work North Korea also claimed that the new missile termed as Hwasong-12 was capable of carrying large-scale heavy nuclear warheads. Asked if the USA would advise the government of South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in against reaching out to the North, Spicer only said that Trump looks forward to "looks forward to having a conversation with the new president and discussing the way forward". [Full Article...]

New Assassin's Creed Game Confirmed To Launch By March 2018

New Assassin's Creed Game Confirmed To Launch By March 2018 On the Ubisoft forums , the first response is "Maybe". The shock of these announcements range from largely unexpected ( The Crew 2 ) to essentially inevitable ( Assassin's Creed ). Over on Twitter, fans are likewise split, with some saying the games have felt too copy-paste and others arguing that the series peaked with Far Cry 3. [Full Article...]

Cinematographer Muraleedharan quits NTR's Jai Lava Kusa - Naidu to Shoot Remaining

Cinematographer Muraleedharan quits NTR's Jai Lava Kusa - Naidu to Shoot Remaining Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is producing this big budget entertainer. Cinematographer Muralidharan and director Bobby had a tiff on the sets of Jai Lava Kusa and the former walked out of the project. Jr NTR was last seen in Janatha Garage, which reportedly went on to become the highest grossing Telugu film previous year. The makers have brought Hollywood prosthetic artist Vance Hartwell on board to ... [Full Article...]

South Korea to send special envoy to Japan

President Donald Trump who, among other things, has said military action against the North was an option under consideration". The tentative agreement to hold the talks in Washington came in the wake of heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula following North Korea's repeated missile tests, the latest one carried out just last Sunday, and signs Pyongyang may carry out its sixth nuclear t... [Full Article...]

Google DeepMind received NHS patient records in an 'inappropriate' legal manner

Google DeepMind received NHS patient records in an 'inappropriate' legal manner Records that came bundled with personally identifiable information. Writing to Stephen Powis, medical director at the Royal Free NHS Trust, Caldicott particularly criticised the justification for the data sharing, saying it was implied that it was for patient care - but she noted that's not what the Streams trial was actually about. [Full Article...]

WannaCrypt Ransomware Windows Patch: Microsoft Tells Government To Stop Hoarding Security Vulnerabilities

Its presence has been noted in 150 countries. Among the 10,000 organizations affected are Britain's National Health Service, the USA -based courier FedEx, automaker Renault in France and Spain's largest telecom operator. It appears networks of computers, like schools, companies, hospitals and businesses, are particularly vulnerable. Microsoft's website tells you where to look to verify what ve... [Full Article...]

Hospital Trust 'remains vigilant' after cyber attack

He warned governments against stockpiling such code and said instead they should vulnerabilities to manufacturers - not sell, store or exploit them, lest they fall into the wrong hands. which helped stop its spread, said the version without a kill switch could spread but was benign because it contained a flaw that prevented it from taking over computers and demanding ransom to unlock files. [Full Article...]

Ransomware threat: Govt issues webcast to spread awareness

The webcast, "Prevention of WannaCry Ransomware Threat", explains in detail what exactly a ransomware is and how it asks for ransom through a file on the infected system. The ransomware had been leaked by a hacker group called Shadow Brokers in 2016 and although a patch was already available for the exploit, many systems had not been updated and were left crippled as the virus rolled out. [Full Article...]

Ransomware affects 150 countries, businesses cautioned for future cyber attacks

But experts and government officials alike warn against giving in to the hackers' demands. Britain's National Cyber Security Center said it could have been much worse if not for a young cybersecurity researcher who helped to halt its spread by accidentally activating a skill switch in the malicious software. [Full Article...]

WannaCry ransomware loses its kill switch, so watch out

A feared second spike in the attack failed to materialize on Monday but the healthcare system was still disrupted. The new infections were largely in Asia, which had been closed for business when the malware first struck. National Informatics Centre, which manages government websites, and the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing installed security patches issued by Microsoft to immun... [Full Article...]

Putin Plays The Piano, With Perhaps Unintentional Undertones

Putin Plays The Piano, With Perhaps Unintentional Undertones The New York Times reports that the tunes are Evening Song by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi and Moscow Windows by Tikhon Khrennikov - two songs from the 1950s that Putin may have first heard as a child living in the Soviet Union. "I don't know, I think we'd need to meet him, have a discussion, and depending on the result choose a melody", Putin told reporters Monday. "I thought that if Mr Peskov i... [Full Article...]

Britain worked through night to counter cyber attack on health service: Minister

Europol chief Rob Wainwright said computer systems in more than 150 countries were hit, with the majority of organisations affected over the weekend in Europe. What is WannaCry - also known as WanaCrypt0r 2.0, WannaCry and WCry? "It is important to understand that the way these attacks work means that compromises of machines and networks that have already occurred may not yet have been detec... [Full Article...]

North Korea Celebrates Test Of New Long-Range Missile

And Trump had opened the door earlier this month to talks, saying he would be "honored" to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "If the United States awkwardly attempts to provoke the DPRK, it will not escape from the biggest disaster in [.] history", KCNA quoted Kim as saying, referring to the North's formal name of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. [Full Article...]

Asus ZenFone 3 Max starts receiving Android 7.1.1 Nougat update

Asus ZenFone 3 Max starts receiving Android 7.1.1 Nougat update The company has already started pushing out the update to its users which means it can hit your device anytime. In any case, if you own either the ZenFone 3 Max (ZC553KL) or the ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS550KL) and if you have not received any notification for the update you can always manually check for it by going to Settings About System Update . [Full Article...]

Microsoft Slams Governments For Global 'WannaCrypt' Attacks

One month earlier, Microsoft had released a patch targeting the vulnerability. Government investigators, while not publicly acknowledging that the computer code was developed by U.S. Among the organisations targeted worldwide have been Germany's rail network Deutsche Bahn, Spanish telecommunications operator Telefonica, US logistics giant FedEx and Russia's interior ministry. [Full Article...]

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