What is WannaCry ransomware?

What is WannaCry ransomware? Weber said the NSA's primary mission is intelligence: "If I were sitting at the NSA I would push that argument right back to Microsoft", he argued. He said the same thing could be done to crucial infrastructure, like nuclear power plants, dams or railway systems. [Full Article...]

Vienna Convention not for 'spies' involved in terror: Pakistan to ICJ

Vienna Convention not for 'spies' involved in terror: Pakistan to ICJ Indian officials maintain, New Delhi had approached the ICJ not on the merits of the case but on two basic issues - the Vienna Convention on Consular Access - not being adhered to and human rights of Jadhav not being respected by Pakistan. [Full Article...]

Maruti Suzuki launches new Dzire

Maruti Suzuki launches new Dzire MSI along with its suppliers has invested over Rs 1,000 crore for the new generation Dzire . Offered in 4 trim levels, the new Dzire is priced up to INR 9.41 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) for the top-end ZDI + variant . The 1.2-litre, four-cylinder K-series petrol engine churns out 82 BHP @ 6,000 rpm and 113 Nm of torque @ 4,200 rpm, while the 1.3-litre, four-cylinder DDiS diesel unit is r... [Full Article...]

Massive Ransomware Attack Affects More than 150 Organizations Worldwide

Once the user clicks on the link or opens the document , their computer is infected and the software takes over. The malware, known as " WannaCry ", locks access to user files and in an on-screen message demands payment of $300 in the virtual currency Bitcoin in order to decrypt the files. [Full Article...]

Cyberattack havoc could grow as work week begins

Wainwright said the agency is analyzing the virus and has yet to identify who is responsible for the attack. Europol said a special task force at its European Cybercrime Centre was "specially created to assist in such investigations and will play an important role in supporting the investigation". [Full Article...]

Cyberattack Growing global attack hits 200000 victims so far

Cyberattack Growing global attack hits 200000 victims so far Money was then demanded by the hackers in the digital currency bitcoin to unlock it. The biggest cyberattack the world has ever seen is still claiming victims and threatens to create even more havoc on Monday when people return to work. Among the worst impacted by the historic attack unprecedented in its breadth was Britain's National Health Service, where more than 45 facilities had to suspend ... [Full Article...]

South Korea, US agree to hold summit in late June

Experts say the "medium long-range" Hwasong-12 missile the North fired on Sunday achieved a higher altitude and longer flight time than any other missile the country has tested. Trump had said 10 days before. "There was a basic exchange of opinions about North Korea's nuclear and missile provocations", Yoon said about the meeting between Chung and Pottinger. [Full Article...]

Expert finds more North Korea links in ransomware attack

Expert finds more North Korea links in ransomware attack After days of disruptions affecting networks worldwide, a top USA official said the number of computers affected had reached 300,000, but that infection rates had slowed. So far only a few victims of the attack appeared to have paid, based on publicly available bitcoin accounts on the web, where victims have been instructed to pay. [Full Article...]

North Korea conducts most successful missile test, unnerving US

If launched at a normal trajectory , officials believe it could reach US military bases in Guam. The missile launched around 4:30 p.m. During a 2016 test, the Musudan reached a height of 1,410 kilometers (880 miles). South Korea and Japan have been watching this situation closely with us. The senator called for actions to curb the North's threats. North Korea has been testing missiles f... [Full Article...]

Apple's iPhone 8 Looks Like It Will Launch In September

Apple's iPhone 8 Looks Like It Will Launch In September Once they did so, however, the whole landscape changed as users took to AirPods fairly immediately and its user approvals soared. It's been a decade since Apple launched its first iPhone. There will be the typical S refreshes for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but also this anniversary iPhone 8. Both Samsung and Apple tried to enable in-display fingerprint sensing on full-screen OLED phones in... [Full Article...]

Cyberattack should be wake up call for governments

This is according to Andrew Potgieter, Security Solutions Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa, who adds that even more unnerving is that "kits" to put together attacks of this nature are readily available for download on the Internet and doesn't require a group of elite hactivists to run. [Full Article...]

UN Security Council vows sanctions over N. Korea missile test

That is a slap in the face for South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-in, who has promised greater engagement with the North, and suggests that the missile launch was an attempt to improve Pyongyang's negotiating position with a more hardline USA under President Donald Trump. [Full Article...]

IndigoVision Group plc (IND) Insider Marcus Kneen Acquires 986 Shares of Stock

Three investment analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, six have issued a hold rating and seven have issued a buy rating to the company's stock. This represents a dividend yield of 1.11%. The stock was bought at an average cost of GBX 183 ($2.36) per share, with a total value of £1,804.38 ($2,329.13). [Full Article...]

A ransomware attack is spreading worldwide, using alleged NSA exploit

The attack has locked computers and blocked access to patient files. That prompted the company to issue another patch on Friday for older and unsupported operating systems such as Windows XP, allowing users to secure their systems without requiring an upgrade to the latest operating software. [Full Article...]

Xiaomi Redmi 4 in Pictures

Xiaomi Redmi 4 in Pictures The Xiaomi Redmi 4 was widely expected to launch, and the company has indeed done just that. The Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Prime were launched in China in November previous year, alongside the Xiaomi Redmi 4A, which has been available in India since March. [Full Article...]

Pyongyang unveils satellite photos of Thaad in S.Korea

Chinese president Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message on Wednesday to Moon Jae-in, the newly elected president of South Korea. Moon said in his first speech as president he would immediately begin efforts to defuse security tensions on the Korean Peninsula and negotiate with Washington and Beijing to ease the row over a US missile defense system being deployed in South Korea. [Full Article...]

Actor, DJ shot dead in Jo'burg

Actor, DJ shot dead in Jo'burg Former Generations actor and Jozi FM DJ Mandla Hlatshwayo has been shot and killed during a robbery in Soweto. "It happened at 11pm. The two victims who were shot were trying to assist the other people in the pub who were being robbed", they quoted police spokesman Captain Hitler Mgwenya who did not identify the victims. [Full Article...]

New South Korean president vows to address North Korea, broader tensions 'urgently'

Mr Moon will have a hard diplomatic path to tread in his approach to North Korea, which dreams of a missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the continental USA and has vast artillery forces trained on Seoul . It said the center would gather experienced officers from across the Central Intelligence Agency in one entity "to bring their expertise and creativity to bear against the North K... [Full Article...]

If asteroid hit was 30 seconds off, dinosaurs might still be here

If asteroid hit was 30 seconds off, dinosaurs might still be here Plant life died, leading to a shortage of food. Just days after scientists named a dinosaur off a character from a Ghostbusters movie and two major dinosaur discoveries, researchers are now claiming that dinosaurs could have survived the asteroid crash that hit the Earth if it had struck 30 seconds sooner or later. [Full Article...]

ZeniMax Goes After Samsung Over The Gear VR Headset

ZeniMax Goes After Samsung Over The Gear VR Headset After the company has successfully managed to bag a $500 million verdict against Facebook-owned VR venture Oculus earlier this year, it is now gunning for leading Korean giant - Samsung. "The heart of this case was about whether Oculus stole ZeniMax's trade secrets, and the jury found decisively in our favor", an Oculus spokesperson told Polygon at the time of the original ruling. [Full Article...]

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