Tax March: Protesters demand Trump's tax returns

Protestors take part in the " Tax March " calling on US President Donald Trump to release his tax records on April 15, 2017 in NY. Anti-Trump demonstrations have taken place across the country , with thousands turning out to protest the president's refusal to release his tax returns. [Full Article...]

E3 2017 Unveiling of Project Scorpio Reconfirmed by Xbox's Phil Spencer

E3 2017 Unveiling of Project Scorpio Reconfirmed by Xbox's Phil Spencer Though the system is still subject to change, its white top, black bottom - which sports large fans on the side - and even the location of the power button are nearly identical to the S. £320) to $500 (approx. Aside from being the best console to play top-of-the-line games with, the Xbox Project Scorpio is also poised to be a powerful development kit for game creators and industry innovators... [Full Article...]

NASA Says Moon Orbiting Saturn Might Be Habitable

On 26 April, Cassini will begin what Nasa has dubbed its " grand finale " with 22 diving orbits within the region between Saturn and its rings, culminating in a final, fiery plunge into the atmosphere on 15 September. When the researchers analysed this data, they concluded that nearly 98% of the plume gas is water, with 1% of hydrogen, and the rest being other molecules like carbon dioxide, ... [Full Article...]

NASA Scientists Discover Nearby Ocean Worlds That Could Mean Life Beyond Earth

This is the closest scientists have come to identifying a place having the ingredients for life, said Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator of the NASA Science Mission Directorate. The Cassini spacecraft detected hydrogen emanating from the planet while passing through that body's plume on several fly-by maneuvers. Cassini's INMS was devised to sample the upper atmosphere of Saturn's m... [Full Article...]

Palace recovers to hold Leicester 2-2 and boost survival bid

Palace recovers to hold Leicester 2-2 and boost survival bid Goals from Yohan Cabaye and Christian Benteke yanked Palace back into this match, and provided Leicester with the precise sort of heart-thumping exertion they would have been hoping to avoid ahead of their date with Diego Simeone on Tuesday. [Full Article...]

'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Gets Official Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II takes fans through a wide range of iconic locations from all three eras: prequel, classic and new trilogy, including new in-game locations such as Yavin 4's jungle canopies, the spaceport town of Mos Eisley, and Starkiller Base. [Full Article...]

Star Wars Battlefront II Panel Live Stream from Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Battlefront II Panel Live Stream from Star Wars Celebration Executive producer Dave Filoni told a panel gathered at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida that it was his decision to end the series, but promised there are more animated projects on the horizon for Star Wars fans. "But we'll see a lot of her in XIII , which is great". "It's not like anything else we've done bfore on the show", Filoni added. It was recently revealed that Star War... [Full Article...]

Those who provoke war must assume responsibility: China

Wang's comments Friday mark the latest attempt to cool tensions by North Korea's most important ally and key provider of food and fuel aid. It is expected that the country may carry out a new nuclear test as USS Carl Vinson, a U.S. In a show of strength, the USA deployed the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group to waters near the Korean Peninsula in response to recent North Korean missile test... [Full Article...]

'Groundhog Day' show will go on, star a question mark

'Groundhog Day' show will go on, star a question mark Early during the first NY performance of the show, the set's turntable stopped working due to a technical malfunction, and the cast finished the show in an impromptu, semi-stage reading format. I'm gonna get it looked at by a specialist before I go back on stage, but know I love this show and this company and everyone that supports me more than you'll ever know. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8: Bixby AI voice assistant is being delayed

Bixby Voice will be available in the USA on the Galaxy S8 later this spring. Assistant may not be flawless, but a working voice assistant is better than a non-working voice assistant, and Samsung risks Bixby becoming forgotten by global users if it arrives too late. [Full Article...]

Waymo's Self-Driving Sensor Lawsuit Takes a New Turn

Waymo's Self-Driving Sensor Lawsuit Takes a New Turn In the counter-filing, Uber argues that its own LiDAR-based self-driving vehicle scheme is based on a far different design that utilizes four different lenses to send and receive light when navigating roads, rather than the single-lens design Waymo uses. [Full Article...]

North Korean missile test fails, United States and South Korea say

Ostensibly Saturday's event was to mark the 105th anniversary of the North's founder Kim Il-Sung's birth - a date known as the "Day of the Sun". The White House confirmed Saturday that President Trump has been briefed on the attempted missile launch. [Full Article...]

Samsung Announces High Profit Estimates For Q1 2017

The good news for Samsung comes even in the wake of the explosive Galaxy Note 7 handsets and a political bribery and corruption scandal which is now on-going in South Korea . Samsung also predicted consolidated sales of about 50 trillion won for the first quarter , according to the company's Friday guidance. The costly Galaxy Note 7 debacle, which led to the recall of about 3 million smartph... [Full Article...]

Could LeBron James move on from the Cavaliers?

George gave the ball up after LeBron James came with a double team at the top of the three-point line. Much of the defensive game planning the Cavaliers worked on the last two days focused on Pacers forward Paul George . They may be able to coast through the eastern conference playoffs with their sub-par defense but in the National Basketball Association finals against the Golden State Warrio... [Full Article...]

Carrie Fisher Will Not Appear in 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

The late Carrie Fisher will also appear in The Last Jedi , having finished filming before her death. This is best for everyone. Fisher had completed her scenes for The Last Jedi before she passed away, and unused clips will reportedly feature in the follow-up, Star Wars: Episode IX, which is slated to hit cinemas in 2019. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8's AI assistant - Bixby - on hold for Australian market

The devices will be available for purchase starting April 21 at any of the US Microsoft Store locations. The new device customization is an example of bringing together Microsoft applications on more devices so customers can work, play and connect from their pockets. [Full Article...]

Protesters call for President Trump to release his tax returns

Organizers have planned marches against Trump for Saturday-April 15 is typically Tax Day-during which they'll demand to see the billionaire's tax returns, which he refused to release, breaking a tradition followed by every presidential candidate since Richard Nixon. [Full Article...]

Hey! Pikmin for 3DS is coming this July

It's not exactly a game, but Namco Museum will let you play a bunch of classics, including Pac-Man and many others. It is still fresh in the market, a valid reason why it still has a few game titles support. More details were released about Nintendo's new IP Arms , which pits players against each other in a boxing ring with special, extendable arms . [Full Article...]

North Korea Rolls Out Missiles During Founder's Birthday Celebrations

The North launched a ballistic missile from the same region earlier this month ahead of a summit meeting between the leaders of the United States and China, its key ally, to discuss the North's increasingly defiant arms programme. North Korea refrained from conducting a nuclear test to mark a national celebration on Saturday, instead holding a military parade seen as a sign of defiance but also of... [Full Article...]

Grumpy Jose Mourinho questions the adulation flowing in Conte and Chelsea's direction

If Chelsea are to cement their place at the top of the table they will have to keep United talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovic quiet. Jose Mourinho's former club are looking to take another step closer to the Premier League title, while United are hoping to secure a top-four finish. [Full Article...]

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