French officials: Notre Dame police attacker was doctoral student

Michel said the attacker was "neutralized" by police. The man lay bleeding on the ground as police sealed off the area and searched for possible accomplices. The Paris prosecutor's office said it had opened an anti-terror probe, and police on Twitter warned the public to stay away from the cathedral. It is said that hundreds of people were at the cathedral when the incident occurred. [Full Article...]

Saudi Arabia Calls on Qatar to Stop Supporting Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

The news agency hack in late May sparked the recent tensions in the Gulf that spilled into the open Monday when Bahrain , Egypt , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cut off diplomatic ties to Qatar and moved to isolate it from the larger world. [Full Article...]

Trump and Paris climate change accord

Trump and Paris climate change accord You know, we can all weigh this out. At the same time, Haley may have put in evidence that she's not quite familiar with the Paris climate agreement , considering she called it a "club" in the CNN interview . He tweeted: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make USA manufacturing non-competitive". A weakening of those standards might help sell more ... [Full Article...]

Eric Trump: Democrats are 'not even people'

Eric Trump: Democrats are 'not even people' Eric Trump echoed that statement in a much briefer Twitter message to one of his critics. However, filing reviewed by Forbes indicate that the Trump Organization did in fact receive payment - more than $1.2 million, which "golf charity experts" claim is an unusually high number for a single day event. [Full Article...]

Calls for Trump state visit to be cancelled after London attack tweets

Calls for Trump state visit to be cancelled after London attack tweets But Trump then took his criticism a step further as he said Khan's excuse was "pathetic ". "I don't think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the U.S. "MSM is working hard to sell it!" After his election a year ago, Khan tweeted criticism of then-candidate Trump's rhetoric, saying that his "ignorant view of Islam could make both our countries less safe". [Full Article...]

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner Reality Winner faces a detention hearing Thursday in federal court in Augusta , Georgia, so that a judge can determine whether to grant bond for the 25-year-old woman. She also communicated with employees of the website The Intercept from her work computer. "Everybody in America knows what she looks like at this point". [Full Article...]

Pre-existing conditions could split Senate GOP

House GOP leaders say the Senate version of the budget depends on unreliable financing and would lead to midyear cuts. The decision, announced by the Senate Budget Committee , marks a victory for Republicans, who hoped to use the rules to advance their ACA repeal and replace efforts. [Full Article...]

Frank Lloyd Wright Phoenix home given to architecture school

Frank Lloyd Wright Phoenix home given to architecture school One of these facts is that Wright, who was known for being very controlling of any modifications to his designs, allowed three deviations to the Pope-Leighey House: an armoire built into the bedroom closet, a lock box hidden under the vanity, and the vanity mirror. [Full Article...]

Trump's lawyer accuses Comey of 'unauthorized disclosures' of 'privileged' talks with president

This is unprecedented and highly troubling. Former FBI director James B. Comey delivered some pretty damning testimony about President Trump in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday. Republicans looking to protect Trump could not mount much of a defense. By recording the meetings as they occurred, Mr. Comey's records are legally admissible, bypassing the hearsay rule. [Full Article...]

Ex-convict arrested in death of 12-year-old Florida girl

Ex-convict arrested in death of 12-year-old Florida girl This photo made available by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, Fla., shows Robert Letroy Howard of East Brewton, Ala., under arrest Thursday, June 8, 2017. Deputies said Howard kidnapped and killed Naomi then dumped her body. Investigators believe Howard acted alone in the abduction and murder, which an autopsy says was asphyxiation. [Full Article...]

Comey's caution to meet Trump's tweets in Russian Federation hearing

The former director immediately dove into the heart of the fraught political controversy around his firing and whether Trump interfered in the bureau's Russian Federation investigation, as he elaborated on written testimony delivered Wednesday. [Full Article...]

US health chief 'in a receiving mode' on health bill ideas

The Republicans argue that Obamacare is too costly to employers and to individuals who have seen spikes in premiums. "The House bill's provisions that relate to the expansion can't be fixed in ways that preserve it", he said. Sophia Stone, 43, is one of them. But if Nevada moves forward with this and does it successfully, it could pave the path to truly universal health care . [Full Article...]

Gay Trump Supporters Say They Were Booted from Charlotte's Pride Parade

Gay Trump Supporters Say They Were Booted from Charlotte's Pride Parade Talbert told WJZY-TV that Gays for Trump wanted to take part in the parade "to show that we weren't the racist bigot, misogynistic..." Talbert is also a President Donald Trump supporter. In its statement, Charlotte Pride's board said: "In the past, we have made similar decisions to decline participation from other organizations espousing anti-LGBTQ religious or public policy stances". [Full Article...]

Damaging Comey revelations exert pressure on Trump presidency

Kasowitz says that the president is "entitled to expect loyalty" from those serving the administration. The Republican National Committee worked aggressively to discredit Mr Comey ahead of the hearing and as it unfolded. very damaging to the president". She did take issue, though, with Comey's claim that Trump is less than honest. In more than two hours of testimony, Comey did not make any maj... [Full Article...]

Bill Cosby trial: Gloria Allred booted from courtroom after cellphone goes off

On Wednesday, Constand provided details on prior one-on-one encounters with Cosby, which Agrusa questioned why Constand had not disclosed to Canadian police - including a fireside dinner in Cosby's home in which he reached to unbutton her trousers, and also a moment on Cosby's hotel bed at a casino where Constand claimed Cosby had fallen asleep while they were both sitting on the bed. [Full Article...]

Five ways the Comey hearing was actually good for Donald Trump

Five ways the Comey hearing was actually good for Donald Trump Comey did not say whether or not he personally believes Trump obstructed justice by firing him. "And in fact, according to Mr. Comey, the President told Mr. He's new to government. "It's just my observation", Ryan replied. Trump could face even more problems over the coming months if the stream of details leaking out about the Russian Federation investigation continues to grab the spotlight ... [Full Article...]

Following Comey testimony, DOJ releases statement defending Jeff Sessions

Following Comey testimony, DOJ releases statement defending Jeff Sessions White House chose to "defame" me and Federal Bureau of Investigation with liesOn Trump: "I was honestly concerned that he might lie". "Those were lies, plain and simple". Comey admitted as well that Trump never specifically asked or directed him to drop the investigation of Flynn; instead Comey said that was his impression from Trump's comment that he hoped "you can let this go". [Full Article...]

Health care on Senate Republicans' Agenda

John Thune, R-S.D., a member of Senate GOP leadership. "We may be working on this for a while". Trump will hold talks at the White House at 3 p.m. "I don't like what we're going to have to do, but I'm supporting doing that". Edwin Park, a CBPP researcher, said the House plan would require states "to sharply increase their spending, or end the expansion". [Full Article...]

Trey Gowdy picked to lead House Oversight Committee

Trey Gowdy picked to lead House Oversight Committee Closer to home, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is optimistic about Gowdy. For his part, Gowdy demonstrated his status as a Very Serious Person by releasing a statement defining the jurisdiction of the Oversight Committee. While the oversight panel regularly took on IT issues under Chaffetz's watch, Gowdy doesn't have a lengthy record on federal tech. "The Committee on Oversight and ... [Full Article...]

Church bus crashes in Atlanta area; several injured

Slay said some of the injuries were critical. The National Transportation Safety Board will lead the investigation into the crash, he said. Fulton County Fire Chief Larry Few said 21 people were hurt. Images from the scene showed the bus had come to rest on top of another vehicle. Other hospitals that received patients included Atlanta Medical Center , Atlanta Medical Center and Southern... [Full Article...]

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