Jason Dufner has last laugh at Memorial Tournament

Jason Dufner has last laugh at Memorial Tournament But those things happen out here. "Trust me, we know". In the end, Dufner, with a final-round 68, would stave off Rickie Fowler , with whom he was paired Sunday, finishing 13-under to Fowler's 10-under. He missed a 6-foot par putt on the third, then hit into the right bunker on the par-3 4th and made another bogey. He waited in the clubhouse for more than four hours, until Dufner s decisive... [Full Article...]

After deleting prior tweet, Trump asks world to find out 'covfefe' meaning

After deleting prior tweet, Trump asks world to find out 'covfefe' meaning The National Archives has instructed the White House that it needs to keep a record of everything Mr Trump posts, even if he then goes on to the delete the posts. He blew past follow-up questions about the meaning of covfefe . Air France U.K. tweeted, "Breaking Our newest destination is sunny #Covfefe! ". "I have no idea what the intended form of covfefe is, but it seems that Trump mistyped ... [Full Article...]

Warriors blow out Cavaliers again in Game 2

Warriors blow out Cavaliers again in Game 2 OAKLAND, Calif. (AP ) - Stephen Curry dribbled every which way and ran a circle around LeBron James , then drove left through the paint and beat him to the rim for a right-handed layup over the star's outstretched arm in a move reminiscent of his recent MVP magic. [Full Article...]

Does Comey have one more bombshell to reveal on Russia-Trump collusion?

Saturday in Boone, IA, Republican Senator Joni Ernst commented on the possibility. "That committee hearing was just noticed and I think, obviously, it has got to be reviewed", Spicer said. Democrats have said that Mr. Trump's conversations with Mr. Comey show that the president was trying to obstruct the F.B.I.'s investigation into Mr. [Full Article...]

GOP legislative agenda incomplete, lags as Congress returns

GOP legislative agenda incomplete, lags as Congress returns And with little to show so far, lawmakers hope to step up efforts on health care and taxes even as big fiscal deadlines loom. Democrats opposed the tactic. At the same time, if they move to the left to satisfy Democrats' concerns, they'll lose GOP votes and likely ensure a gubernatorial veto. A veteran of the bipartisan commission that reviewed another Republican in the White House - Richard Nix... [Full Article...]

Tillerson says US will continue efforts to reduce emissions

This comes after the President referred to Pittsburgh in his speech announcing the United States was pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord . and we realise that this is a global consensus agreement". By the way, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF ) that the Paris Agreement on climate change has not entered into for... [Full Article...]

Driver Smashes Through Barricade Near Rock 'N Roll Marathon

Driver Smashes Through Barricade Near Rock 'N Roll Marathon Ninety-four-year-old Harriette Thompson has yet another story for her grandkids to tell their grandkids. This was the 20th running of the Rock "N" Roll Marathon, which features bands playing along the course. In 2015, a 92-year-old Thompson became the oldest woman to complete a full marathon, doing so at the same event in San Diego. This year her effort has raised $15,000. [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande's Emotional Concert in Manchester Will Move You to Tears

Ariana Grande's Emotional Concert in Manchester Will Move You to Tears Seven people were killed and 48 were injured in that attack. Olivia , 15, died in the Manchester suicide bombing which rocketed Manchester Arena shortly after Grande's concert. "And this is so attractive", Grande's manager, Scooter Braun said from the stage in reference to the horrific terror attacks in London last night (June 3). [Full Article...]

Looking for leadership from Paris

Looking for leadership from Paris The agreement was hailed as a landmark when it was passed, with nearly 200 countries pledging to follow it. Qassemi added that the Islamic Republic believes that the United States can not shirk its responsibility towards climate changes emanating from greenhouse gas emissions by its "irresponsible" withdrawal from the Paris agreement . [Full Article...]

Pelosi objects to subpoenas issued by GOP intel chairman

Adam Schiff , D-Calif., said on MSNBC on Thursday, stressing that Nunes issued the agency subpoenas "unilaterally" and without consultation or buy-in from panel Democrats. The subpoenas ask the CIA, FBI and NSA to provide information about requests to "unmask" redacted names of USA persons in intelligence reports. Some reports claimed Nunes issued the subpoenas without consulting Democrats on ... [Full Article...]

ISIS claims responsibility for London Bridge attack

Police did not release the names of the attackers. Even in the worst of Saturday's horror in London , heroes were on the scene, including the Transport cop who went after the terrorists with just his police baton and the immigrant chef who fended off one attacker with a bread basket. [Full Article...]

Collins: Trump Travel Ban is 'Not the Right Way To Go'

Justice Department lawyers petitioned the Supreme Court on Thursday, asking it to review lower court rulings that have put two versions of the ban on ice. In the past, White House press secretary Sean Spicer has argued to reporters that the executive order is not a travel ban. That order has also been blocked and an appeal is now headed to the Supreme Court . [Full Article...]

Former FBI chief due to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee

Former FBI chief due to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee President Donald Trump is weighing whether he will invoke executive privilege to prevent the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director from giving public testimony, a top Trump aide said Friday. A special counsel appointed by the Justice Department as well as congressional committees are investigating. The concept of executive privilege stems from the idea that the president must... [Full Article...]

Senate Democrats Reeeeeally Don't Want Joe Lieberman As FBI Director

Senate Democrats Reeeeeally Don't Want Joe Lieberman As FBI Director White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on Wednesday that President Donald Trump is meeting with Keating and three other candidates on Wednesday afternoon. Joe Lieberman of CT on the shortlist of possible successors to fired FBI Director James B. Comey . The White House said Friday that Trump will not announce a candidate before he leaves the country. [Full Article...]

B.C. woman ID'd as Cdn killed in London terror attack

The message sent out on an encrypted messaging app urged attackers to "gain benefit from Ramadan" and "kill the civilians of the Crusaders". Cops shot dead three jihadis just eight minutes after first reports of their rampage were received . [Full Article...]

United States climate pact pullout could add 0.3 degrees of warming

Bell also agreed this week to sign letters to Trump and the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change from mayors, governors, business and university leaders expressing concern about the withdrawal and promising a continued commitment to cut carbon in their own communities. [Full Article...]

Trump offers help on London attacks, touts need for travel ban

Trump offers help on London attacks, touts need for travel ban Eyewitnesses described scenes of total carnage and horror during the eight-minute attack Saturday night, as the terrorists rammed their van into a crowd on the bridge, exited the vehicle and proceeded to methodically embark on a stabbing rampage in the popular Borough Market , which is home to various restaurants and bars. [Full Article...]

4th Circuit Upholds Injunction of Trump's Muslim Ban

The 4th Circuit, based in Richmond, Va., is the first appeals court to rule on the revised travel ban , which the administration had hoped would avoid the legal problems the first version encountered. The opinion cited several pages of comments Trump made during his campaign and concluded the "statements reveal that on numerous occasions, he expressed anti-Muslim sentiment, as well as his inten... [Full Article...]

Pruitt: Trump has 'indicated that climate changes'

Pruitt: Trump has 'indicated that climate changes' Scott Pruitt , the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, and Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, differed over whether the president believes climate change is man-made. Trump announced on Thursday that the United States would withdraw from the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only non-signatories to the agreement. [Full Article...]

These Are The Victims Of The London Bridge Terror Attack

Prime Minister Theresa May said their aim had been to sow panic. One had canisters strapped to his body. On May 22, Salman Abedi, a British-born suicide bomber, killed 22 people and injured 59 others at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in northwestern England. [Full Article...]

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