Subpoenas issued for two Trump figures in Congress Russia probe

Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. Four of the subpoenas are related to the Russian Federation investigation. It is interesting that in order to properly engage this investigation, they felt it necessary to reach out to three high-ranking Obama administration officials with a tremendous amount of security clearance in order to get answers. [Full Article...]

Explosion reported at manufacturing plant in Columbia County

Two others were still missing Thursday afternoon. Construction of the Cambria milling facility - for the manufacture of "value-added" products such as corn grits, cornmeal and corn flours - was completed in 1991. Richards says one person is dead and two people are still missing following the explosion, which was reported around 11 p.m. Wednesday. At least one worker died, and around a dozen empl... [Full Article...]

USTR Moves Forward with NAFTA Renegotiation

USTR Moves Forward with NAFTA Renegotiation The administration will aim to improve "effective implementation and aggressive enforcement" of NAFTA commitments, as well as introduce additional provisions to address intellectual property rights, regulation, services, labor, environment and other issues. [Full Article...]

Tweet That: #covfefe signals @realDonaldTrump is back

Only President Trump knows what was going through his mind - and his smartphone - when he tapped out a confusing statement containing the non-word " covfefe " just after midnight. At 5:09 a.m., Trump himself got in on the fun: "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"???" he tweeted. When asked in the past about other Trump tweets, White House spokesman Sean Spicer has said the posts s... [Full Article...]

Trump hands out his number, urges leaders to call him

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is the only leader to have taken up the offer from Trump. Unsurprisingly, the other adored-by-the-internet politician, France's newly elected president Emmanuel Macron , was given Trump's direct line as well, but no official word has leaked on whether or not he would ever use it. [Full Article...]

Four Indiana football kick times announced

The new Big Ten Conference network partner will carry this year's annual battle between the two rivals on November 25, with kickoff scheduled for noon. The networks for both the IN and Rutgers games will be made a later date. Here are the odds for four of Michigan's games. Ohio State AthleticsNick Bosa and Ohio State defeated Oklahoma in Norman a year ago. [Full Article...]

At Least 11 US Citizens Injured in Massive Kabul Blast

The local Afghan hires were working alongside the American contractors who were injured at Camp Eggers, which is a USA facility across the street from the Germany embassy. The Islamic State, which USA and Afghan forces have been battling in the eastern part of the country, has not commented. Another lightly wounded victim, Mr Nabib Ahmad, 27, said there was widespread destruction and confusi... [Full Article...]

A Step Back On Climate

Markey, meanwhile, noted that if the United States pulls out of the accord , it would join Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries in a United Nations climate group not signed on to the climate agreement. Despite reports that the U.S. is poised to withdraw from the deal, other countries, including India, China and the European Union have reaffirmed their commitment to combatting global wa... [Full Article...]

Portland stabbing suspect appears in court

Portland stabbing suspect appears in court Around 2.35 pm, a man who identified himself only as a friend of the suspect, emerged from the courtroom and was immediately confronted by the crowd who yelled, "you're a Nazi" and "where's your pride now?" "He never disrespected me", Clark said . [Full Article...]

Senate GOP Noncommittal on How to Pay for Tax Rate Reductions

Senate GOP Noncommittal on How to Pay for Tax Rate Reductions The Senate voted 14-9 along party lines to pass both its spending plan and a companion bill making policy changes to support the appropriations. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Bloomberg BNA late last week after meeting with the Senate Republicans' healthcare working group. [Full Article...]

Ivanka has no comment about detained activists investigating her Chinese shoe factory

Ivanka has no comment about detained activists investigating her Chinese shoe factory We would suggest that this sort of story does no favors for Ivanka Trump's image, but there hasn't been a pulled Jenga block that has hurt her among the Trump devotee base. Li says he also found evidence that workers were threatened with dismissal if they took sick leave, and that they were forced to sign falsified time sheets. [Full Article...]

House, Senate accuse each other of inaction on critical legislation

Abbott has said he wants to sign a bathroom bill into law, but he's also indicated he'd rather not call a special session on this or any issue. Abbott spokesman John Wittman declined comment Sunday, referring queries to a statement he released Friday night saying: "The taxpayers deserve to have the Legislature finish their work on time". [Full Article...]

Surviving victim of train attack out of hospital

On Monday, Deliverance penned an open letter to President Donald Trump , urging him to be a be a "President for all Americans". Dozens of anti-fascist protesters could he heard yelling from outside the courtroom as Christian finished his statement. [Full Article...]

GOP blocks Democrats from adding to budget

GOP blocks Democrats from adding to budget President Trump suggested Tuesday that the Senate do away with sthe legislative filibuster as well, so he could see his agenda pushed through Congress. "This House budget shortchanges our state at a time when we don't have to", Cooper said in a statement late Wednesday. More differences between House and Senate Republicans about how North Carolina should spend and tax for the next two ... [Full Article...]

Flynn to give Senate panel some documents in Russian Federation investigation

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted unanimously on May 25 to authorise its chairman, Republican Senator Richard Burr, and its top-ranking Democratic, Mark Warner, to issue subpoenas that would force the attorney to respond to their demands. [Full Article...]

Wisconsin Bill Would Make Concealed Carry Legal Without A Permit

Wisconsin Bill Would Make Concealed Carry Legal Without A Permit Lena Taylor , a Milwaukee Democrat. "I'm not anxious about the responsible people, I'm anxious about the irresponsible people", Sen. Right now anyone who carries concealed must obtain a permit and get training. The provision was included so that parents who carry weapons aren't breaking the law when they pick up and drop off their children at school, supporters say. [Full Article...]

Trump Communications Director Dubke Resigns

Dubke said in a statement "It has been my great honor to serve President Trump and this administration". Dubke had been in the process of divesting from Crossroads and Black Rock Group, two communications firms at which he worked before joining the administration, and was nearing the point when he would have had to complete the divestiture, a friend said. [Full Article...]

Chicago White Sox vs. Boston Red Sox

Chicago White Sox vs. Boston Red Sox Sale will pitch for the Red Sox on Tuesday night, where he'll go up against the man that replaced him as the team's ace pitcher . The Chicago White Sox will look to build some momentum after winning 3 of their last 4 games, including a 7-3 victory in their series finale on Sunday against the Tigers. [Full Article...]

Trump's communications director resigns

Trump's attacks on the media come as his campaign team faces increased scrutiny over its contacts with Russian Federation. Controversy over the Russian Federation issue deepened after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey earlier this month, leading to allegations by critics that the president sought to hamper the agency's probe into the matter. [Full Article...]

Trump Alludes to Senate Reconciliation Process for Tax Legislation

Trump Alludes to Senate Reconciliation Process for Tax Legislation Whatever dollar figure the Senate lands on will have to be negotiated with the House. But Democratic Sen. Jeff Woodburn, of Whitefield, described the spending plan as "a political budget that appeals to the wealthiest 1 percent of our state and the extreme 5 percent of the House of Republicans next door". [Full Article...]

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