Iranian General: US-Saudi Arms Deal to Jeopardize Regional Security

Iranian General: US-Saudi Arms Deal to Jeopardize Regional Security The secretary of commerce expressed surprise - and approval - at the lack of visible protests during President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, despite the ruling monarchy's repression of demonstrations. Instead, the three placed their hands on a glowing orb to help launch the new facility, which prompted a flurry of memes. Later Tuesday, Trump will return to Jerusalem to visit the Yad Va... [Full Article...]

Trump to lay wreath at Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day

US President Donald Trump has spent the last week working and negotiating with foreign leaders. The president is to deliver his first Memorial Day address and lay a wreath at the cemetery, the final resting place for many USA military members and others who have served the country. [Full Article...]

NCAA baseball regional sites spread among 7 conferences

NCAA baseball regional sites spread among 7 conferences ATHENS, Ohio - The Ohio baseball team (31-26) has drawn the 2017 NCAA Championship Lexington Regional as the Mid-American Conference's automatic bid. Top-seeded and regional host Kentucky (39-20) will face fourth-seeded OH in the other opening round game of the double-elimination bracket. [Full Article...]

US official mulling greatly expanding airplane laptop ban

The regulations followed reports that alleged terrorism groups were looking to hide explosives inside of large electronic devices, although neither the United Kingdom nor USA governments gave clear details to the public at the time of the announcement. [Full Article...]

Merkel: We can no longer fully rely on US, UK

Addressing a rally in Munich, Merkel acknowledged a growing rift between Berlin and Washington under the Donald Trump administration, while stressing the need for the European Union to transform itself after the U.K.'s decision to leave the 28-member bloc. [Full Article...]

While campaigning, Merkel says Europeans can't 'completely' rely on US, others

While campaigning, Merkel says Europeans can't 'completely' rely on US, others Merkel spoke after the frustration of this weekend's G7 summit , knowing full well that any criticism of the United States , and particularly Donald Trump , would go down well with voters in Germany. Speaking at a conference on sustainable development in Berlin , Mrs Merkel reiterated her call for Europeans to take their fate into their own hands. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Calls White House Kushner Leaks 'Fake News'

Donald Trump Calls White House Kushner Leaks 'Fake News' Asked about reports that U.S. President Donald Trump's son-in-law had tried to set up a secret channel of communication with Russian Federation before the president took office, U.S. Republicans have hit back. Mr Kushner's entanglement in the Russian scandal would take the investigation into the inner sanctum of the White House . [Full Article...]

China calls for talks to ease tensions after North Korea missile test

United States military monitors said the short-range missile flew for six minutes, while Japan said it fell into the country's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) - waters extending 370km from its coast. The missile reached an altitude of 120 km (75 miles), Roh said. Japan was quick to condemn the new missile launch as was South Korea, whose new president has said he wants better relations with ... [Full Article...]

Former US national security adviser Brzezinski dies at 89

From 1977 to 1981, Brzezinski was national security adviser to Carter at a time when the Cold War with the former Soviet Union was in full swing. Polish-born strategist guided U.S. citizen in 1958. In the 1960s he was an adviser to John F. Kennedy and served in the Johnson administration. Also in 1978, Brzezinski helped Carter to attain the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. [Full Article...]

Despite Tensions in Their Past, Trump and Pope Francis Finally Meet

Despite Tensions in Their Past, Trump and Pope Francis Finally Meet When the meeting as over Trump told the pope: "Thank you, I won't forget what you said". "What do you feed him on?" Trump is a noted climate skeptic.Human rights groups had urged Francis to raise US use of the death penalty and the issues of torture and targeted assassinations with Trump.Trump and Francis have also staked out different positions on climate change.In a amusing moment, Pope ... [Full Article...]

Jared Kushner defended by Trump amid 'secret Russia line' questions

The 36-year-old Kushner, a real estate developer with no previous government experience, had at least three previously undisclosed contacts with the Russian ambassador to the USA during and after the 2016 presidential campaign, seven current and former USA officials told Reuters . [Full Article...]

Emmanuel Macron says Donald Trump handshake was 'moment of truth'

Emmanuel Macron says Donald Trump handshake was 'moment of truth' In a wonderful turn of events, French President Emmanuel Macron has completely and utterly owned up to his mangling Donald Trump's hand, claiming it was absolutely on goal and was " a moment of truth ". "It's not the alpha and the omega of politics, but a moment of truth ", CNN quoted the French President as saying in the interview. "I do not let anything pass", he told JDD. [Full Article...]

Families reflect on military service at Phoenix National Cemetery

Families reflect on military service at Phoenix National Cemetery This years' Memorial Day address was delivered by Dr. Rudy Valdez, 2017 Rockford Mayoral Candidate. "I appreciate all that the military is doing right now, and I think it's especially important to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice", Hively said of Memorial Day. [Full Article...]

Mom praises men killed defending daughter in Portland attack

Mom praises men killed defending daughter in Portland attack In a tear-choked voice, Mangum said she did not know the men and thanked them for putting their lives on the line. Outrage over the deadly assault, messages of support for the victims and expressions of antipathy for the attacker have dominated social media and news coverage. [Full Article...]

California park's water slides closed after accident

California park's water slides closed after accident The park closed the Emerald Plunge ride after the incident, which was captured by a photographer attending its grand opening. "He got up immediately ... The park maintained that the slide riders are supposed to cross their arms and legs, and the boy's legs, in this case, were apart. The Verrückt water slide at Schlitterban that Caleb Schwab died on is 17 stories tall, 14 stories taller than th... [Full Article...]

Why you shouldn't say "Happy Memorial Day"

We celebrate Memorial Day with bands playing stirring marches, patriotic ceremonies, veterans proudly saluting the flag and flowers blooming over graves. Then, they will hold a traditional Memorial Day ceremony honoring 23 individuals at the veterans memorial in Logvy Community Park, 1401 N. Oak St., at 11 a.m. [Full Article...]

On Memorial Day, do more than just bow your head

One of scores of floral remembrances that have embellished Monument Point on Memorial Day. "There were a lot of people here so we know a lot of people care and we were happy", said Nathan Larson. An organization looking for photos of soldiers lost from Oklahoma during the Vietnam War has whittled the number down by more than half in the past year. [Full Article...]

Modi's Berlin visit signals Asian pivot for Atlanticist Merkel

Her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told reporters Merkel felt it was right to flag differences in Germany's ties with the United States in order to maintain healthy relations. Germany's top diplomat Sigmar Gabriel had harsh words for the U.S. as he said President Donald Trump's policies have weakened the West. Days earlier, in Saudi Arabia, Trump had presided over the single largest USA arms ... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump honors fallen and families in Memorial Day address

He says, "I'll remember it for forever because it's when I took my oath of enlistment, but it's such a great honor to be here and to take the oath of enlistment in front of all these military personnel and veterans". "It's not really a celebration, but we look in the past of the sacrifice they did and look to the future for the future freedoms that we have from the sacrifice that they gave", he ad... [Full Article...]

Trump hails the fallen and their families at Arlington

Robert Kelly , 29, was killed in a roadside bomb blast in 2010 during a foot patrol in Afghanistan's Helmland Province. Before joining the Trump administration, Secretary Kelly served as the top Marine commander in Iraq. Joseph Dunford and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a retired general. President Donald Trump expressed his nation's "boundless and undying" gratitude Monday to Americans ... [Full Article...]

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