Texas Senate OKs Gay Adoption Bill

Texas Senate OKs Gay Adoption Bill But teachers may soon have to disrupt his routine by revealing a secret: This energetic boy was born a girl. Republicans behind a Texas House measure addressing bathroom use by transgender students said they wanted to provide "definitive guidance " to school districts on an issue that's rattled through the current legislative session since before it was gaveled in. [Full Article...]

Rainy weather expected to soak Lowcountry today

Rainy weather expected to soak Lowcountry today Rainfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches with locally higher amounts are possible through Wednesday night . Updates can be see here. "Several inches of rain have already fallen in some areas over the weekend", said GOHSEP Director James Waskom. [Full Article...]

Trump asked 2 intel chiefs to deny Russian Federation collusion

During a hearing before the Senate Armed Forces committee, Republican Senator and committee chairman John McCain asked Mr Coats if the report - originally from The Washington Post - "was an accurate reporting? ". In that Oval Office discussion , Haldeman proposed to Nixon to ask the Central Intelligence Agency to lean on the FBI to shut down its investigation into the Watergate break-in. [Full Article...]

Trump administration asks for time to weigh Obamacare subsidies

Trump administration asks for time to weigh Obamacare subsidies Shifting to high-risk pools-that is, providing special subsidies for high-risk individuals-reduces the cost of health insurance for everyone else, making it more attractive for individuals with average health costs to purchase exchange coverage. [Full Article...]

John Brennan: Russia interfered in U.S. election process

Brennan said he warned the head of Russian intelligence, Alexander Bortnikov, in a phone call a year ago that Russian interference in the us presidential election would severely damage U.S. The former FBI director was appointed last week to serve as special counsel overseeing a counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in last year's presidential election. [Full Article...]

Former CIA testifies about Russian interference in election

The American public has been bombarded with speculation about ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and the Russian government for months. Hours after Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee that evidence of those contacts troubled his agency enough to prompt a major federal investigation, the Trump administration released a brief, anonymous statement eliding tha... [Full Article...]

Trump Budget Calls For 2.1% Military Pay Raise In 2018

But there were 15 separate billion-dollar natural disasters in the US alone last year, three times the average since 1980, and environmental advocates say the nation needs to prepare for the impacts both being felt today - and forecast to come in the years following. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump asked intelligence directors to deny proof of collusion with Russians

Donald Trump asked intelligence directors to deny proof of collusion with Russians Both Coats and Rogers found Trump's request inappropriate and refused to comply, according to two current and two former US officials. Both Coats and Rogers declined to comment publicly on the recent reports when they appeared before Congress on Tuesday, for matters unrelated to the Russian Federation probe. [Full Article...]

Walker, Republicans announce new policy center at UW-Madison

Walker, Republicans announce new policy center at UW-Madison At the end of the session co-chair Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills. It's the latest example of internal disagreement over the 2017-19 budget among Republicans, who for the fourth straight budget process control the Assembly, Senate and governor's office. [Full Article...]

President Trump expected to retain attorney for Russian Federation inquiry

The White House, responding to hearings on Capitol Hill about contacts between officials in Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russian Federation, said on Tuesday there was no evidence of collusion between Trump's team and Moscow. [Full Article...]

Trump budget calls for drawing private highway funding, more tolls

Trump budget calls for drawing private highway funding, more tolls To achieve balance, the plan by White House budget director Mick Mulvaney relies on optimistic estimates of economic growth, and the surge in revenues that would result, while abandoning Trump's promise of a "massive tax cut". "Come on. That doesn't add up". $610 billion — How much the president proposes to save over the coming decade in Medicaid , the program that pays the health care and nu... [Full Article...]

Pitino encouraged about program as NCAA decision looms

Pitino encouraged about program as NCAA decision looms Louisville will return one of its three underclassmen who declared for the 2017 NBA Draft. "I am excited to come back for my junior year at the University of Louisville and help my brothers accomplish our goal". Donovan Mitchell & Jaylen Johnson have both made a decision to remain in the draft and while the Cards have a scholarship available to use for 2017-18 Rick Pitino has said that he is el... [Full Article...]

Uncertainty grows as Trump delays a health care decision

They argue that they can no longer rely on the Trump administration to defend the health reform law. State Democrats plan to hammer on the issue often - including by fighting Medicaid cuts - and want to get GOP legislators to say where they stand on the federal legislation. [Full Article...]

Trump administration sending Congress $4.1T budget

Trump is also targeting the Medicaid health program that provides care to the poor and disabled, and nursing home care to millions of older people who could not otherwise afford it. President Donald Trump is "absolutely dead serious" about building a wall along the border with Mexico , his budget director said Tuesday, as key details including overall cost and even the type of wall rem... [Full Article...]

Ariana Grande Returns Home & Reunites With Boyfriend Mack Miller After Manchester Bombing

Ms Paula Robinson, 48, was at the train station next to the arena with her husband when she felt the explosion and saw dozens of teenage girls screaming and running away from the arena. She was loved by everyone and her warmth and kindness will be remembered fondly. Speaking from Bethlehem during his trip to the Middle East, US president Donald Trump said the "wicked" ideology behind terrorism m... [Full Article...]

Trump Asked Intel Chiefs to Push Back Against FBI Russia Probe

Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) asked Coats if he discussed with National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers - who was also reported by the Washington Post to have received a request from Trump to push back on the Russian Federation probe - efforts by Trump to "stifle" the investigation. [Full Article...]

The latest leaks suggest Trump tried to hobble Comey

The latest leaks suggest Trump tried to hobble Comey Trump made separate appeals in March to Daniel Coats, the national intelligence director, and to Admiral Michael Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, according to US news accounts citing current and former USA officials. A White House spokesperson said in a statement , "The White House does not confirm or deny unsubstantiated claims based on illegal leaks from anonymous individ... [Full Article...]

Rouhani dismisses Trump warning over Iran 'threat'

However, Mr Trump may face concerns from Israelis over the new 110 billion USA dollar (£85 billion) arms deal he announced during his stop in Saudi Arabia as well as questions from Israeli officials about the revelations that he disclosed sensitive Israeli intelligence to Russian officials. [Full Article...]

Trump meets Abbas in Bethlehem, says he's 'committed' to a peace deal

But Trump may face questions from Israeli officials about revelations that he disclosed sensitive Israeli intelligence to Russian officials and concerns over the new $ 110 billion arms deal he announced with the Saudis. He said Trump's White House meeting with Abbas earlier this month had briefly raised Palestinian expectations but wondered how long that initial optimism would last. [Full Article...]

Rouhani says Iran's ballistic missile programme will continue

Until the Trump administration develops a comprehensive plan for confronting nuclear and non-nuclear Iranian threats, it is better not to "make drastic and premature decisions that could incite a diplomatic backlash", they said . Saudi Arabia and Iran compete for influence across the Middle East, respectively backing rival political or armed groups in Syria , Lebanon , Iraq and Yemen. [Full Article...]

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