Trump denies telling Russians that Israel was source of classified intelligence

Trump denies telling Russians that Israel was source of classified intelligence Netanyahu called Trump's flight from Riyadh to Tel Aviv "a historic milestone on the path to reconciliation and peace". Gulf Arab countries long have been suspicious about Iran, whether that's the United Arab Emirates' long-running dispute over Iran seizing several Persian Gulf islands from it in 1971 to Bahrain's simmering anger over a 1981 coup attempt it blamed on the newly formed Islamic Rep... [Full Article...]

Roger Ailes' Death Has Sparked a Flurry of Mixed Reactions

His admirers, and even his critics, agree that Roger Ailes dramatically changed the media landscape, with Fox News, back in 1996. "He wasn't ideal, but Roger Ailes was my friend & I loved him", the 41st president tweeted Thursday. [Full Article...]

Trump 'never mentioned Israel' to Russians

Trump 'never mentioned Israel' to Russians Over the weekend, Trump received a warm welcome from Arab leaders, who focused on his desire to restrain Iran's influence in the region, a commitment they found wanting in the Republican president's Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama. He added that Trump could not have possibly disclosed Israel's role in gathering that intelligence data because " the president isn't even aware of where this in... [Full Article...]

22 killed in attack at music concert in Manchester

British counter-terrorism police have said they are making on average an arrest every day in connection with suspected terrorism. Hopkins said police are working with national counterterrorism experts to investigate the explosion. British authorities are focusing on the attack as a possible suicide bombing, according to a USA law enforcement official briefed on the matter. The nearby Manchester... [Full Article...]

Texas Senate revives trying to limit abortion coverage

Legislation headed for passage in the Texas Legislature this month could forbid him from using the boys' bathroom and effectively divulge his transgender identity to classmates. The author of the amendment, Republican representative Chris Paddie , said it is "absolutely about child safety" and "about accommodating all kids". [Full Article...]

Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu Visit Hospital

In his speech at Rivlin's official residence, Trump said he was deeply encouraged by his conversations with Muslim world leaders in Saudi Arabia. US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Iran must immediately stop its financial and military support for "terrorists and militias" and he reiterated that it never be permitted to possess atomic arms. [Full Article...]

Is the United States considering banning laptops on all flights from Europe?

Is the United States considering banning laptops on all flights from Europe? Britain followed with a similar ban applying to incoming flights from six Middle East and North African countries. There were 33 cases of electronic devices causing fire emergencies on flights in 2016, according to the FAA, and if those fires had been in cargo holds rather than overhead bins, where they were quickly put out, the results could have been disastrous. [Full Article...]

Three climbers dead and one missing near summit of Mount Everest

In addition to frostbite and snow blindness, dozens of climbers were rescued by helicopter and treated for altitude sickness. Slovak mountaineer Vladimir Strba also died Sunday . Kathmandu: Two more climbers have died on Mount Everest , taking to six the death toll on the world's highest mountain in the past month, fuelling safety concerns among mountaineers, officials said on Monday. [Full Article...]

Trump visits Israel in search of revived peace process

Media reports previously alleged that Israel was the source of the intelligence, which related to plans for terrorist attacks by the Islamic State group. Appearing with Netanyahu, the American president denounced the nuclear agreement signed by his predecessor Barack Obama and the leaders of five other major powers with Iran in 2015 as a "terrible thing". [Full Article...]

Trump administration launches NAFTA renegotiations to 'modernize' trade deal by year's end

On May 18, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer notified Congress that President Trump intends to renegotiate NAFA. The trade deal, which also includes Mexico and Canada, was heavily criticised by Trump during his successful election campaign in 2016 as he promised to withdraw the USA entirely from the agreement. [Full Article...]

Trump asked DNI, NSA to deny evidence of Russian Federation collusion

Both men refused the request, believing it to be inappropriate, the Post was told by four unnamed sources within the intelligence community. Specifically, the Post reported that current and former intelligence officials described Trump making separate asks of Coats and Rogers to deny the existence of any evidence pointing to collusion during the 2016 campaign. [Full Article...]

Tillerson holds briefing in Saudi Arabia without U.S. press

Speaking during his first visit to Israel as U.S. president, Mr Trump said there is strong consensus on these issues among the world's nations, including many in the Muslim world. His visit to Saudi Arabia , and speech to leaders from over 50 majority-Muslim countries on Sunday, is reflective of that. During the 2016 USA campaign, Trump mused about his belief that " Islam hates us ". [Full Article...]

Low-income patients report better care and health under Obamacare

However, the House bill does not require states to set up an alternate source of coverage for people who face higher premiums based on their health. This replacement is still in motion as it still needs approval from the Senate and President to become a law, however it is important to be aware of what the act is and to have an idea on the impacts it can have on health care as it appears it may h... [Full Article...]

National Review: Flynn Justified in Pleading Fifth, Not an Assumption of Guilt

National Review: Flynn Justified in Pleading Fifth, Not an Assumption of Guilt The payments were actually made by RT, a state-funded Russian television network known for news heavily-tilted toward Moscow's line. Members of key congressional committees are pledging a full public airing as to why former FBI Director James Comey was ousted amid an intensifying investigation into Russia's interference with the US election. [Full Article...]

Stray bullet travels through window killing boy eating snack

Stray bullet travels through window killing boy eating snack The scene outside the home of Dequante Hobbs Jr. after he was shot and killed by a stray bullet Sunday evening. McKinley says the boy's mother and grandmother were at the home and called 911. They instead think there was a fight behind the boy's home where someone fired shots. And in America for that matter. It has nothing to do with spending more money. [Full Article...]

Flight took off with disruptive passenger despite red flags

Flight took off with disruptive passenger despite red flags Pacific Command to send two F-22 fighter jets to escort the aircraft into Hawaii. Uskanli is now facing charges of one count of interference with flight crew members and attendants. Before takeoff, he sat in a first-class seat and had to be asked several times to move to his assigned seat toward the back of the plane, the complaint said. [Full Article...]

PM Modi condemns Arinana Grande concert blast in UK

PM Modi condemns Arinana Grande concert blast in UK Priyanka Chopra has condemned the attack in the English City of Manchester during a concert of pop star Ariana Grande . The apparent bombing at a Manchester , England concert venue that killed more than a dozen has no connection to Chicago, authorities here say. [Full Article...]

3 white men, 2 white woman seated for Cosby jury

3 white men, 2 white woman seated for Cosby jury Bill Cosby, center, arrives for jury selection in his sexual assault case at the Allegheny County Courthouse, Monday, May 22, 2017, in Pittsburgh. The search for 12 jurors and six alternates got off to a brisk start, even though a third of the initial jury pool had an opinion about Cosby's guilt or innocence and an equal number said they or someone close to them had been sexually assaulted. [Full Article...]

Pacific ministers meet seeking to finalize trade pact

GDP: $8,897 bln (vs. $25,559 bln for TPP-12) Population: 496 million (vs. 817 million for TPP-12) Trade between members: $265 bln ($1,014 bln for TPP-12) Members: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan , Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam (TPP-12 included the United States) REGIONAL COMPREHENSIVE ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP (RCEP) This free trade deal is backed by China and it has ... [Full Article...]

Chinese jets intercept United States plane in E China Sea

Chinese jets intercept United States plane in E China Sea This undated combination of photos shows the U.S. Air Force WC-135W Constant Phoenix aircraft during flight, left, and two Chinese SU-30 fighter jets taking off. Chinese fighters intercepted an Air Force aircraft over the East China Sea Wednesday in an "unprofessional" manner, the Air Force said. The U.S. opposes China's territorial claims in the region, and routinely asserts its right to fly or... [Full Article...]

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