North Korean missile can carry nuclear warhead

North Korean missile can carry nuclear warhead Han also said that the North's defense proliferation was advancing faster than originally expected. The US Pacific Command, based in Hawaii, confirmed the rocket launch but said the unidentified projectile did not appear to be large enough to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, saying only that the launch did not pose a threat to North America. [Full Article...]

Tulsa jury foreman: Shooting of unarmed black man 'tragic but justifiable'

Tulsa jury foreman: Shooting of unarmed black man 'tragic but justifiable' Shelby had been charged with felony manslaughter in the September 16, 2016, death of Terrence Crutcher - a shooting captured on video and seen across the nation. The shooting was among a spate of officer-involved shootings in recent years that helped galvanize the Black Lives Matter movement and prompted calls for more police accountability. [Full Article...]

Owings Mills man dead in domestic incident involving off-duty DE trooper

Authorities say an off-duty DE state trooper used her service weapon to fatally shoot her boyfriend in a domestic incident. She is now in stable condition, officials said. Both were transported to the hospital with severe injuries. Police did not give details on their conditions. Delaware State Police Criminal Investigation detectives had begun an investigation to determine the circumstances sur... [Full Article...]

New footage shows Turkish president watching Washington brawl

On Wednesday the Turkish Ambassador to the US Serdar Kiliç was summoned to the State Department, a senior State Department official told CNN . As Lauretta reported last night, video emerged of Erdogan calmly watching his bodyguards beating up protesters, which sent nine to the hospital and left many bruised and bloody. [Full Article...]

Tulsa Police Officer Is Found Not Guilty In Death Of Terence Crutcher

Officer Betty Shelby was charged in September with killing Terence Crutcher, whose vehicle had broken down on a Tulsa street. According to dashcam and arial footage from a helicopter hovering above, Crutcher was seen with his hands in the air before Shelby shot Crutcher, a father of four, in the lung. [Full Article...]

President's budget to include family leave plan

President's budget to include family leave plan Still, the approach would put the burden of funding the program on the states. A senior budget official says the administration's 2018 budget - set to be released Tuesday - will include a plan to provide six weeks of paid leave to new mothers, fathers and adoptive parents. [Full Article...]

Ohio Nursing Home Gunman Had History Of Violence

Ohio Nursing Home Gunman Had History Of Violence Authorities say Steven Eric Disario, who headed the Kirkersville Po. Authorities say Steven Eric Disario, who headed the Kirkersv. KIRKERSVILLE , Ohio (AP) - Authorities in Ohio are piecing together the events that led up to a nursing home shooting that left four people dead including the suspected gunman. [Full Article...]

Texas advances school transgender bathroom law

It had stalled in the House until Sunday night, when supporters attached it to a separate bill. The bill passed the Senate 21-10 at 12:50 a.m. Monday, marking the second time in two months the chamber has approved legislation that would allow parents to use public school dollars to subsidize their child's tuition at a private school. [Full Article...]

Texas Senate approves 'religious refusal' adoption measure

The House also made progress on the property tax measure and the budget conference committee announced they had a reached a deal on the state's 2018-19 budget, another must-pass. "Bathrooms divided us then and bathrooms divide us now". Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, told the House that the bathroom debate reminded her of the discrimination that she and other African-Americans experienced du... [Full Article...]

Trump lands in Israel: What to watch

Oren Hazan, an Israeli lawmaker prepares to take a selfie with U.S. President Donald Trump during a welcoming ceremony at Ben-Gurion International Airport, in Tel Aviv, Israel , Monday May 22, 2017. Throughout the Middle East, Christian communities are decimated, minorities persecuted. "Thank both you and Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu for your commitment to achieving peace between Israeli... [Full Article...]

Fired FBI Chief to Publicly Testify in Congress

The newspaper cited a document detailing the White House meeting Trump held with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russia's ambassador to Washington in the Oval Office the day after he fired Comey. Comey had courted controversy during the 2016 presidential polls when he revealed a renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use, which the Democrats claimed had hurt her chances of... [Full Article...]

Flynn will invoke the Fifth Amendment in response to Senate subpoena

The Senate committee is one of several congressional inquiries investigating possible collusion between Russian Federation and President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. Flynn's lawyers said that he would not honor the subpoena, and that's not a surprise to the committee", but Burr's office later put out a statement saying Flynn's attorneys had not yet responded. [Full Article...]

Trump says it's possible he could pick Federal Bureau of Investigation head by next week

Instead of talking about that speech and his legislative agenda, Mr. Trump found himself aggravated by developments that had led to the recusal of the Attorney General from any federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 USA elections. [Full Article...]

Trump taking unique Saudi-to-Israel flight

Israel is the second leg of Trump's first foreign trip, an ambitious five-stop swing through the Middle East and Europe. Trump is expected to shake only the hands of Netanyahu and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. He urged Netanyahu to reject Palestinian statehood and insist that Jerusalem remain under Israeli sovereignty forever. President Donald Trump says peace in the Middle East can be ac... [Full Article...]

Coast Guard helps 5 on boat off North Carolina coast

Coast Guard helps 5 on boat off North Carolina coast Sunday, a local fisherman spotted a body on a beach and a Coast Guard plane confirmed by air. The Fire Department also treated the other swimmer for signs of hypothermia. The Coast Guard searched throughout the night, but could not find the kayak. Owners of an unmanned kayak that sparked an investigation in Portland Harbor have come forward. [Full Article...]

Diarrhea-Causing Parasites Outbreak Found In Swimming Pools, Reports CDC

Diarrhea-Causing Parasites Outbreak Found In Swimming Pools, Reports CDC Only a mouthful of swallowed water could make an otherwise healthy person sick for up to three weeks. The parasite can be killed by increasing the chlorine concentration in infected pools for 8 to 28 hours - a process called "hyperchlorination " - which means that people cannot use the pool during this time, the CDC says. [Full Article...]

Senior White House adviser under scrutiny in Russian Federation investigation, Washington Post says

Senior White House adviser under scrutiny in Russian Federation investigation, Washington Post says The motivation and timing of Rosenstein's three-page memo has been scrutinized because the White House offered inconsistent explanations for it. He has made similar complaints before, but this one came the day after the Justice Department appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to lead the federal Trump-Russia investigation. [Full Article...]

US Senate panel still negotiating with Flynn over documents: congressional aides

US Senate panel still negotiating with Flynn over documents: congressional aides Richard Burr of North Carolina. While Flynn "is not cooperating" so far, Burr said, he hasn't gotten a "definitive" answer from Flynn's lawyers. "Consistent with the committee's position since the beginning of or investigation, I welcome their willingness to cooperate". [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Told Russians James Comey Was A 'Nut Job' & Twitter Explodes

Whitehouse proposed Mueller use his scope to look into the circumstances under which former FBI Director James Comey was sacked. White House press secretary Sean Spicer did not dispute the summary, saying in a statement that pressure applied by Comey had affected the President's diplomatic efforts with Russian Federation regarding Syria, Ukraine and the Islamic State. [Full Article...]

President Trump told Russians 'firing nut job Comey relieved pressure'

Comey has since claimed that Trump urged him to drop the FBI investigation into possible collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation to game the 2016 Presidential election for the NY real estate icon. Comey will certainly be asked about encounters that precipitated his firing, including a January dinner in which, Comey has told associates, Trump asked for his loyalty. [Full Article...]

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