Sen. John Cornyn among candidates to be Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Late Thursday, The New York Times cited two unnamed Comey associates who recounted his version of a January dinner with the president in which Trump asked for a pledge of loyalty. He said the discussions happened in two phone calls and at a dinner in which Comey was asking to keep his job. Trump also hit back on Friday at media reports questioning the credibility of White House accounts of why... [Full Article...]

One Dead in Elk City Tornado

Forecasters say storms could bring significant and "intense" tornadoes to the Southern Plains Thursday afternoon and night, and at midday issued a "particularly unsafe situation" tornado watch for western Oklahoma and western north Texas. By evening, the National Weather Service listed more than 20 reports of tornadoes from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wisconsin, although some of those ... [Full Article...]

Jury finds Oklahoma cop not guilty in shooting of unarmed black man

Crutcher's family said police attempted to "demonize" Crutcher over the drug possession to deflect attention from the fact officers didn't find a gun inside his SUV. Earlier, a protest had dispersed but some demonstrators gathered later a short distance away from the courthouse where the trial of officer Betty Jo Shelby had been held. [Full Article...]

"Sanctuary cities" bill clears latest hurdle, heads to Abbott for signature

The State Senate Wednesday unanimously approved a bill dubbed "David's Law" that's aimed at curbing teen suicides by cracking down on cyberbullying. The state Senate's recent bill is set to ban sanctuary cities throughout Texas . "TAMSA applauds Rep. VanDeaver-R for his effort to reduce standardized testing in Texas , however, we far preferred the original version of the bill (HB 515) that e... [Full Article...]

Two Injured On Southwest Flight To Houston

Two Injured On Southwest Flight To Houston Louis (STL) beginning November 11, 2017. HFD was prepared to take both people to an area hospital, Lozano said. Beginning Nov. 11, 2017, fly nonstop on Saturdays to Cancun from Nashville and St. "There's been great growth and demand on Southwest in recent years and we're excited for this continued momentum with the addition of new global service", said Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge. [Full Article...]

Trump To Liberty University Graduates: Critical Thinking Is Useless

Overall, the speech lacked fireworks, a rarity for a Trump gathering. "We don't need a lecture from Washington on how to lead our lives". Unlike his campaign rallies and his post-election "thank you" tour, Trump traded in the hyperbolic hysterics for talking points of religious freedom and perseverance during his first commencement speech as president, at times alluding to the "independe... [Full Article...]

Ana Navarro Calls Out GOP: You'd Impeach Hillary Clinton Over This

GOP strategist Ana Navarro said Monday Republicans would be attempting to impeach Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonGOP strategist: "GOP would have "rightly" tried to impeach Clinton for classified disclosure 'Daily Show" resurfaces GOP tweets on mishandling classified info. [Full Article...]

Trump on Asking for Comey's Loyalty: 'I Didn't'

Trump on Asking for Comey's Loyalty: 'I Didn't' It also escalated a potentially damaging standoff between a fuming, undisciplined president and the unorthodox lawman he dismissed three days earlier. Spicer declined to answer repeated questions from reporters about whether Trump tapes his phone calls or conversations with others - or whether there were recording devices in the room during the meeting with Comey. [Full Article...]

Texas Southern University cancels Cornyn's commencement speech

Texas Southern University cancels Cornyn's commencement speech He will reportedly meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Saturday about the job. U.S. correspondent Scott Malone said that President Trump is due to leave on Friday on his first worldwide trip since being in office, and he may make his pick before he leaves. [Full Article...]

Lawmaker Calls for President Trump's Impeachment on House Floor

Democrats unified around calls for an independent investigation after Trump's abrupt ouster of FBI Director James Comey last week and the subsequent disclosure that Trump urged Comey to drop the bureau's investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. [Full Article...]

Putin Offers Congress Record of Trump's Meeting With Lavrov

British PM Theresa May meanwhile said Trump is free to decide what to discuss with White House visitors, while stressing that London's relationship with Washington was "the most important defence and security relationship" around the world. [Full Article...]

Click-It or Ticket Seat Belt Law

Click-It or Ticket Seat Belt Law All occupants ages 8 years and older are required to use a seat belt in any position within the vehicle. Locally, the Texas " Click It or Ticket " campaign is credited for not only saving lives but is also believed to have prevented more than 86,000 serious injuries and saved Texas more than an estimated $19.3 billion in economic costs, TxDot reported. [Full Article...]

Army leaker Chelsea Manning released from prison

In her first hours of freedom, Manning tweeted about enjoying pizza and told news outlets that she was looking forward to growing out her hair after being forced to cut it in the men's prison. She felt her situation was so dire that in July she tried to commit suicide. Manning's support network has raised about $138,000 in crowdsourced donations to help her transition to the outside. [Full Article...]

Man shot by police after striking officer dies

Man shot by police after striking officer dies Boak wouldn't stop and he maneuvered around officers to continue south on the highway, Savage said. While one officer was standing outside the vehicle, the suspect hit the officer with his auto. Boak was traveling southbound side of Interstate 395 in Arlington at about 4:30 p.m. when police noticed from a license plate reader that the truck belonged to a wanted suspect. [Full Article...]

More Republicans back independent probe of Trump-Russia ties

It is within prosecutorial discretion to decide not to go after someone because he is a good guy. Yates was sacked soon after because, the White House said, she refused to defend the president's travel ban in court. The ACLU has also called for the appointment of a special prosecutor and the creation of a select congressional committee to investigate the Trump campaign's relationship with Russia... [Full Article...]

Scenes of utter destruction emerge following deadly tornado in Oklahoma

Scenes of utter destruction emerge following deadly tornado in Oklahoma The storms leveled the Prairie Lake Estate Mobile Park, about 110 miles northeast of Minneapolis, Wisconsin . More than two dozen people were injured as the tornado felled trees and tossed cars and trailers about. One person in a vehicle was killed, according to local media. Mikles body was found in a field behind his mobile home and his pickup was found several hundred feet away by neighbors. [Full Article...]

Crews dismantle confederate monument in New Orleans

The early-morning removal of the controversial statue was no mistake, as city officials had reportedly hoped to avoid too many protests. Two-and-a-half years later, following a city council vote and a series of ongoing legal challenges , the monuments in New Orleans have started falling-and the removal has awakened the ghosts that linger in the South, where some see tributes to the Confederac... [Full Article...]

Key moments of Trump-Comey clash and what's come after

The deputy AG noted that several past top DOJ officials from both parties agreed with his assessment-unsurprisingly so, since the FBI's institutional role is to conduct investigations, the results of which are conveyed to the Department of Justice, whose leaders then decide whether to prosecute or not. [Full Article...]

Governor Walker Discusses Alaska Opportunities with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Governor Walker Discusses Alaska Opportunities with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson On May 10, Chairman Victor Joseph of the Tanana Chief Conference, representing the native tribes living along the Arctic, urged Tillerson to sign the declaration as an act of solidarity. Meeting in Alaska this week, the countries most concerned with the melting of the Arctic called for global action to reduce greenhouse gases. "You should know we are taking the time to understand your concerns". [Full Article...]

Honoring Law Enforcement this National Police Week

Honoring Law Enforcement this National Police Week US President Donald Trump lit the White House with blue lights honouring slain police officers, the media reported. Since 1962, the week of May 15 (Peace Officers Memorial Day) has been set aside to honor our peace officers. "And we certainly don't want to let their families ever go without us thanking them for their service that their loved ones gave". Texas again led the way with the most offi... [Full Article...]

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