ACLU Files to Get Comey's Memo on Trump Conversation

The ACLU has also called for the appointment of a special prosecutor and the creation of a select congressional committee to investigate the Trump campaign's relationship with Russian Federation. We need to make sure that we find out whether these reports are true, what these memoranda say, if indeed there are memoranda of other conversations between the Federal Bureau of Investigation directo... [Full Article...]

Senate GOP seeks more time on 'grand bargain'

Senate GOP seeks more time on 'grand bargain' When it comes to approving a budget, IL lawmakers appear to be closer than they've been in almost two years. During debate, some Republicans argued more time was needed on some of the bills, but Democrats said they could improve the legislation, as needed, after it passed. [Full Article...]

Bernie Sanders, John Kasich Say It's Too Early to Talk Trump Impeachment

Bernie Sanders, John Kasich Say It's Too Early to Talk Trump Impeachment Sanders then referenced Trump's surprise firing of FBI Director James Comey last week, a move Trump said he made in part because of Comey's handling of an investigation into Trump's ties to Russian Federation. "And this president had better learn what it's like to be president and not share classified information with people who do not wish us well". Sanders, for his part, was more harsh with ... [Full Article...]

Civil rights lawyer poised to be Philadelphia DA

Civil rights lawyer poised to be Philadelphia DA Krasner also traded verbal jabs with the president of the police officers union. He declined to criticize supporters who chanted anti-FOP slogans election night, saying while he may not agree with them, the First Amendment is very important. [Full Article...]

Bill to penalize 'sanctuary cities' passes House on 2nd try

Bill to penalize 'sanctuary cities' passes House on 2nd try Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards on Tuesday called the bill "problematic", impractical and unnecessarily divisive, but he did not say whether will veto it if it comes to his desk. In New Orleans in the summer of 2015 after Mayor Landrieu called for the removal of Confederate memorials across the city, a 60-day public comment period was held, featuring a succession of contentious public mee... [Full Article...]

Betsy DeVos was booed today as she gave a commencement address

Betsy DeVos was booed today as she gave a commencement address DeVos said during her speech that it's important to listen and learn from those with opposing viewpoints, and that she was "at the table fighting on your behalf". Betsy DeVos Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearing, Washington DC, Labor and Pensions hearing considering the confirmation of Betsy DeVosto be US Secretary of Education on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. [Full Article...]

British PM says up to Trump who he shares intelligence with

British PM says up to Trump who he shares intelligence with Chrystia Freeland and Harjit Sajjan dined with their US counterparts for foreign affairs and defence - Rex Tillerson and James Mattis. They got there just before the news upended Washington, and early enough that it wasn't a hot dinner discussion topic. [Full Article...]

Closing arguments in Tulsa police officer's trial to begin Wednesday

As Reuters notes , Shelby, 43, faces four years to life in prison if convicted of manslaughter for the September 2016 shooting death of Crutcher, whose vehicle had broken down on a Tulsa highway. Crutcher's family said police attempted to "demonize" Crutcher over the drug possession to deflect attention from the fact officers didn't find a gun inside his SUV. [Full Article...]

Former FBI Director Mueller to lead Trump-Russia probe

The possibility that the White House may have tried to influence the Justice Department's own investigation of the Russian matter, which the FBI began previous year, arose when Trump fired FBI Director James Comey a week ago. Modern special counsels have less independence than the special prosecutors employed during the Watergate investigations of the 1970s, who were appointed under a law that h... [Full Article...]

ACLU files open records request for Comey memo

Right now, many Republicans are reluctant to even consider Comey's memo as proof of anything. "I fully support the ongoing efforts to get all of the facts surrounding the firing of FBI Director Comey", Upton said in a statement. Moscow has denied U.S. intelligence agencies' conclusion it meddled in the campaign to try to tilt the election in Trump's favor. Trump, who has largely dismissed an... [Full Article...]

OR health insurers seek significant rate hikes

The House bill actually enhances federal funding for the 31 states and the District of Columbia that chose to expand its Medicaid program. "The failure of the individual marketplace under Obamacare is driving insurers out of counties and states at an alarming rate, leaving millions of Americans without choices for affordable health insurance", Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price sai... [Full Article...]

Fractious House panel at center of latest Trump probes

Some Republicans have begun siding with the many Democrats who are demanding an independent investigation to get to the bottom of a series of issues, including the Trump team's possible connections with Moscow. That prospect was echoed by Democratic U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, a former Connecticut Attorney General. The Senate intelligence committee first requested from the Federal Bureau of... [Full Article...]

USA lawmakers want to see Comey memo on Trump meeting

Three's a crowd: President Donald Trump (L), White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and FBI Director James Comey. Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee , late Tuesday sent a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation requesting all documents pertaining to communications between Trump and Comey following the New York Times report that Comey ... [Full Article...]

MS-13 gang targeted in sweep across Los Angeles

MS-13 gang targeted in sweep across Los Angeles Lopez, Rivas and Molina are all eligible for the death penalty if found guilty of the murders, according to prosecutors. Sessions said he would beef up the number of prosecutors to the Eastern District of NY, while Cuomo added more than two dozen state police officers to combat the gang violence. [Full Article...]

Vladimir Putin says can prove Donald Trump did not pass Russia secrets

The information was supplied by Israel under the condition that it not be shared with others. Trump himself claimed the authority to share "facts pertaining to terrorism" and airline safety with Russian Federation, saying in a pair of tweets he has "an absolute right " as president to do so. [Full Article...]

The Donald Trump Obstruction Inquiry Isn't Mainly About the Comey Memo

Trump is facing the deepest crisis of his presidency after reports Tuesday about Comey's memo. The following day, The New York Times reported , Trump asked Vice President Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to leave a national security meeting so Trump could speak with Comey alone. [Full Article...]

President Trump Responds: Mueller Will Find No Collusion As Special Counselor

In the meantime, I will never stop fighting for the people and the issues that matter most to the future of our country. Mueller has bipartisan support and is seen as a credible option to lead an ongoing investigation into links between Russian Federation and Donald Trump's presidential campaign. [Full Article...]

Burr Summons Comey, McCabe as Russia Issues Permeate

Burr Summons Comey, McCabe as Russia Issues Permeate The fresh United States crisis sank the dollar as well as Hong Kong stocks amid worries that Trump's economy-boosting and tax-cutting agenda could be derailed, as both analysts and handful of lawmakers on Capitol Hill began openly to raise the prospect of a possible impeachment . [Full Article...]

2 dead after tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Wisconsin

The weather service says it received reports of more than two dozen tornado sightings Tuesday night across five states: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wisconsin. At least one tornado touched down Tuesday in the Texas Panhandle as the threat for severe storms stretches from the nation's midsection to near the Great Lakes region. [Full Article...]

Former Florida lawmaker found guilty of fraud

Former Florida lawmaker found guilty of fraud Judge Timothy Corrigan called the jury out of their room a little before 5pm to send them home for the day. The congresswoman allegedly stole money to fund lavish shopping excursions. The judge turned the case over the jury on Monday afternoon. In fact, a young Brown at one point had to deal with legal issues after winning an election over outspoken white talk radio host Andy Johnson. [Full Article...]

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