Forget the Derby! Classic Empire healthy for Preakness run

Classic Empire , who took fourth in the Kentucky Derby, trains on the track for the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course. "We think he's the best horse, and we want to prove it", said Mark Casse , Classic Empire's trainer. At Pimlico, Red Bullet and Jerry Bailey got the jump on Fusaichi Pegasus around the final turn and led him on a merry chase to the wire to win by 3 3/4 lengths. [Full Article...]

Peace Officers Memorial Day Today

Peace Officers Memorial Day Today We're able to use a lot more verbalization. Bartlett police officers traveled to Washington D.C. and paid a visit to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Now states and local governments celebrate and honor local police, in their own individual ways, throughout National Police Week . "It's a huge event for us and it's something that we are proud to participate in, the families ar... [Full Article...]

President Trump, Sean Spicer are the 'stars' on a new 'SNL'

When the White House press corps asked if Sanders could be press secretary forever, Spicer blasted the room with a fire extinguisher before forcing Sanders off his podium. "Trump is innocent", McCarthy insisted. "I can't go back to the navy, I can't swim!" "Because he TOLD us so!" "Plus, I bet Nixon only got one scoop of ice cream for dessert, but I get two scoops", "Trump" said. [Full Article...]

Lawmakers On Both Sides Alarmed By Reports Trump Disclosed Intelligence

Trump shared information about a threat from the Islamic State group while hosting Russia's foreign minister and ambassador to Washington. That's because counterterrorism work depends on a high level of trust among partner nations, global security experts say. [Full Article...]

Trump must turn over any tapes, lawmakers agree

Trump must turn over any tapes, lawmakers agree All I want is for Comey to be honest. " I was going to fire Comey - my decision", Mr Trump told NBC . When asked whether the Russian probe played a part in Comey's firing , Pence said on Wednesday "that's not what this is about". Separately, Comey has declined to testify before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where he was asked to appear next week as part its attempt to find the ... [Full Article...]

The Comey memo is the agenda now

In a freaky twist on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to turn over to Congress records of Trump's discussions. Trump himself said he had "an absolute right" as president to share "facts pertaining to terrorism" and airline safety with Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

Convicted transgender soldier will stay on active duty

Manning was arrested in 2010 and convicted in 2013 of six violations of the U.S. espionage act for leaking 700,000 secret military and State Department documents. "Time, trauma, and survival have changed her and changed all of us". "I can imagine surviving and living as the person who I am and can finally be in the outside world", she said in a written statement. [Full Article...]

A$AP Rocky's home targeted by armed robbers

A$AP Rocky's home targeted by armed robbers In their haste, or perhaps because of the weight, they left a safe on the sidewalk in front of the house, before making their getaway in a nearby auto. It does not appear that A$AP Rocky was home at the time, but a silver Ferrari with tinted windows left the home early Wednesday, KTLA video from the scene showed. [Full Article...]

Trump disclosure a breach of trust, if not law

Trump disclosure a breach of trust, if not law The disclosure late Monday drew strong condemnation from Democrats and a rare rebuke of Trump from some Republican lawmakers. Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, Mr. Rep Jason Chaffetz, Republican chairman of the House oversight committee, sent a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday requesting that it turn over all documents and recordings that detail communications between Mr Comey and... [Full Article...]

Penn State student said frat brothers ignored pleas to help classmate

Penn State student said frat brothers ignored pleas to help classmate Penn State President Eric Barron in a statement Friday said, "The alleged details in the grand jury presentment, which suggest the inhumane treatment of a student forced through hazing to consume risky amounts of alcohol and endure hours of suffering, are sickening and hard to understand". [Full Article...]

US Supreme Court denies stay of execution

US Supreme Court denies stay of execution The execution is set to happen at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, about 45 minutes south of Atlanta off Interstate 75. In their motion to the Georgia Supreme Court, Ledford's attorneys argued that his death sentence was "excessive and disproportionate punishment". [Full Article...]

Stormzy Donated £9000 To A Fan Crowdfunding To Study At Harvard University

Stormzy Donated £9000 To A Fan Crowdfunding To Study At Harvard University It's not just good karma coming Stormzy's way for this either, it seems he might get a free Nando's too! The total cost of her nine month course is an eye-watering £59,000, but she has fortunately managed to win an external scholarship and receive financial aid from her department to cover the cost that she has not raised herself through crowdfunding. [Full Article...]

Increased education cuts in Governor Malloy's revised budget

Increased education cuts in Governor Malloy's revised budget The changes were prompted after anticipated income tax revenue dropped sharply, especially among the state's wealthiest taxpayers. State government, which now receives $267 million in video slot revenues from the two southeastern CT casinos, as part of a sharing agreement that dates back to the early 1990s, expects to see that revenue stream drop. [Full Article...]

President Trump to Deliver Speech at U.S. Coast Guard Academy Commencement

Sitting presidents give commencement speeches for at least one of the United States military academies every year. WNPR reporters Harriet Jones and Ryan Caron King are reporting and tweeting from the Coast Guard Academy. Sources told CNN on Tuesday that Trump, during a February meeting with Comey, asked the FBI director to end the investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump's former national secur... [Full Article...]

2 'missing' after small plane crash in New Jersey

2 'missing' after small plane crash in New Jersey According to FlightAware data , in the 11 days before the crash, N452DA had made several trips to and from Teterboro and other airports in the NY area. Video shot from the ground by showed a column of black smoke rising from the crash site, with fire engines spraying buildings and cars as the fire continued to rage. [Full Article...]

Democratic Alabama Congresswoman wants 'full account' of Comey's meeting with President Trump

According to the New York Times , Mr Comey wrote in the memo that Mr Trump told him Mr Flynn had done nothing wrong. Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer says "history is watching" and "the country is being tested in unprecedented ways" in the wake of a New York Times story that says President Donald Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to call off an investigation into former National ... [Full Article...]

Sen. Thom Tillis hospitalized after medical episode during race

Sen. Thom Tillis hospitalized after medical episode during race Tillis posted a video on Twitter from his hospital bed hours after the early morning race. WASHINGTON (AP) - The Latest on Sen. Thom Tillis was hospitalized Wednesday morning after having a medical episode while running in the annual American Council of Life Capital Challenge race in Washington , but the North Carolina Republican said later he's "doing well". [Full Article...]

These Are the Candidates President Trump Is Considering to Replace James Comey

These Are the Candidates President Trump Is Considering to Replace James Comey The position of the FBI director was vacated Tuesday after Trump fired Comey, which has sent shockwaves through Washington as critics say the move was an attempt to undermine an ongoing FBI investigation into alledged ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, an accusation the White House denied. [Full Article...]

Chaffetz: I'm ready to subpoena for Comey memo

Comey's associates read parts of the memo to a Times reporter", they wrote. A friend of President Donald Trump told CNN that former FBI Director James Comey should not have gone to Congress with the information he detailed in a memo - as some have suggested - explosive details from which were made public Tuesday. [Full Article...]

WSJ Poll: Just 29 Percent Approve of Trump's Firing of James Comey

Critics have assailed Mr Trump for abruptly dismissing Mr Comey just as the agency is investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 USA election, and possible Moscow ties to the Trump presidential campaign. Former FBI director James Comey presumably has more information than most people regarding the investigation into Russian election interference. [Full Article...]

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