Chelsea Manning, Longest Held Whistleblower in US History, Goes Free

Manning had to serve her sentence in an all-male military prison despite a request to transfer to a civilian prison. The reason behind her 35-year sentence is that she leaked hundreds of thousand of secret reports to WikiLeaks . According to her lawyers, Manning attempted suicide twice in prison, where, they claim, she was subjected to violence and mistreatment, including being denied perm... [Full Article...]

US Confederacy statue rally sparks online anti-Semitism

The Charlottesville City Council voted last month to sell the Lee statue, but a judge has agreed to a temporary injunction that blocks Charlottesville from moving the statue for six months, The Daily Progress reported. Signer said he's received hundreds of negative tweets, including dozens attacking him for his Jewish faith. The city also plans to rename Lee Park and another park named after ano... [Full Article...]

Arizona basketball: Duke transfer Chase Jeter commits to Wildcats

Arizona basketball: Duke transfer Chase Jeter commits to Wildcats Back when he originally made his initial decision out of high school Arizona was one of the schools in the running to land Jeter, but ultimately the allure of playing at Duke pulled him to the other side of he country. The 6-foot-10 forward did not appear in a game after January 14, and in his Blue Devil career, he averaged just 10.3 minutes and 2.1 points per game. [Full Article...]

Sen. John Cornyn removes himself from Federal Bureau of Investigation consideration

Gowdy was out of the country on a House Intelligence Committee mission when Comey was sacked. Trump is also reportedly considering tapping Judge Michael J. Still, the top Senate Republican leader said he remained "optimistic" that Mr. Trump would pick someone in the mold of Garland. Cornyn's decision also averted a fresh leadership struggle in the Senate, as well as a reshuffling of the Repu... [Full Article...]

Trump transition handling of classified info raised concern

Revelation of Trump's disclosure, first reported by the Washington Post , caused a firestorm. Trump said in his tweets , "I wanted to share with Russian Federation (at an openly scheduled W.H. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican leading one of four congressional probes into Russia's meddling in the U.S. elections, said he was not sure yet if Trump had leaked any intelligence... [Full Article...]

2 killed in Teterboro Airport crash

2 killed in Teterboro Airport crash A Learjet 35 airplane, similar to the one that crashed Monday. A Learjet crashed near Teterboro Airport in New Jersey as it attempted to land Monday afternoon, killing two crew members and setting several cars and buildings ablaze near the airport, according to officials. [Full Article...]

Contradictions by Trump create credibility gap for aides

The White House insists that Trump did not reveal USA "sources and methods". The press secretary drew a distinction between leaks and Trump's conversation with the Russians, saying the discussion with the Russian officials involved shared threats to the us and Russia . [Full Article...]

Texas tests Trump administration over abortion providers

Texas tests Trump administration over abortion providers With a Republican president in the White House , Texas health officials are seeking to restore federal family planning funding they gave up under the Obama administration to take a stand against Planned Parenthood. "We looked at what services we provided", she said. The New York Times reports that Healthy Texas Women , the family-planning program, offers numerous same services Planned Parentho... [Full Article...]

Did Trump commit a crime by sharing intelligence with Russian Federation?

Did Trump commit a crime by sharing intelligence with Russian Federation? CHUCK SCHUMER: The American people will rightly doubt if their president can handle our nation's most closely kept secrets. US National Security Advisor Lt General H R McMaster asserted that Trump's sharing of information with Russian Federation did not risk national security. [Full Article...]

Louis mayor wants Confederate monument removed

The Louisiana State House has passed a bill that could protect military monuments from being removed or altered, including statues that honor Confederate soldiers and leaders like PGT Beauregard, pictured. Carmody was the only legislator speaking in support of the measure. Carmody's bill, headed next to the Senate, comes as cities across the South debate the appropriateness of memorials to t... [Full Article...]

New Orleans school warns parents of Confederate statue removal

New Orleans school warns parents of Confederate statue removal Lee Circle is a very majestic public space with this big monument in the roundabout. It honored whites who battled a biracial Reconstruction-era government in New Orleans . Some of the pro-monument demonstrators chanted "Mitch for prison" - a reference to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu who is backing the monuments' removal. [Full Article...]

Severe Storms, Tornadoes in Nation's Midsection

Severe Storms, Tornadoes in Nation's Midsection The Storm Prediction Center says strong wind gusts and large, damaging hail are possible throughout the region. At least one person was killed and around 25 were injured Tuesday by a tornado in Wisconsin, while another tornado in Oklahoma caused significant damage to a subdivision near Elk City. [Full Article...]

Navy SEAL killed in Somalia was earning business degree from W&M

A Somali intelligence official said USA forces killed at least six people during the raid on a building housing the al-Shabab extremist group's Andalus radio station at a farm near Dare Salaam village. The mission was not being carried out under the new expanded authorities granted by the Trump administration for the USA military to conduct offensive counterterrorism airstrikes in Somalia target... [Full Article...]

New Orleans takes down 3rd Confederate-era monument

New Orleans takes down 3rd Confederate-era monument P.G.T. Beauregard, the third of four such monuments to come down in the city. But it was not clear as of Tuesday afternoon that would happen. Marksbury originally filed the suit that claimed the statue belongs to the New Orleans City Park Improvement Association, and not the city. [Full Article...]

New Orleans Takes Down 'Lost Cause' Confederate Statue

Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard, are slated to be removed in the following several days. The first of the monuments was removed last month. The City Council, now majority black, voted 6-1 to take the monuments down. "We should not be afraid to confront and reconcile our past", the mayor added. The term " Jefferson Davis " was also the top-trending term across the US on Thursday morning. [Full Article...]

Trump said Yates, Clapper choked 'like dogs' in Senate testimony

Trump said Yates, Clapper choked 'like dogs' in Senate testimony Trump, who continued to praise Flynn, waited 18 days after Yates' warning before Flynn's forced resignation for failing to disclose the content of his talks with Kislyak and then misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations. [Full Article...]

Sheriff: 1 dead after tornado hits Wisconsin trailer park

Sheriff: 1 dead after tornado hits Wisconsin trailer park Another tornado struck a rural area in western Oklahoma around 7.15pm just south of Elk City, about 110 miles west of Oklahoma City. A mobile home is a particularly risky place to be during a tornado, according to the National Weather Service. [Full Article...]

Authorities seize 7000 birds in cockfighting raid

Authorities seize 7000 birds in cockfighting raid During the search Monday in Val Verde - just west of Valencia - Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies and local animal welfare experts found syringes and steroids, which are typically used to improve the bird's combat ability. More than 100 sheriff's personnel and county animal control were part of the "dangerous tactical operation" in the 29000 block of Jackson Street, authorities said. [Full Article...]

Trump urged to hand over any Comey tapes

Republicans hold 52 seats in the chamber to Democrats' 48. Trump, who has sought better relations with Russian Federation, has continued to question whether it was behind the hacking of email accounts belonging to Democrats involved in Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Threatens James Comey, Implies He Taped Conversations

Donald Trump Threatens James Comey, Implies He Taped Conversations President Donald Trump gestures while attending a “celebration of military mothers" at the White House in Washington, D.C., on May 12, 2017. "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" said Trump whose firing of Comey on Tuesday has triggered days of turmoil in Washington . [Full Article...]

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