Backed Syrian forces expect Raqqa assault soon, await weapons

Kurdish officials have never said anything about conquering Raqqa for somebody else, and it would be unusual for the group to be willing to commit so heavy to the invasion of a city if they didn't have designs on incorporating it into their self-declared autonomous region. [Full Article...]

Firestorm over Comey's dismissal adds to Trump frustrations

Firestorm over Comey's dismissal adds to Trump frustrations For a White House accustomed to bouts of chaos, Mr Trump's handling of Mr Comey's firing could have serious and long-lasting implications. However, another White House official disputed the notion that Spicer had been sidelined, and sources close to the press secretary stressed the importance of his Reserve duties. [Full Article...]

New Orleans removes second Confederate-era monument

New Orleans removes second Confederate-era monument New Orleans removed the controversial Jefferson Davis statue overnight Thursday. Also slated for removal are statues of Confederate generals Robert E. But she thinks Mayor Mitch Landrieu's initiative to remove four monuments to Confederate-era figures was a mistake. 1- Everyone should practice tolerance and respect of ALL of New Orleans monuments. [Full Article...]

FBI agents concerned about future of Russia probe

FBI agents concerned about future of Russia probe The Trump administration was criticized this week when Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders struggled to reconcile conflicting statements made by President Trump regarding the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Comey was heading up an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign's potential ties to Russian Federation when he was sacked, and the timing of Trump's decision led many to s... [Full Article...]

Pa. AG office files charges against Amtrak engineer in 2015 crash

Under state law, Friday marks the two-year deadline to charge Bostian in the May 12, 2015, crash that killed eight people and injured more than 180. "All Pennsylvanians should be grateful that there is an Attorney General willing to do what is right and just to hold Engineer Bostian accountable for his reckless conduct", said Mr. [Full Article...]

Kenosha County Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony coverage (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

The Attorney General then commenced the reading of the fallen officers' names. Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck and several of his deputies escorted Cooper's widow to the candlelight vigil. For the ninth year, the ceremony will be streamed live so that people across the country can witness this annual tribute to America's law enforcement officers. [Full Article...]

$10000 reward offered for Yellowstone white-wolf shooter

$10000 reward offered for Yellowstone white-wolf shooter Park law enforcement believe it was shot on the north side of the park, but they aren't sure whether the shooting happened within the park boundary or not. She was alpha for nine years, and with her alpha male counterpart had at least 20 pups - 14 of which lived to adulthood. The deceased wolf was sent to the U.S. [Full Article...]

Mormon church ends sponsorship of Boy Scouts for older teenagers

Mormon church ends sponsorship of Boy Scouts for older teenagers The change is effective for boys ages 14 to 18 in the United States and Canada starting next year. "As part of the Church's ongoing effort to evaluate and improve its service to families and young people worldwide, the Church will no longer charter Varsity or Venturing units with the Boy Scouts of America and Scouts Canada effective January 1, 2018", the church's office of the First Presiden... [Full Article...]

President signs executive order to investigate alleged voter fraud and suppression

The commission is going to study the voting system and try and identify any problems, such as fraud or improper registrations, that might undermine public confidence. "If the Trump administration really cares about election integrity", Ho said, "it will divulge its supposed evidence before embarking on this commission boondoggle". [Full Article...]

White House explains delay in firing Flynn

White House explains delay in firing Flynn President Trump later fired Yates for refusing to enforce his travel ban. Ms Yates confirmed reports that she had told the White House six days into Mr Trump's administration that Mr Flynn, a former military intelligence chief, had not been honest with Vice-President Mike Pence about his discussions with the Russian ambassador to Washington , leaving him vulnerable to leverage from Moscow. [Full Article...]

Executive Order Promotes Religious Freedom

As governor of Indiana, Pence signed a religious freedom law that was widely denounced as discriminatory and offensive to LGBT individuals. President Trump's executive order discriminates against women and robs them of essential preventive care. [Full Article...]

Paul Ryan: 'Rescue Mission' is Underway for Health Care

Paul Ryan: 'Rescue Mission' is Underway for Health Care However, he also seemed to make a point of giving the Senate time to make changes, despite Trump's strong desire to fulfill his campaign promise of repealing and replacing ObamaCare. Republicans have long opposed Obamacare and say it's failing. The move was key to boosting support from the House Freedom Caucus, the conservative group of members that prevented the original version of the bill from ... [Full Article...]

Betsy DeVos booed during commencement speech at historically black university

Betsy DeVos booed during commencement speech at historically black university One sign said "DeVos is not worthy". There was no chance that was going to happen in 2017. At one point, Jackson intervened, telling students: " If this behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you ". According to CBS News , DeVos encountered a "constant streams of boos and chants" during a commencement address at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. [Full Article...]

Two Yell County homicide victims identified

Two Yell County homicide victims identified State Police negotiators are attempting to make contact with the individual. The ASP said Friday the suspect was James Arthur Bowden and not James Michael Bowden, 32, as originally stated Thursday during a press conference. I'm monitoring the situation and praying for the safety of everyone in Yell County especially our law enforcement and first responders. "This kind of stuff doesn't happen a... [Full Article...]

Comey Declines Invitation to Testify, 4 Candidates Being Considered to Replace Him

Mr Trump has faced a backlash for dismissing Mr Comey on Tuesday. But Burr said he expects Comey will soon speak privately with members of the committee. Comey's termination, he said, was his decision alone. Comey has not confirmed Trump's account. The explanations for Comey's firing from the Trump White House have shifted repeatedly since the move was announced late Tuesday afternoon, under... [Full Article...]

Trump urges Liberty U grads to stand up to criticism

Trump urges Liberty U grads to stand up to criticism Trump, who took office on January 20, also sounded familiar campaign themes about a broken system in Washington. Relish the opportunity to be an outsider. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who had launched his campaign at Liberty 10 months earlier. Trump asked the newly-graduated students. The private, nonprofit Lynchburg, Virginia school was founded in 1971 and is the largest evangelical Christian universit... [Full Article...]

Trump says forging peace in Middle East may not be so tough

He was also clear that Palestine wants a two-state solution, a long-held U.S. stance that Mr Trump was open to changing earlier this year. "We believe that we are capable and able to bring about success to our efforts because, Mr President, you have the determination and you have the desire to see it become to fruition and to become successful". [Full Article...]

Jordan welcomes UNESCO vote in favour of Palestine

Netanyahu noted during Wednesday's meeting that more countries opposed the resolution passed Tuesday than the UNESCO one from previous year and fewer supported it. The Palestinian foreign ministry welcomed the declaration, calling it "a victory for global law". "I intend to approach the Foreign Ministry and other relevant bodies in order to restore Armon Hanatziv in the heart of Jerusalem for th... [Full Article...]

Trump's religious liberty executive order gets mixed reviews from conservatives

Trump's religious liberty executive order gets mixed reviews from conservatives The executive order also directs the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and the Treasury to provide regulatory relief with respect to a mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that requires employer health plans to cover no-cost contraception and access to preventative care. [Full Article...]

Watch the first White House press briefing since Trump fired Comey

There was even a theory Spicer hid in the bushes to cover up his two different-colored shoes - a supposition knocked down by an eagle-eyed Washington Examiner reporter. But the president's criteria for what he wants in a press secretary may be more limited - as CNN has previously reported, Trump watches the briefing nearly daily. [Full Article...]

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