Milwaukee Officer IsAcquitted in Killing of Sylville Smith

Milwaukee Officer IsAcquitted in Killing of Sylville Smith Jonathan Smith , Officer Heaggan-Brown's lawyer, told jurors that officers were taught to use the "one-plus rule" - or to expect that if a person has one weapon, he might have another. The crimes are not connected to Smith's death , but they are the reason he was sacked from the Milwaukee police force. This is the moment Smith was shot twice - once before, and once after he threw the gun. [Full Article...]

Supreme Court to hear major political redistricting case

The high court will review a lower court decision that said Wisconsin's Republican Legislature redrew district maps so much to their advantage that they were unconstitutional. As I have said before, our redistricting process was entirely lawful and constitutional, and the district court should be reversed. Meanwhile, the dozen plaintiffs - voters across the state - said the evidence laid o... [Full Article...]

Options for Supreme Court on Trump travel ban

Options for Supreme Court on Trump travel ban In 2004, Murr and her siblings sought to sell one of two parcels of land that had been in the family for decades. The regulations barred building on any lot smaller than one acre of land. The Pacific Legal Foundation and Murr family were disheartened by the Court's adverse ruling . We're so used to hearing stories out of the New York Times , the Washington Post and CNN these days that ar... [Full Article...]

Homes Threatened As Brush Fire In Santa Clarita Grows To 100 Acres

A auto hit a tree off 14 Freeway and Placerita Canyon Road, after which the flames spread to a bush nearby, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department . Five engines were requested in the Running Horse area as the fire approached nearby homes, but none of the residences had become involved in the fire yet, officials said. [Full Article...]

Over Foreign Payments to Trump Hotels, Two US Attorney Generals to Sue

Over Foreign Payments to Trump Hotels, Two US Attorney Generals to Sue The suit is the latest in a series of legal challenges alleging Trump's business dealings violate the Constitution's anti-emoluments clause, which prohibits any "Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust" from accepting "any present, Emolument, Office or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State". [Full Article...]

Republican senator has 'very serious' concerns on USA health-care bill

Susan Collins , R-Maine, said the centrist has some misgivings about the bills as well. A major goal of Republican "reforms" is to greatly reduce the Medicaid program. It would be politically hard for Heller to take a different stance on the measure from the popular Sandoval. As we have said before, Obamacare isn't sacrosanct. [Full Article...]

Federal Bureau of Investigation says gunman acted alone in congressional baseball practice shooting

Federal Bureau of Investigation says gunman acted alone in congressional baseball practice shooting Some signs suggest that Hodgkinson might not have known about the daily GOP practices ahead of this year's Congressional Baseball Game. Hodgkinson, who was from Belleville, Illinois, did not have a diagnosed history of mental illness, but was "struggling in a lot of aspects of his life", FBI Special Agent Tim Slater said at a press conference. [Full Article...]

Dad buries wrong man after coroner's mistake

Dad buries wrong man after coroner's mistake Frank Kerrigan is reflected in a photograph of his three children John, Carole and Frank. 'Bill put my son on the phone , ' Kerrigan said. " He said, 'Hi, Dad , ' " the father said. Though the family was ecstatic to hear the younger Frank was alive, nothing could compare with the grief they experienced believing he was dead. "It was a very hard situation for me to stand at a pretty distur... [Full Article...]

Dramatic Standoff in Lehigh County Ends in 2 Deaths

Limeport Pike remains closed between Chestnut Hill Road and Saucon Valley Road as police deal with the incident. Autopsies will be done Monday to determine the exact cause of death. They asked for her auto keys and she said she didn't have a vehicle. The two went into her house while she and her dog ran to a nearby neighbor's home, authorities said. [Full Article...]

Justice Kennedy gives no hint of retirment

In January 2017 Microsoft won that case after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in NY was split 4-4 in a vote, leaving an earlier July decision in place, meaning the Justice Dept. That's the path the administration has urged. It called for a 90-day ban on issuing visas to citizens of Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen who want to come to the US. [Full Article...]

Russians hacked 21 election systems, Trump video a distraction, say United States officials

Jeanette Manfra, homeland security undersecretary for cybersecurity, said there is evidence that 21 state election systems were targeted, but she told the Senate Intelligence Committee she couldn't disclose the identities of the states because that was up to the states. [Full Article...]

Virginia districts drawn to help GOP

Virginia districts drawn to help GOP The AP analyzed the results of all 435 U.S. House races and about 4,700 state House and Assembly seats up for election a year ago and found a decided advantage for Republicans in numerous states. Chris Jones testified in federal court he tried to accommodate requests from a large majority of delegates, both Republicans and Democrats, who sought to tweak lines, sometimes to draw out precincts where... [Full Article...]

China's top diplomat holds talks with Donald Trump on North Korea

He had been accused of stealing a propaganda poster and was serving a sentence of hard labour. KCNA says the North dealt with Warmbier according to domestic law and worldwide standards. Hunziker was detained in North Korea for months in 1996 for illegally crossing the border and committed suicide less than a month after he returned to the United States later that year. [Full Article...]

US President investigated for potential obstruction of justice

President Donald Trump made a surprising comment about the possible investigation into obstruction of justice for firing former FBI Director James Comey . The transition official spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss post-election decisions publicly. Media outlets reported it is the first time the president publicly acknowledged he's under investig... [Full Article...]

Trump signs 'historic' bill to transform VA

Trump signs 'historic' bill to transform VA The law signed Friday was prompted by a 2014 scandal at the Phoenix VA medical center, where some veterans died while waiting for health care. President Trump's decision to sign this bill into law is just the latest in a serious of actions the president has taken to protect veterans. [Full Article...]

Fifth Republican Jumps Ship On Healthcare Bill

The American Health Care Act , passed by the House of Representatives, would take health care away from 23 million Americans, including 777,000 Pennsylvanians. Only 50 votes are needed to pass this bill in the Senate, and Republicans hold 52 seats. Arizona's Republican Gov. Doug Ducey said Friday the Senate GOP bill falls short of what his state needs. [Full Article...]

NY police search for 2 suspects in Tennessee shooting

NY police search for 2 suspects in Tennessee shooting The vehicle they had reportedly stolen after their crime in Tennessee was located in the Pine Bush area on Friday, police sources said. Heitmann is white, six feet tall and weighs about 165 pounds. On June 22, the pair was added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations' "Top 10 Most Wanted". They reportedly broke into a residence and stole a rifle before fleeing down the ridge line where they w... [Full Article...]

"We sort of choked with Russia" - Former Obama Admin official opens up

WHY?" "Over that five-month interval, the Obama administration secretly debated dozens of options for deterring or punishing Russia , including cyberattacks on Russian infrastructure, the release of CIA-gathered material that might embarrass Putin and sanctions that officials said could crater the Russian economy", the WaPo report stated. [Full Article...]

Thunderbird involved in incident at Ohio Air Show

Colonel Jason Heard, the Commander/Leader of the flight demonstration team. A military plane went off a runway, slipped and flipped Friday during the Dayton Air Show in OH, according to witness reports and law enforcement officials. Ricardo Von Puttkammer, who was covering the air show for Aviation Photojournal, told the Daily News that "it appeared that a gust of wind flipped the F-16 on its ... [Full Article...]

Campaign for Georgia House seat wasn't that special, says Jonathan Bernstein

Campaign for Georgia House seat wasn't that special, says Jonathan Bernstein Trump's tweet came amid criticism from some Democrats that Pelosi is becoming a drag on the party. Republican Karen Handel will officially become Georgia's 6th District congresswoman on Monday evening, filling a seat that's been vacant for more than four months after a hard-fought victory over an upstart Democratic opponent earlier this week. [Full Article...]

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