Conservatives on Twitter hilariously mock Democrats' 'moral victory' in Georgia special election

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doesn't seem fazed by growing frustration with her among many Democrats after losing both special elections Tuesday. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., co-chair of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. Pelosi , speaking to reporters on Thursday, said she's confident she has the support in her caucus. [Full Article...]

US Representative Scalise, wounded in Virginia shooting, no longer in ICU

US Representative Scalise, wounded in Virginia shooting, no longer in ICU Adrift and almost out of money after three months of living out of his van in the Washington area, the gunman who shot a top House Republican and four other people on a Virginia baseball field didn't have any concrete plans to inflict violence on the Republicans he loathed, Federal Bureau of Investigation officials said Wednesday. [Full Article...]

Capitol Hill police break up health care bill protest

Capitol Hill police break up health care bill protest ADAPT , the national disability rights group behind the protest, said the Senate's bill is a direct threat to the future of people with pre-existing conditions and disabilities. McConnell's office referred to Capitol Police for comment. - Andrew Desiderio (@desiderioDC) June 22, 2017Q: Are you being arrested? Capitol police were seen physically removing demonstrators, many of whom were in whee... [Full Article...]

Johnny Depp asks about assassinating President Trump

Johnny Depp asks about assassinating President Trump Johnny Depp was on hand at England's Glastonbury Festival to introduce a screening of his 2004 film The Libertine , on Thursday, when he chose to talk American politics during an audience question-and-answer session. Depp's colleagues will speak out against this type of rhetoric as strongly as they would if his comments were directed to a Democrat elected official", a statement read. [Full Article...]

Weakening Cindy heads inland, spreading heavy rain

Weakening Cindy heads inland, spreading heavy rain Between Wednesday and Thursday morning, the storm could bring up to 12 inches of rain to some areas between Texas and Louisiana . The Lowcountry, so far, has been able to fend off the worst of the scattered showers and thunderstorms that swept through the area Tuesday and Wednesday amidst the development of then-Tropical Storm Cindy which made landfall along the Gulf Coast early Thursda... [Full Article...]

Cindy brings rain, not flooding, to Lufkin area

The NWS issued a flash flood watch for small streams and creeks extending from 2 a.m. Friday through 6 a.m. Saturday across much of the state, with Ohio River Valley communities expected to bear the brunt of what flash flooding does occur. [Full Article...]

White House Appoints Trump DC Hotel Employee As Chief Usher

Trump's legal team ignored similar requests, according to Time's report . In one picture , she swings her daughter by the arms. Attorney general Jeff Sessions, sporting a short-sleeved collared shirt, smiled as he ate his dinner. U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in fair condition in a Washington, D.C. hospital but on Thursday night, his two children were treated as special guests... [Full Article...]

Making a Murderer's Dassey faces release after ruling

The case drew national attention after the premiere of Netflix's docuseries, which cast a critical light on the investigation and the convictions of both Dassey and his uncle Steven Avery in Halbach's murder. But Dassey's release has been delayed (like, a lot) due to the appeals process. On Thursday , the panel upheld Duffin's ruling to overturn Dassey's conviction. [Full Article...]

Modi launches India-Portugal Intl Startup Hub in Lisbon

Modi launches India-Portugal Intl Startup Hub in Lisbon Modi hailed Indians in Portugal as the "real ambassadors of India" in that country. But Trump aides said that Modi, after meetings with the president, will also be treated to a cocktail reception and a working dinner at the White House, the first for a foreign leader under Trump. [Full Article...]

Dems turn against party leaders following losses

Dems turn against party leaders following losses The former advisor said the incumbent president is only doing what he is supposed to do and that is to impress the American voters "with the fact that he withstood assaults on four different states" where the Republicans reigned over the Democrats. [Full Article...]

Nancy Pelosi Aides Seek to Drum Up Backing with Supportive Tweets: #StandWithNancy

Nancy Pelosi Aides Seek to Drum Up Backing with Supportive Tweets: #StandWithNancy But in the end Handel won by 3.8 percentage points, a sign that antipathy toward Trump did not keep many conservative-leaning voters from siding with Handel and did not drive Democratic turnout high enough to make a difference in a strongly GOP-leaning district. [Full Article...]

Arizonans Share Perspectives On New Senate Health Bill

Democrats are united in opposition. Critics, including former President Barack Obama , have called the Republican bills massive transfers of wealth from the poor and sick to the rich. Obama weighed in on Facebook. "Pennsylvanians expect me to keep my word and I said I would do as much as I can to repeal as much of (the ACA) as I can". [Full Article...]

'I just don't want a poor person' in Cabinet

'I just don't want a poor person' in Cabinet President Donald Trump had this to say during a rally in Iowa this week. "And you could give us a lot of votes and we'd even be willing to change it and move it around and try and make it even better", Trump said . Add some money to it!' President Trump said he's still working to build a wall on the Mexican border. "I'll tell you about the Democrats", Trump said. [Full Article...]

The song that begat "Baby Driver", a quasi-musical on wheels

The song that begat The song? " Easy " by the Commodores, one of Elgort's childhood favorites. Starring Ansel Elgort as a sweet-souled, baby-faced and iPod-loving getaway driver, the film marks a gear-shift in genre for the director of a comedic trilogy ( Shaun of the Dead , Hot Fuzz and The World's End ) and the inventive, graphic novel-based Scott Pilgrim vs. [Full Article...]

Rep. Steve Scalise Transferred Out of the ICU

Scalise, the Republican House Majority Whip, was critically injured during a shooting by a lone gunman at the GOP baseball team's practice for a charity game June 14. The round fragmented and did substantial damage to bones, internal organs and blood vessels. He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. [Full Article...]

3 people killed in accident while headed to Cedar Point

3 people killed in accident while headed to Cedar Point Those killed were the driver, 21-year-old Matthew Bramel and two passengers, 19-year-old Shelby Johnson and 25-year-old Cody Nelson . State Highway Patrol was assisted at the scene by Ohio Department of Transportation, Sandusky County Sheriff's Office, Sandusky County EMA, Sandusky County EMS, Helena Community Volunteer Fire Department, Lucas County Coroner's Office, Ash's Towing and Madiso... [Full Article...]

Girl killed, father hurt when struck by boat on Texas lake

Girl killed, father hurt when struck by boat on Texas lake Temple Police then retracted their statement and said the girl was 4 years old. Police say a 43-year-old Killeen man is being held at the Bell County jail but online jail records don't indicate a charge against him. A 4-year-old girl was killed and her father lost both his legs in a horrific boating accident Friday evening at Temple Lake Park. Police said the father tried to save his daughter, ... [Full Article...]

Two US attorney generals sue over foreign payments to Trump hotels

Constitution's Emoluments Clause. Jancek also told The New York Times that Democrats should: "end their efforts to delegitimize his ( Trump's ) presidency". Republican lawmakers have shown little interest in holding President Donald Trump accountable for much of anything. "We have a duty to enforce the law and that's why we are taking action today". [Full Article...]

'I Just Don't Want A Poor Person' Running The Economy

Unable to get Democrats to join Republicans in major legislative efforts, Trump said the wounding by a gunman last week of Republican Representative Steve Scalise in Alexandria, Virginia, had fostered a spirit of unity. "And that's what we need", he added . Ted Cruz was blasting the Republican senator's ties to - you guessed it - Goldman Sachs . The President explained that Ross and Cohn g... [Full Article...]

Yellowstone grizzly bears to lose Endangered Species protection

Grizzly bears were added to the Endangered Species List in 1975 with a population of roughly 136. Endangered Species Act protections set strict rules meant to protect species from being killed or their habitat being harmed, as opposed to state management practices that can include hunting or trapping as a means to keep an animal's population in check. [Full Article...]

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