Tropical Storm Cindy strengthens in Gulf; warning area grows

The storm prompted watches and warnings along the Texas-Louisiana coast including Galveston Bay, the entrance to the Houston Ship Channel and Sabine Pass, the site of the only active liquefied natural gas export terminal in the lower 48 states. [Full Article...]

Gunman Targeted Republicans And Had Political Assassination List

Gunman Targeted Republicans And Had Political Assassination List The others shot and wounded were a congressional aide, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods, and a US Capitol Police officer. A government official says the suspect in the Virginia shooting that injured Rep. Over the a year ago, Hodgkinson regularly posted to social media showcasing his hatred for Trump. She added she didn't notice any sign that he was going to commit any kind of crime, and did not know h... [Full Article...]

United States weighs banning citizens' travel to N. Korea after student's death

He spent 17 months in North Korea as a prisoner after stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel room. Eastern Vision, a Hong Kong-based tour company that specializes in travel for university students and new graduates, stopped taking U.S. [Full Article...]

Here's What The New Philando Castile Video Shows

The harrowing police dashcam footage - released by cops in the United States overnight - shows Yanez telling Mr Castile he had been pulled over in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, because of a broken rear light. Prosecutors would later say that Yanez had thought Castile resembled a suspect in a nearby armed robbery a few days earlier. What follows is a tragedy as we hear continuous shots ... [Full Article...]

Long stretch of Gulf Coast eyes Tropical Storm Cindy

Forecasters warned 6 to 9 inches (15-22 cms) of rain and up to 12 inches (30 cms) in spots was the biggest threat in parts of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle, with east Texas getting anywhere from 3 to 6 inches (8-15 cms). [Full Article...]

Governor urges lawmakers to end 'unnecessary' budget impasse

Governor urges lawmakers to end 'unnecessary' budget impasse The impasse between the Democratic-controlled legislature and the Republican governor has paralyzed the state so severely that Gov. Rauner even compared IL to a "banana republic" earlier this month because it can not manage its finances. "We're still talking to the state", said Tom Yates, executive director of Legal Council for Health Justice, who is representing the state's 3 million Medicaid r... [Full Article...]

Cuomo Signs Bill Doing Away With Child Marriage In New York State

Cuomo Signs Bill Doing Away With Child Marriage In New York State Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday signed legislation putting an end to child marriage in the Empire State. In the United States , some 170,000 children were Wednesday between 2000 and 2010 in 38 of the 50 states where data was available, according to anti-child marriage group Unchained at Last. [Full Article...]

Cheering 1st day of summer? Not in Phoenix when 120 expected

Cheering 1st day of summer? Not in Phoenix when 120 expected The airline canceled seven flights on Monday for the same reason. Phoenix radio station KSLX handed out the protective coverings to protect dogs' paws from the hot pavement, as temperatures in Phoenix are forecasted to hit 120 degrees. [Full Article...]

Trump tweetstorms wash away White House press briefings

Characterizing it as the "high-confidence judgment of the entire intelligence community", Comey testified that there is no doubt that the Russians meddled "with goal", "sophistication" and technology. "Call me old fashioned but I think the White House of the United States of America should have the backbone to answer questions on camera", tweeted CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. [Full Article...]

Officers in Seattle fatal shooting had crisis training

Officers in Seattle fatal shooting had crisis training Both officers were aware of Lyles' emotional distress during a prior June 5 arrest and spoke of the unsettling remarks she made while walking up to her Magnuson Park apartment moments before her shooting death. Family members have questioned why police didn't use a non-lethal option when they knew Charleena Lyles had been struggling with mental health issues . [Full Article...]

Republican Karen Handel wins Georgia's 6th District Congressional race

Democrat Archie Parnell also lost to Republican Ralph Norman in another special congressional election in SC on Tuesday. Handel , an establishment Republican and former state secretary of state, defeated Democratic challenger and political novice Jon Ossoff by about five percentage points, U.S. [Full Article...]

Spicer confirms meetings with candidates to fill WH press jobs

Spicer had previously been reported to have been marked down for his appearance after his first press briefings , when it was claimed President Trump had demanded he wear darker suits. "I don't know why everybody is going along with this", Acosta said. Mr. Spicer, whose combative exchanges with reporters at daily briefings has become legendary, has been easing out of the briefing job for a ... [Full Article...]

Trump congratulates Handel on Twitter

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Handel defeated Ossoff by a margin of 52 to 48 percent. Ms Handel, 55, spent Monday campaigning across the district, and received support from a Trump tweet on Tuesday. Party leaders profess encouragement from the trends, but the latest losses mean they will have to rally donors and volunteers after a tough stretch of special elections. [Full Article...]

Would-be gunman Hodgkinson launched into Trump tirade before shooting

Would-be gunman Hodgkinson launched into Trump tirade before shooting The shooter, James Hodgkinson , 66, wounded House whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and three others when he turned the quiet park into a war zone. Scalise, the third ranking member of House Republican leadership, was shot in the hip and his condition was upgraded to serious on Saturday. [Full Article...]

Shooting forces lawmakers to rethink their security

Shooting forces lawmakers to rethink their security Doctors say Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana remains in critical condition at a Washington hospital but is improving. Republicans and Democrats have swapped political insults for friendly rivalry at their annual congressional baseball game in honour of House of Representatives politician Steve Scalise , critically injured in a shooting rampage. [Full Article...]

CDB Aviation, GECAS place orders for new 737 MAX 10

In March this year Ryanair took delivery of its 450 Next-Generation 737-800 and with today's announcement has ordered a total of more than 640 airplanes from Boeing. The next most popular type will be small wide-body aircraft, like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A330, accounting for 5,050 deliveries or 12 percent of forecast sales, Boeing predicts. [Full Article...]

More funding may be added to GOP health plan

Trump's flip-flop didn't go without notice. The positive comments about the Senate plan tracks with Trump telling reporters during the meeting that the Senate should spend more on the bill to make it "generous, kind (and) with heart". [Full Article...]

Mike Pence Hired a Personal Lawyer to Handle the Russia Investigation

Trump's young presidency has been battered by allegations - under investigation both by Congress and the FBI, that Russian Federation interfered to sway the 2016 election in his favor, in possible collusion with Trump's campaign team. The Washington Post also recalled that the appeal of the Vice President to the services of a private lawyer is not unprecedented. A senior administration advi... [Full Article...]

Senate Democrats weigh blockade to protest GOP health care plan

In the Senate , Republicans created a "working group" in which 13 conservative men, nearly exclusively from red states, decided they'd craft the Senate legislation. Ashley Conger, a Cardinal spokeswoman, said in an email Friday that the agency was reviewing the updated bill and would "support the state's efforts to create a healthcare system that values outcomes and equally serves all". [Full Article...]

Charleena Lyles shooting: Police shouted 'get back' before killing pregnant mother

Charleena Lyles shooting: Police shouted 'get back' before killing pregnant mother At some point, police said, she displayed a knife and two officers shot and killed her. Many have pointed out that despite having the knowledge what they were going to encounter; the police officers resorted to the most lethal way of restraining the woman even when they could have used tasers to bring her under control. [Full Article...]

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