Bill Cosby smirks at deadlocked jury

Bill Cosby smirks at deadlocked jury Jurors considering the fate of Bill Cosby at his sexual assault trial asked for a definition of "reasonable doubt" on their fifth day of deliberations Friday, a day after telling the judge they were deadlocked on all charges. Thursday morning's motion was denied by the judge. After about 30 minutes of reading, jurors went back to the deliberation room at the Montgomery County Courthouse... [Full Article...]

Memorial grows where armed woman was shot by police; rallies planned

The woman , who was identified in the Seattle Times by family members as Charleena Lyles , had a knife and interacted with two officers before she was shot, according to the Seattle Police Department. Video footage recorded by onlookers captured one of the officers telling her "you're not going to get shot" - right before shooting her. An officer is heard calling for backup just before... [Full Article...]

Tornado confirmed in Sussex County

Tornado confirmed in Sussex County Delaware Electric Co-operative says that they are working to bring back power to almost all members and that they are working to clean up potential tornado damage at their headquarters in Greenwood on Tuesday morning. There was also damage to the porch of a nearby home, he said. NWS officials said straight-line winds were clocked in excess of 90 miles per hour. The National Weather Service use... [Full Article...]

Gulf keeps eye on Tropical Storm Cindy

Gulf keeps eye on Tropical Storm Cindy That's the earliest a named storm has formed in that part of the Atlantic. Bret weakened Tuesday and is now a remnant low pressure system. "If you see water crossing the road don't try to go through it; turn around. Monday . Already some flooding was reported on Alabama's Dauphin Island and flood control locks and gates were being closed along Louisiana's bayou-marbled coast. [Full Article...]

Unclear when inmates will return to Georgia

Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe forced their way into a couple's home and tied them up in Bedford County, Tennessee, Thursday, investigators said. The two men had been on the run since early on Tuesday, when authorities said they got through a door that should have been locked on the prison bus. [Full Article...]

Too hot for planes: Flights cancelled as extreme heat hits Phoenix

Heat waves ripple across the tarmac at Sky Harbor International Airport as downtown Phoenix stands in the background as an airplane lands, Tuesday, June 20, 2017 in Phoenix . The National Weather Service said the heat wave resulted from a high-pressure system camped over the Four Corners region where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meet. [Full Article...]

The Slants Win Supreme Court Battle Over Offensive Trademarks

The Slants Win Supreme Court Battle Over Offensive Trademarks Although The Slants is comprised of Asian American musicians, the United States Patent and Trademark Office repeatedly denied Tam's trademark applications on grounds that the band name was "disparaging" to Asians. Perhaps most notably is Washington's National Football League franchise, the Redskins, which saw their trademark registration canceled in 2014 after the U.S. [Full Article...]

Jared Kushner Is Heading to the Middle East for Peace Talks

Jared Kushner Is Heading to the Middle East for Peace Talks The new settlement Netanyahu boasted about on Tuesday was approved as a concession for a group of Israelis who were evicted from the Amona hilltop outpost because the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that it was built on Palestinian privately owned lands. [Full Article...]

Suspect in train station blast confirmed dead

Soldiers speak as they stand alert in a cordoned off area on a street outside Gare Centrale in Brussels on Tue., June 20, 2017 , after an explosion in the Belgian capital. The police spokesman said: "There was an accident at Central Station". Apart from the attacker, there were no other casualties, it was reported . The army was in place to guard the Central Station, amid a heightened stat... [Full Article...]

Australia suspends Islamic State airstrikes after US downed Syrian warplane

Australia suspends Islamic State airstrikes after US downed Syrian warplane The Russian defense ministry said in a statement on Monday that it was suspending the deal after the USA military confirmed that it downed a Syrian Air Force fighter jet on Sunday after it dropped bombs near US partner forces. He says: "We are not the initiator of any conflict and war but we do not tolerate creation of insecurity in our country". A Syrian fighter plane was taken down by an Ameri... [Full Article...]

White House Wants More Flexible Russia-Sanctions Deal From Congress

The bill, which passed by a vote of 98-2, would ensure that President Donald Trump could not unilaterally lift sanctions against Russian Federation; any attempt to do so would have to be approved by Congress. It also aims to punish Russia's Vladimir Putin for interfering in last year's USA election, and to make it tougher for the White House to roll back sanctions. [Full Article...]

'Amateur Radio Field Day' set for Saturday

The event is open to the public to come out and see a demonstration practice of emergency communication. "We'll be making as many contacts as we can around North America to other field day sites within a 24 hour period". "There are multiple amateur radio satellites in orbit", Gregg said. "In today's electronic do‐it-yourself (DIY) environment, ham radio remains one of the best ways for people to... [Full Article...]

Local mosque reacts to killing of Muslim teen in Northern Virginia

Local mosque reacts to killing of Muslim teen in Northern Virginia While Hassanen's death may look like a targeted hate crime , Fairfax County Police on Monday said the incident was being probed as a road rage case gone awry. The girl's father, Mohmoud Hassanen Aboras of Reston, said he doesn't understand how this could have happened, because he said his daughter, 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen , was a friend to everyone. [Full Article...]

Spicer delivers first press briefing since shakeup announcement

Who do you think will replace Sean Spicer as press secretary? We'll continue to have those discussions internally. Back on June 6, the HuffingtonPost also reported that Jeff Sessions was considering resigning, a move that could cause even more turmoil within the White House. [Full Article...]

Clamping down, White House puts the 'brief' in its briefing

Spicer smiled during a question about the validity of the reports, saying, "I'm right here", as if to say clearly no immediate change had been made. Spicer might go down in history as a major figure in the wild early days of the Trump White House, or he may just be the first in a string of White House press secretaries - who take center stage and win a unusual new kind of celebrity. [Full Article...]

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case

What could the move mean for Texas , which is in the middle of its own legal fight over redistricting maps? Why is the Supreme Court looking at Wisconsin? In 1986, the Supreme Court said that partisan gerrymandering could be challenged as a violation of the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause if it involved "intentional discrimination against an identifiable political group and an ... [Full Article...]

Karen Handel defeats Jon Ossoff in GA House District 6 special election

More than $50 million was spent on the race, with Ossoff enjoying a decided financial advantage over Handel. Ossoff , who grew up in the electoral district but lives just outside the boundary so his fiancee can be closer to the hospital where she works, is trying to flip the Atlanta suburbs that Republican Tom Price left to become Trump's health secretary. [Full Article...]

United States student's death makes Trump-Kim meeting less likely

People can live in a state of unresponsive wakefulness for many years with the chances of recovery depending on the extent of the brain injury. He died Monday (US time) due to what his family has called "awful torturous mistreatment" by North Korea . [Full Article...]

Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest She noted last week's shooting of Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana and said politics has become too embittered. The Republican candidate made a brief appearance shortly before 8 her supporters gathered at a hotel ballroom in Atlanta and chanted "Karen!" While some of his ads early on ahead of the April all-party primary - where he got 48 percent of the vote in an 18-c... [Full Article...]

Karen Handel Wins Georgia Special Election

In addition to Georgia, Norman's win over Democrat Archie Parnell made four special elections where Democrats failed to capture a Republican seat this year. Ossoff lives in Atlanta , south of the suburban district. An Ossoff defeat also means more pounding headaches for the Democratic National Committee, a party apparatus already getting beaten on by some constituencies for investing... [Full Article...]

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