Attorney general unveils 12-city partnership to fight crime

The two men have had a longstanding relationship, and Cooper advised Sessions ahead of his January confirmation hearing as well as on his testimony last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee. This step comes months after Sessions recused himself from investigations into Russian involvement in the election at the advice of his staff in March of 2017. [Full Article...]

Schumer calls for all-senators meeting on health care

It is also ironic how, back in 2009, these very Republicans threw a fit over Obamacare hearings, which, unlike Trumpcare, went on for many months allowing Republicans to propose and debate hundreds of amendments. Failure to include such restrictions would jeopardize support from conservative Republican senators, whose votes will be needed for passage. McConnell's office did not immediately ret... [Full Article...]

LAPD Officer And K-9 Wounded In Gun Battle

LAPD Officer And K-9 Wounded In Gun Battle An officer who was patrolling in South Los Angeles on Wednesday saw two of the stolen police vehicles driving together and tried to pull them over. Police also recovered a third police vehicle during the investigation, which Beck said may be connected to the cadets . [Full Article...]

Top US diplomat asks for "flexibility" as Congress passes new Russian Federation sanctions

Top US diplomat asks for The step would reportedly see new sanctions imposed on Russians who are allegedly “guilty of human rights abuses” , “supplying weapons to Syria's government” , as well as cyber attackers, Associated Press and Reuters report. These latest sanctions are in retaliation for Russia's interference in last year's presidential election. 'This is a very, very strong piece of legislation, ' Sen... [Full Article...]

Vice President Hires Outside Counsel to Help Navigate Russia Investigations

Vice President Hires Outside Counsel to Help Navigate Russia Investigations After interviewing a series of candidates, Pence reportedly hired former USA attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Richard Cullen , now the chairman and a senior litigation partner at the firm McGuireWoods, which, incidentally, is where former F.B.I. [Full Article...]

Spicer hasn't talked Russian Federation meddling with Trump

Recently, his deputy press secretary , Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been doing more and more press briefings . "It feels like we're slowly but surely being dragged into what is a new normal in this country where the president of the United States is allowed to insulate himself from answering hard questions". [Full Article...]

Uber will allow riders to tip drivers - just don't keep them waiting

Uber will allow riders to tip drivers - just don't keep them waiting Amid increasing tensions between Uber drivers and its "Always be hustlin'" corporate bro-verlords, the now CEO-less company has made a decision to institute a big change that could result in drivers taking home more money: For the first time, drivers nationwide will be allowed to accept tips from passengers via the Uber app. [Full Article...]

WaPo: Special Counsel Looking At Jared Kushner's Business Activities

USA TODAY previously reported that the FBI was investigating Kushner for his contact with Russian officials, but there was no word at that time that his financial dealings were part of the probe. "He will do the same if he is contacted in connection with any other inquiry". The White House confirmed on Thursday that Mueller was interviewed - presumably about again running the Federal Bureau of I... [Full Article...]

Cuomo, Trump lawyer clash over Russia probe

Sekulow said that Trump , in his tweet , was reacting to a story in the Washington Post that was the first to report Mueller was examining whether Trump had tried to obstruct the probe by firing Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey in May. [Full Article...]

President Trump says 'no proof' of 'phony collusion'

Trump tweeted, "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" Yesterday, Trump referred to the possible obstruction of justice investigation as the " single greatest witch hunt in American political history". [Full Article...]

Worcester man, woman arrested after dead baby found in bag

Worcester man, woman arrested after dead baby found in bag When police arrived to investigate, they learned the bag had been moved to 384 Lake Ave. Police say that after further investigation, the two were also charged with removal of a human body and concealment of the death of a child. He said the bag "stunk of death". According to a Lake Avenue resident, Mark Healy , Rheaume was pregnant and living in the basement of his home. The Department of... [Full Article...]

Budget mess: Illinois lawmakers heading back to Capitol

Budget mess: Illinois lawmakers heading back to Capitol Over the next 10 days, we have an opportunity to change the State of IL for the better. We can all do better. "And together, we will create a brighter future for every family across IL". Rauner has said he would sign the package if it passes the General Assembly. "They may run something that is not acceptable to the governor, but we're more into the dynamic that gets us to the end game". [Full Article...]

12 cities to receive Justice Department aid to lower crime

12 cities to receive Justice Department aid to lower crime In addition to developing strategies to cut crime rates, the Justice Department also says it will offer "coaching" to local officials on how to form sustainable coordination with federal law enforcement and prosecutors. The partnership is also meant to help each of the selected communities increase their own ability to fight crimes. The department has not yet explained how the cities were selected... [Full Article...]

Republican Ralph Norman wins South Carolina House seat

Republican Ralph Norman wins South Carolina House seat The district leans heavily Republican but Democrats are hoping to muster anti-Trump sentiments like they have in a special congressional election in Georgia that's also taking place Tuesday. But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee plunked only $275,000 into the SC race, compared with a $5 million investment in the special election in Georgia's 6th District. [Full Article...]

Delay in reporting of deadly US destroyer collision raises questions

Because these fearless individuals are willing to risk their lives in service to their country, Americans enjoy security and freedom". "My daughter showed me something on Facebook, and she said 'Did you see this?' and I said 'No, what's going on?'" said Luna. [Full Article...]

American Cancels Dozens of Flights Due to Extreme Heat

American Airlines has cancelled 38 flights in and out of Phoenix on Tuesday afternoon because of extreme heat. The broiling temperatures will also be felt in Las Vegas and Southern California, creating a public health hazard. During the watch, people are encouraged to drink more water than usual and avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Never leave your vehicle locked or unattended without c... [Full Article...]

Snake crawls from under car's hood on highway

Snake crawls from under car's hood on highway Mr Wyatt and Mr Moyers, who both say they are afraid of snakes , can be heard in the video yelling as it continued to slowly emerge. The snake, which was reportedly a bullsnake, eventually slid off the bonnet without either of them having to leave the vehicle. [Full Article...]

Alternate Juror In Bill Cosby Trial 'Probably' Would Have Voted Guilty

Alternate Juror In Bill Cosby Trial 'Probably' Would Have Voted Guilty The seven men and five women deliberated for more than 52 hours without reaching a verdict on any of the three counts. Like the judge, they worry about finding 18 unbiased jurors for the retrial of the case, given the worldwide coverage of the comedian's first trial. [Full Article...]

Muslims question whether girl's killing was road rage

Fairfax County police said at a Monday news conference they have turned up no slurs or other evidence that Martinez Torres was motivated to kill Nabra because of her religion. The attack has some people fearful because these are the last days of Ramadan, when many spend their nights praying at mosques. The teens scattered and most ran back to the mosque, but Nabra tripped on her traditional dr... [Full Article...]

Senate rule places GOP health bill on fast track

Cornyn said he suspects the upper chamber will resolve the health care issue "in the next few weeks" and that lawmakers have "no choice" but to tackle it since, he said, " Obamacare is in meltdown". In a three-minute scolding during a Senate Finance Committee meeting, McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, dressed down committee chairman Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, for what McCaskill called a le... [Full Article...]

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