Thousands protest acquittal of officer who killed Philando Castile

Castile , unlike other recent victims whose deaths made the headlines, was armed. She said Castile went above and beyond Minnesota law by alerting the officer that he had a firearm. Prosecutors questioned whether Yanez had even seen it, and witnesses testified that it was in a pocket of Castile's shorts when paramedics pulled him from the auto. [Full Article...]

Newt Gingrich calls special counsel team 'bad people'

Then on Monday, Trump's friend Christopher Ruddy , a right-wing media executive, told "PBS NewsHour": "I think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel". White House press secretary Sean Spicer ignored a shouted question at the end of Monday's media briefing about whether the president had confidence in Mueller. [Full Article...]

London's Mayor Wants To Cancel Trump's State Visit To The UK

London's Mayor Wants To Cancel Trump's State Visit To The UK However, Trump has been widely condemned for his tweets in the aftermath of the London Bridge atrocity in which at least 7 people were killed and almost 50 others injured. The president kept up his attacks on Khan the next day. After it was announced that Trump would visit the United Kingdom later this year, almost 2M people signed an online petition in the United Kingdom calling for it be c... [Full Article...]

Cuba Denounces Trump's New Measures

Cuba Denounces Trump's New Measures By restricting individual to Cuba , the new policy also risks cutting off a major source of income for Cuba's private business sector, which the policy is meant to support. Embassy in Havana or placing restrictions on cigars, rum and other items that Americans can schlep home. America severed ties with Cuba in 1961, shortly after Fidel Castro launched a revolution that topple... [Full Article...]

2 children shot, injured on Chicago school playground

2 children shot, injured on Chicago school playground WMAQ-TV said the injuries were not life-threatening. Johnson said other children, former students who had been kicked out of the school picnic, were the targets of gunmen around 1:45 p.m. He says both are in stable condition. He says the girls were taken to Comer Children's Hospital. "We all hit the floor, it was a drive by", according to one witness. [Full Article...]

Yoko Ono named co-writer of John Lennon hit Imagine

Yoko Ono named co-writer of John Lennon hit Imagine At Wednesday's gathering, a 1980 BBC interview with Lennon was played which showed the singer admitting that his wife was the co-writer on the song. "Patience is a virtue!" "There's a whole pile of pieces about 'Imagine this.' and 'Imagine that'". I was still full of wanting my own space after being in the room with four guys and always having to share everything. [Full Article...]

Witch Hunt! : Trump tweets he is under FBI investigation

A slight majority of respondents did not approve of Trump's decision to fire former FBI director James Comey , though the poll also indicated a lack of confidence regarding the independent investigation being led by special counsel Robert Mueller . [Full Article...]

Lawyer Gloria Allred: 'It's Too Early to Celebrate, Mr. Cosby'

Lawyer Gloria Allred: 'It's Too Early to Celebrate, Mr. Cosby' Under questioning from her lawyer, Cosby acknowledged that he had obtained several prescriptions for quaaludes in the 1970s for the goal of offering the powerful sedative to women he wanted to have sex with. Constand did not appear at the news conference. 'It's too early to celebrate , Mr Cosby, ' she declared. It was read by a publicist. "Overtly arrogant, collaborating with the district attor... [Full Article...]

Senate passes bill to impose new sanctions on Iran

After the US Senate's approval of the new sanction, Firouzabadi said , Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani tasked the committee with drawing up the plan to counter such measures, noting that its draft is now prepared. and European countries eased the sanctions imposed against the Islamic republic. On Thursday, the US Senate voted for a legislation to impose non-nuclear sanctions on Iran f... [Full Article...]

US Senate Passes Sanctions Against Iran And Russia

US Senate Passes Sanctions Against Iran And Russia But if the president vetoes the legislation - after questioning whether Russian Federation did meddle in the election and amid the ongoing investigations - it could anger even Republicans and bring about an embarrassing override. It's unknown whether new sanctions will negatively impact our deteriorating relatioins with Russian Federation, although it's a safe bet they won't help. [Full Article...]

Hot-hitting Yankees look for another win against Orioles

And since we'll have the next decade or so to determine if that's the case, there's no real harm in enjoying the massive homers for as long as they come. Oakland's Stephen Vogt had a two-run single in the top of the second inning that scored Yonder Alonso and Ryon Healy. NY made it 12-0 before an out was recorded in the fourth. [Full Article...]

Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy, says Wife

Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy, says Wife She said she wasn't sure if there had been a catalyst for him leaving. "I can't wrap my head around it", she said. The list on James Hodgkinson's notepad had the names of three GOP congressmen who are all members of the House Freedom Caucus - Reps. [Full Article...]

Polygamist Mormon sect leader Lyle Jeffs arrested in South Dakota

Polygamist Mormon sect leader Lyle Jeffs arrested in South Dakota Days later, Lyle Jeffs disappeared after investigators say he used olive oil to slip a Global Positioning System ankle monitor off his foot without triggering an alarm. A detailed 2016 profile in the Salt Lake City Tribune portrayed Lyle Jeffs as a braggart with a temper, who enforced the rules at the FLDS compound with little mercy. [Full Article...]

Hawaii Made Its Paris Commitment Official By Signing It Into Law

Like other African countries, South Africa's response to its United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) commitments are not directly influenced by the departure of the U.S., Chademana said . It establishes a permanent climate change commission under the umbrella of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources that "brings together all the different parts we've created ... [Full Article...]

DC, Maryland Suing Trump Over Foreign Pay

So while Trump faced plenty of lawsuits before his presidency and a handful since, this lawsuit represents a big moment in the early months of his administration. "We know exactly what's going on every single day", said Racine, noting that he could see Trump's hotel in Washington from his office. The lawsuits contend that Mr. [Full Article...]

Senate votes near unanimously for Russia, Iran sanctions

Senate votes near unanimously for Russia, Iran sanctions The bill mainly imposes new sanctions on Iran , targeting any individual or company that aids the country's ballistic missile program and Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. "It's a very strong bill". Similarly, senators tussled over Russian Federation sanctions for several months, as lawmakers filed competing measures while others wondered whether Congress should be stepping ahead of a new pre... [Full Article...]

Trump tweet appears to confirm investigation

Trump tweet appears to confirm investigation Rosenstein also insisted Mueller's investigation would have the resources it needs. Friday's tweets are the latest in a week of angry social media responses by the president after a report by The Washington Post that Mueller was looking into whether Trump obstructed justice. [Full Article...]

Search goes on for seven US sailors after collision off Japan

Aided by tug boats, the USS Fitzgerald arrived back on Saturday at Yokosuka, Japan , where the Seventh Fleet is based, a statement from the navy said. The Philippine-flagged container ship was berthed at Tokyo's Oi wharf, where officials began questioning crew members about the cause of the nighttime crash. [Full Article...]

Speaker Ryan: Mueller Firing Rumors Are 'Not Something to Debate' Here

Speaker Ryan: Mueller Firing Rumors Are 'Not Something to Debate' Here A highly regarded Justice Department careerist, he tapped Mueller - infuriating Trump - after the White House tried to pin the Comey firing on him. Sekulow's comments signal that the Trump White House intends to use the unitary executive argument for a different mission: to justify the firing of Mueller on grounds of national security. [Full Article...]

Trump, Senate Republicans looking for healthcare bill this summer

At this rate, the prospects of passage in the upper chamber appear slim at best. But senators are still undecided about a number of key issues. " More and more Republicans are starting to realize that health care reform through reconciliation leads straight into a box canyon", the New York Democrat said during a press conference following the weekly Senate policy lunches Tuesday. [Full Article...]

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