Congressman Scalise, shot Wednesday, is improving, doctors report

James Hodgkinson , who has been identified as the shooter of Steve Scalise , protests outside of the United States Post Office in Belleville, Illinois, in this April 2012 image. About 20,000 people turned out for Thursday night's game, raising more than $1 million for the Washington Literacy Center, The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington , the Washington Nationals Dream Foundatio... [Full Article...]

Play ball! GOP, Dems to battle as 1 - Team Scalise

According to the hospital, he sustained a single shot to his left hip, with the bullet traveling across his pelvis causing bone fractures, internal organ injury and severe bleeding. "It's been much more hard than people even thought at the time", Trump said. "He clearly knows they're there and appreciates their presence", Sava said. [Full Article...]

Trump tweets again, in defense of his tweeting

Ian Prior, a Justice Department spokesman, said in an email Friday that Rosenstein "has said numerous times , if there comes a point when he needs to recuse, he will". Boente, however, was nominated by former President Barack Obama and his USA attorney's office has already been leading parts of the federal investigation. [Full Article...]

Rep. Steve Scalise remains in critical condition, doctor says

While the officers did not use rifles in responding to the shooting Wednesday, it is common for them to carry rifles while patrolling the Capitol grounds. Gone were the usual signs in the stands ribbing the opposite party. Democrats sent the trophy they earned to Scalise's office after the game. Scalise also had to have an operation to fix a bone in his foot. [Full Article...]

Puerto Rico votes on statehood: Polls and protests

Puerto Rico votes on statehood: Polls and protests Only 1.5 percent of voters said they would choose independence, while 1.32 percent said they want to remain a self-governing territory within the United States commonwealth. Puerto Rico's former governor, Rafael Hernandez Colon, said in a statement: "A contrived plebiscite fabricated an artificial majority for statehood by disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of Commonwealth supporters". [Full Article...]

Rosenstein Sees No Reason To Fire Special Counsel

Ruddy, who had been at the White House Monday, told PBS' Judy Woodruff that "I think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel". The former FBI director admitted only that Trump himself was not formerly under investigation, of course - and the special counsel's goal is not only to investigate the president but also his 2016 campaign, including the conduct of his aides, a... [Full Article...]

Alexandria gunman carried list of names of members of Congress

Alexandria gunman carried list of names of members of Congress He had been a vocal opponent of the Republican Party . Authorities say James Hodgkinson from IL opened fire Wednesday morning on a group of republican lawmakers, as they practiced for an annual congressional baseball game in Virginia. [Full Article...]

Alexandria congressman shooter James Hodgkinson was living in van, called a loner

Alexandria congressman shooter James Hodgkinson was living in van, called a loner Dozens of reporters have been stationed outside Hodgkinson's two-storey house on the outskirts of Belleville since he was first named in media reports on Wednesday morning. Her husband was at home all day with them, she said, and she thought he might have wanted a break. Two of the police officers were shot by Hodgkinson before he was fatally shot. [Full Article...]

Right decision? Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter of boyfriend Conrad Roy III

Right decision? Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter of boyfriend Conrad Roy III Roy was found dead in his truck from carbon monoxide poisoning after exchanging text messages with Carter. The judge set sentencing for August 3. Carter, who did not take the stand during the trial, faces up to 20 years in prison. 'I did this to finally be happy .' . Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist testifying for the defense , said Carter was a " very troubled youngster " who suffered fro... [Full Article...]

Teenager lands in jail for luring boyfriend to death

Teenager lands in jail for luring boyfriend to death The sentencing hearing is set for August. Judge Lawrence Moniz said Carter, who was 17 at the time , knew what she was doing when she sent him text messages on numerous occasions urging him to go through with it. As prosecutors attempted to prove, Carter engaged in a sustained campaign to cause Roy's death, including repeatedly urging him to kill himself, and outlining exactly how he co... [Full Article...]

President Trump not firing special counselor Robert Mueller, White House says

Find out at the WND Superstore in "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger", "Throw Them All Out", "Inside the Beltway", "Capitol Punishment" and many more. "I think he's weighing that option", he said referring to Trump. "I think it'd be a disaster". " Time to rethink", he tweeted on Monday, citing Mr Mueller's hiring decisions and Mr Comey's admission that he instructed a friend to share with... [Full Article...]

Border Patrol raids desert aid camp, arrests 4 from Mexico

Border Patrol raids desert aid camp, arrests 4 from Mexico Agents then obtained a search warrant and swooped into the camp on Thursday evening. The U.S. Border Patrol is gearing up for rescues and warning migrants that a coming heat wave can be deadly in southern Arizona's deserts. Border Patrol officials are encouraging anyone in distress to call 911, or activate a rescue beacon, before becoming a casualty. The discovery was made on Thursday when age... [Full Article...]

Weapons used in Republican baseball shooting appear legally bought

He was hit in the left hip, suffering injuries to internal organs, broken bones and severe bleeding. She says she's grateful to President Donald Trump , Vice President Mike Pence and all of Scalise's Capitol Hill colleagues "who have reached out to us during this most challenging time". [Full Article...]

Deputy AG Rosenstein set for budget hearings Tuesday

But at a separate hearing, Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed Mueller and continues to oversee the investigation, promised lawmakers he would not permit Mueller to be dismissed without legitimate reason. "Some key allies of President Trump are already making the case for dismissing". President Donald Trump has "no intention" of firing special counsel Robert Mueller... [Full Article...]

Obstruction of justice case on Trump

Obstruction of justice case on Trump It wasn't clear whether the president's comment confirming he was under investigation was based on direct knowledge or media reports this week that Mueller is examining whether the president obstructed justice by firing Comey last month. [Full Article...]

Women Found Dead In Ohio Home

Women Found Dead In Ohio Home Stark County Sheriff George Maier said at a Tuesday press conference that Brinkman had previously dated the Johns' daughter, had worked for the couple and occasionally watched their home. A husband and wife were found dead Monday at a home in North Canton -less than an hour's drive from North Royalton - hours before the standoff began. [Full Article...]

Oscar-winning director John G. Avildsen dies at 81

Oscar-winning director John G. Avildsen dies at 81 Avildsen won the Academy Award for best director for Rocky while the film was named best picture and other successes included the The Karate Kid series in the 1980s. "Throughout the decades, his rousing portrayals of victory, courage, and emotion captured the hearts of generations of Americans", the statement added. [Full Article...]

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein testifies in budget hearings

Susan Collins, R-Maine, asked Rosenstein during an open Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing what he would do if Trump asked him to fire Mueller. During the interview , Ruddy stated that Trump is "considering perhaps terminating" Mueller . President Donald Trump is considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, who is in charge overseeing the investigation of Russia's meddl... [Full Article...]

Wounded NCCU alum throws out first pitch at Congressional Baseball Game

Wounded NCCU alum throws out first pitch at Congressional Baseball Game On that day, a man later identified as the attacker approached Rep. Jeff Duncan of SC in the parking lot of the Alexandria, Virginia, ballfield, asking him, "Excuse me, sir, who's practicing today, Democrats or Republicans?" as Duncan recalls the encounter. [Full Article...]

Trump tweets of witch hunt amid Russia probe

He said he believes Mr Trump ultimately fired him "because of the Russian Federation investigation". Comey testified that Trump directed him in February to drop an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn relating to the Russian Federation matter. [Full Article...]

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