Trump decries shooting of top Congressman, calls for unity

She said the shooting "went on for quite a while". He added he was "thankful for the efforts of those working to keep Congress & staff safe". A top Republican congressman was among several people shot Wednesday by a rifle-wielding gunman at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria , Virginia. [Full Article...]

Trump Tells Mayor Of Sinking Island 'Don't Worry About Sea-Level Rise'

Trump Tells Mayor Of Sinking Island 'Don't Worry About Sea-Level Rise' The population is overwhelmingly Republican, with roughly 87 percent of island residents who cast a ballot in the 2016 election voting for Trump . Gravestones are laid out in front of an abandoned structure on the north end of Tangier Island, Virginia. [Full Article...]

Inmates shoot, kill 2 correctional officers in Georgia

Inmates shoot, kill 2 correctional officers in Georgia Many law enforcement officers from local, state and federal agencies are hunting for them. Authorities in Georgia have released another photo of Dubose, showing prominent tattoos. They are extremely unsafe. Residents are warned not to approach them, but if they are seen, to call 911 immediately. The sheriff said the bus is equipped with video, and he's watched it on a cellphone, but couldn't tel... [Full Article...]

What we know about UT grad shot at congressional baseball practice

Scalise was shot , along with Williams' aide Barth and a former congressional aide turned lobbyist, Matt Mika. At approximately 7am ET this morning, an armed gunman arrived at baseball practice and opened fire. As to the role he'll play in the game tomorrow, Williams said, "some of us are on the injured reserve list right now", adding, "if you're not sure which one I'll be, I'll be the one coac... [Full Article...]

Johnson arrives for US Open after birth of child

His record therefore speaks for itself and that his is one of the most sought-after and well attended pre-event interviews ahead of the event is no real surprise. "But I'm totally fine to play". If one guy pulls out, I'll be in. "But it's interesting that the last six major winners have been first-time". If I swing it like I have been the last week or so, which there's no reason why I shouldn't,... [Full Article...]

Steve Merczynski: US Attorney General denies meeting with Russian ambassador

Steve Merczynski: US Attorney General denies meeting with Russian ambassador Democratic senators have seized on the possibility of a third meeting to suggest that Sessions has not been forthcoming about the extent of his communications with the ambassador. He also said he had no access to nor did he seek out any information about the investigation before he formally announced he would recuse himself. "I am following the historic policies of the Department of Justice... [Full Article...]

Trump delays effective date of travel ban amid court battle

Trump delays effective date of travel ban amid court battle Some critics reacted to the court's decision stating that the move has no national security validation for the court to order a travel ban on discrimination basis. Another federal appeals court has upheld a decision blocking President Donald Trump's revised travel ban. The judges say the president violated US immigration law by discriminating against people based on their nationality and that ... [Full Article...]

Tillerson to testify in House as Russia sanctions vote nears

Tillerson in his remarks before the Senate committee, speaking about the Palestinians, said: "We have been very clear with them that this is simply not acceptable to us". "We follow this closely", Lieberman said on Israel's Public Radio on Wednesday. Tillerson noted that the working closely with China on the North Korean problem and that Beijing had " taken steps, visible steps that we ca... [Full Article...]

5 things you need to know now

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the shooter who perpetrated the GOP congressional baseball practice attack is dead. Central time that the gunman , James T. U.S. Rep. Peter King, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said he was not at the practice, but had heard about the shooting from authorities. [Full Article...]

Harvard's 1st female president stepping down after 11 years

Harvard's 1st female president stepping down after 11 years Faust, an author and Civil War historian, succeeded Larry Summers, an economist and former U.S. Treasury Secretary who resigned in 2006 following a series of controversies including comments about women's aptitude for science and engineering. [Full Article...]

Top Republican Scalise wounded in shooting

Top Republican Scalise wounded in shooting Fox News reports that a Scalise aide was shot in the chest. Scalise's position as whip in the Republican-controlled House makes him one of the most senior figures in Congress. President Trump announced that Hodgkinson has died, though authorities have yet to confirm his death. "We have every indication that this was an isolated incident", Alexandria police said. [Full Article...]

Congressman Steve Scalise, shot on Virginia baseball field, was 'sitting duck'

Congressman Steve Scalise, shot on Virginia baseball field, was 'sitting duck' The police chief said nothing to shed light on the motive for the shooting. The news of the shooting reverberated on Capitol Hill, where security was increased and regular proceedings were canceled or postponed. The victims include Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Rep. Mo Brooks told CNN . "Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre", he said. [Full Article...]

Yankees Put Up Football-like Numbers in 13-Run Victory

The Yankees finished a three-game sweep of the rival Orioles at Yankee Stadium with a 14-3 victory, running their winning streak to five. Jonathan Schoop hit an early two-run homer for the third-place Orioles , who dropped 4 1/2 games behind the Yankees . [Full Article...]

Maine's Senators Question Jeff Sessions About James Comey's Firing

Sessions pushed back on several statements made by Comey in his testimony last week, including Comey's assertion that Sessions shrugged off his concerns about being left alone with Trump. "Confirmation of such a meeting could prove devastating for Sessions , whose relationship with Trump has already showed signs of strain", says the New York Times . [Full Article...]

Rosenstein: I Wouldn't Fire Mueller From Russia Probe Without 'Good Cause'

Burr says the committee staff met with Johnson on Monday. LESTER HOLT: And while all of that was playing out today, the future of Robert Mueller , the special counsel in the Russian investigation has called into question. Surely the president knows that firing the special counsel without an absolutely valid, ironclad reason would blow up in his face. Attorney General Jeff Sessions , his ... [Full Article...]

Trump's lawyer to file complaint against Comey over memos

President Donald Trump on Friday accused former FBI Director James Comey of making "false statements and lies" in his congressional testimony . The media took water directly over the bow twice in just 24 hours. He fumed that the press hasn't been covering the "great economic news" since he was elected including that both the DOW and NASDAQ are up, unemployment is down and new job... [Full Article...]

Sessions agrees to appear before Senate intelligence committee

Sessions agrees to appear before Senate intelligence committee Sessions told Senator Richard Shelby , chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies, that the intelligence committee is the "most appropriate" place to address matters that came up during Mr. [Full Article...]

Attorney General Sessions vows to defend himself against 'false allegations'

The evasive Sessions said he could not reveal whether he had spoken with Trump about the Russian Federation investigation. "A combative Jeff Sessions on Tuesday denied that he had met with the Russian ambassador at a Capitol Hill hotel while then-candidate Donald Trump delivered a campaign speech". [Full Article...]

Jeff Sessions to publicly testify on James Comey's firing

Jeff Sessions to publicly testify on James Comey's firing The Justice Department had indicated over the weekend that Sessions was ready to testify before the Intelligence Committee, as his previously scheduled appearance to talk about the 2018 budget was scrapped. Comey was leading that probe. Trump on Sunday accused Comey of "cowardly" leaks and predicted many more from him. "Totally illegal - very cowardly". [Full Article...]

North Korean drone took pictures of THAAD battery

The Sony digital camera aboard the drone had hundreds of photos stored, though most of the images were of various agricultural areas in South Korea, according to the report. North Korea has qualified for the World Cup more times than China , a country with a population 54 times larger, while South Korea's national football team is the most successful in Asia. [Full Article...]

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