Third day of 90+ degree heat

Third day of 90+ degree heat High: Low 90s, 80s shoreline. Monday night will provide some mild relief, with temperatures barely dipping below 80 degrees, Storm Team 4 said. Plenty of sunshine to start boosts these numbers fast through the day. For those who have been waiting impatiently for the arrival of a typical hot and humid Missouri summer, your wait is over. Humidity will also return as will warmer air. [Full Article...]

Trump marks anniversary of Pulse nightclub shooting: 'We will never forget'

Trump marks anniversary of Pulse nightclub shooting: 'We will never forget' While people are commemorating the anniversary the world over, some are pointing out that the memory of the victims has been diminished. With the massacre, more LGBT people were killed in the United States in 2016 than any of the 20 years since such record-keeping began, according to a report by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. [Full Article...]

The charges against Bill Cosby, and sentences they carry

Cosby's primary accuser, Andrea Constand , received an unknown amount of money from a civil case she filed. "It's criminal", Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said. Andrea Constand watched from the front row of the packed courtroom gallery on Monday as Cosby's lawyers spent almost two hours seizing on inconsistencies in her story in a final push for acquittal. [Full Article...]

Interior Secretary Recommends Shrinking Bears Ears

Interior Secretary Recommends Shrinking Bears Ears Most large public lands protection bills have stalled in a polarized Congress dating back to the Clinton administration. Presidents have narrowed the size of existing monuments but those moves have not been tested in court either. Zinke added that the administration has enormous respect for tribes and their "sovereignty, respect and self-determination". In his findings, which he presented to... [Full Article...]

Trump considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller — CEO of Newsmax

The deputy attorney general added, "You have my assurance that we are going to faithfully follow that regulation and Director Mueller is going to have the full degree of independence he needs to conduct that investigation appropriately". "I know Bob Mueller". The only man who can fire special counsel Robert Mueller , the man charged with investigating Russian interference in the USA election ... [Full Article...]

Comey hearing: Persecuting former FBI director or President Trump?

TRUMP: 100%. I didn't say under oath - I hardly know the man, I'm not going to say I want you to pledge allegiance. I mean, I will tell you I didn't say that . The House intelligence committee sent a letter on Friday asking White House counsel Don McGahn whether any tape recordings or memos of Mr Comey's conversations with the president exist now or had existed in the past. [Full Article...]

Sessions to face sharp questions on Russia contacts, Comey firing

Trump's aides have dodged questions about whether conversations relevant to the Russian Federation investigation have been recorded, and so has the president. Even the standard process itself of invoking executive privilege could be jumbled by the Russian Federation probe. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, an intelligence committee member, said senators were still deciding whether Sessions would... [Full Article...]

Hawai'iʻs child well-being 17th in latest national rankings

Hawai'iʻs child well-being 17th in latest national rankings The report, which examines 2015 figures, says over 550,000 IL children live in high-poverty areas and 43,000 IL teens are not in school and not working. "Access to high-quality, affordable child care and preschool must remain a priority in our state", said Barbara DeBaryshe , interim director of the UH Center on the Family . [Full Article...]

9th Circuit Court Rejects Muslim Ban

Critically, the judges again pointed to Trump's social media presence to substantiate their ruling, including a seres of Twitter posts from June 5 in which the president claimed "we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain risky countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people!" The revised ban already had been blocked by federal district court judges in Hawaii and Maryl... [Full Article...]

Defense chief: North Korea a 'clear and present danger'

Defense chief: North Korea a 'clear and present danger' Fourteen individuals and four entities linked to Pyongyang´s nuclear and missile programs were added to the United Nations blacklist, which imposes a global travel ban and asset freeze. In the last several months, North Korea has tested numerous missiles. Speaking to the press, Lieutenant General He Lei, vice president of the Academy of Military Science of the Chinese People's Liberation Ar... [Full Article...]

Sessions to Answer Questions Before Public at Intelligence Committee

Sessions to Answer Questions Before Public at Intelligence Committee Democrats plan to ask about his contacts during the 2016 campaign with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak , which the attorney general failed to disclose fully during his confirmation hearing. In his testimony, Mr Comey said he had asked Mr Sessions not to leave him alone with Mr Trump following meetings where he said Mr Trump had asked Mr Comey for his loyalty. [Full Article...]

AG Sessions testifies on 2016 election interference, Russian Federation investigation, dismissal of Comey

AG Sessions testifies on 2016 election interference, Russian Federation investigation, dismissal of Comey Now thanks to James Comey's testimony a few days ago - Jeff Sessions is in a new bind. Trump has been publicly dismissive of the Russian Federation investigation for months. A Trump confidant, Chris Ruddy, told "PBS NewsHour" on Monday that the president was weighing whether to fire the special counsel now heading up the investigation, former FBI Director Robert Mueller. [Full Article...]

Officer Involved In Shooting At Hampton, NH Liquor Outlet

Monday morning. It was reported that two males, one of whom was armed with a handgun, entered the store and demanded money. They then fled the area in a late model silver sedan. The names of the officers and suspects have not been released. Another officer at the scene returned fire and shot the suspect, Bond said. A chase led police to the front parking lot of the AMC 24 movie theater. [Full Article...]

House Republicans Pass 'Choice' Act, Block Fiduciary Rule

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said in a statement . "For the objective of making the financial system safer, you can do a lot more of that with less complex and less burdensome regulation", Kim Schoenholtz, director of the Center for Global Economy and Business at NYU's Stern School of Business, told CNBC . [Full Article...]

Tiger Woods arrested: Found slumped at wheel unable to touch own nose

Tiger Woods arrested: Found slumped at wheel unable to touch own nose Tiger Woods was found asleep at the wheel of his auto when he was arrested, police records showed Tuesday as golf legend Jack Nicklaus pledged support for the troubled former world number one. "I feel bad for him". Mr. Woods told police he was taking prescription medications. Tests administered to Woods suggests he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest. [Full Article...]

President Trump willing to testify about James Comey conversations

That's what I have been focused on, but yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction. "I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday night, because it didn't dawn on me originally, that there might be corroboration for our conversation, there might be a tape", Comey said . [Full Article...]

Maryland, DC attorneys general sue Trump over businesses

Maryland, DC attorneys general sue Trump over businesses A lawsuit filed in federal court in Maryland on Monday alleges he is violating the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments. The lawsuit alleges the payments violate the emoluments clause of the U.S. Frosh described the Emoluments Clause as a firewall. The attorneys general also said states that provide zoning variances or tax breaks to a Trump business project could ... [Full Article...]

White House officials deny claim Trump seeking Mueller firing

Special counsels , which were created through a 1999 act of Congress , don't answer directly to the president. Ruddy also stated that Trump would be within his right to fire Mueller since there are certain conflicts of interest that exist regarding the past relationship shared by the president and the special counsel. [Full Article...]

What's next in the legal fight over the travel ban

The president tweeted, "Well, as predicted, the 9th Circuit did it again - Ruled against the TRAVEL BAN at such a unsafe time in the history of our country. "How is a court to know if, in fact, it's a Muslim ban in the guise of national security justification?" asked Judge Ronald Gould. The Justice Department filed an appeal with the Supreme Court , which is expected to announce in the coming wee... [Full Article...]

Decapitated Trump head 'way too far' - Kathy Griffin

Decapitated Trump head 'way too far' - Kathy Griffin On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted that: " Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself". Kathy had posted a photo holding a fake "decapitated" head of USA president Trump, shot by well-known photographer Tyler Shields . The cable news network said in a statement it is "evaluating our New Year's coverage". The first lady slammed the now-former CNN employee's stunt as "disturbing" and call... [Full Article...]

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